April 27th, 2007

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Bad Service from February

I've been quite busy so I never got a chance to post this.

Back in February, my sister and I ordered dinner from Kentucky Fried Chicken. Just had a random craving for it. So my sister orders it and she says 45 minute and I look at the time. 6:00 (give or take a few minutes)

Well 7:30 rolls around and we're starving but no food, no call. I tell my sister to call back and check up on the food. She comes back to me and says this shocker:

"They said we haven't ordered from them since November 2006."

I decide that I am going to deal with them now so she stands close by so I can get the proper information. I call the customer service and they ask for my phone number etc. I give it to them and they put me on hold. Finally,

"Um, you haven't ordered tonight. You haven't ordered since November."
"Yes I know your computers show that but we DID order tonight, 90 minutes ago and we have not recieved our food."
"But you haven't ordered."

I pull the phone away from my ear and ask, loud enough for him to hear,

"Are you sure you ordered."
My sister replies "YES."
I get back on the phone.

"We did order so what should we do."
"You didn't order."
"Can I please speak to your supervisor. It is nothing to do with you I just want this resolved."

Supervisor comes on and I explain.

"Okay, I do see an order here...Did you call to cancel?"
"No, Why?"
"Because I guess Samantha hit cancel instead of order..."
"So now I have to wait another 45 minutes for my food?"
"I'll give it to you half price and put it on a rush."

I agree to this since it isn't HIS fault and he takes down all my info again, my order everything and then tells me 5 - 10 minutes.

Well 30 minutes later we get the knock on the door. The guy comes in and doesn't speak very good english. He tells us cash. We tell him, no, we just got back from the U.S. and don't have Canadian money. We specifically said credit for this reason.

So he calls his supervisor and 20 minutes later we are finally rid of him.

What a nightmare. I guess that 3 hour delay we had when we ordered in November wasn't due to bad weather. Just bad service.
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More annoying that BAD service, but...

Just under the cut cause it could get "gross" .

Service from the train company.

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Sorry for this, but I sorta had to vent. They need to have at least ONE per quay. Sure, there are lots of stations, but when you have no choice other than taking the train, there are traits of yourself you can't suppress, like being human for example ¬_¬ .

retail therapy

Uhhh, no.

(This) really belongs here instead.

Summary: "We ripped off a customer by accidentally overcharging him, gave him a coupon instead of refund (for only half the amount our error cost him), and he had the nerve to complain!"

Cry. me. a. river.

Pizza delivery driver

Nothing like being starved and frustrated while studying for a final.

My friends and I were at school studying for the Final of Doom (aka Gross Anatomy II, we're in vet school and this is a marathon 4-5 hour final with lab and written portions that will damn near kill you). We get hungry and decide to save time by ordering from a local place, Pepperoni Express. I have no problem with the place itself, the owner gives up huge discounts when we order food from them for talks, but this delivery guy leaves a lot to be desired.

We place an order for 3 subs, garlic bread and a small pizza at 5.  Order arrives around 5:40 and we rejoice. The delivery guy comes racing up the front parking lot and screeches to a halt about 3" from the glass doors. I thought for sure he was going to break through them since it was dark and wet that night. Her gets out, tries to balance everything on top of the pizza box and drops the bag with 2 subs in it. He then manages to pick up the bag by the wrong end and spills one sub all over the ground. Thankfully J was watching because it seemed he would have tried to scoop it up and give it to us had she not been.

Accidents happen, no big deal. Except:
Driver: Uhhhh, I hope whoever ordered the ham sub wasn't hungry.
Us: O_o 
Driver: Ummm, what do you want me to do about it?
B (who ordered the sub): I'd like a new one, please.
Driver: tells us the total and looks really put out by the request.

To make a long story short, he comes back 45 minutes later (the place is only a couple miles away) and brings poor starving B THE WRONG SUB, almost drops this one, and screeches out of the parking lot like a bat out of hell before we can tell him!

We call, the guy answering the phone is not amused with the driver, and says he'll send another one. It arrives 30 minutes later and is correct this time. We made the guy wait while we checked and had to keep B from tipping for "all his gas and trouble."

In all, it took almost 2 hours to get the right order and wasted a ton of time we should have been reviewing in lab.
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Lazy service

I ordered a season of Futurama from an Amazon seller who happened to live in the same state as me. I ordered on the 18th. I know that USPS is slow, but come the 24th I hadn't seen hide nor hair of my dvds so I sent an email to the seller inquiring about whether the dvds had shipped. The seller claimed to have mailed the dvds "one to two days" after the order came in. The dvds arrived this afternoon and surprise surprise, they're postmarked April 24th. Is there really any excuse for waiting six days after an order was placed to ship and lying about it to boot? The dvds are in excellent shape, but the whole shipping thing left a bad taste in my mouth.

Eta: I double checked the email and I actually sent the email on the 25th and got a response on the 26th. So despite the seller having just shipped the dvds the day before I asked about them, they decided to tell me that they had been shipped on the 19th-20th.