April 24th, 2007

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This wasn't bad service, it was more of a miffed, "Okay, fine, be that way" kind of service. And it wasn't even really service since I was applying for a job.

I apply for a job online, and get a call on Thursday for it. I missed the call, and didn't get the message until late that night. Then it was Good Friday -> weekend -> Easter Monday. I tried calling back to leave a message, but the phone just rang a couple of time and then I got the automated "You have reached blah blah company. Press one for blah blah." etc. I thought that maybe it was a personal line that put you through to the main answering system if someone didn't pick up.

On Tuesday I get a call from the same lady, which I yet again missed but this time by mere seconds. I listen to the message, which says the exact same thing. "Hi...interview...blah blah blah...You can reach me at 555-5555." Same thing as she said last time. I call the number, and no it's not a personal line, it's just the company line. I have no idea how to reach this lady. There's no option to get a directory of people to talk to, so I fiddle around with options, having to hang up a couple times, and finally just pick Human Resources. I reach someone else and ask after Nancy. Apparently the person I'd reached was a part of hiring process too, and she set up my interview and whatnot. Throughout the entire thing, I never got to the person I was originally trying to leave a message for.

I'm a little annoyed at this point, and not really sure why someone would tell me to call them back and then not leave directions as to how to reach them.

So the night before my interview comes, and I get a call from my parents. They were visiting my grandma in a town two hours north of here. They lost their car keys. My brother goes to a boarding school another three hours beyond Lacombe (where my grandma lives) and they need to get up there to go to drop my brother off. So I have to drive their car keys to them in the morning, which means I'd miss my interview. I call up the lady I talked to, and apologise profusely. I tell her that I have a family emergency and need to reschedule my interview, and that I'm very sorry for the inconvenience. I tell her when I'm available for the next week and leave my number.

Never to hear back from her again.

At that point I just said, "Screw it, I don't want to work for someone who doesn't appear to care".

C'est la vie.
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Tax Blues

When tax season came around my husband scheduled an appointment with H & R Block on a day he had off but I did not. This meant that when he picked me up from work I needed to sign the papers and then we just needed to drop them off at H&R Block. I take out our tax papers and notice that my name is misspelled. My first name is Rachel, and the tax preparation guy had spelled it Rachael. So since we had to take the papers back to H&R I decided that I would ask if the misspell would be a problem. I dont want the government coming after me because my name is misspelled. So we get to H&R and the guy that helped my husband is still there. My husband mentions that he thought the guy would be getting off hours ago, the man mentions that he is dealing with a fraud case and can't go home till it is taken care of. We all sit down and I bring up the misspelled name issue. My husband to make light of the issue says, "I dont know why people misspell her name so often, I guess they just think it can't be spelled so simply." I throw in, "I dont get it either, it is spelled Rachel in the Bible."

Then the H&R guy says, "I dont think I have ever seen it not spelled Rachael." I couldn't believe it, I nearly responded with, "Obviously you dont read the Bible." but I didnt want anything else to happen to our taxes so I held my tongue. The rest of our time there was terrible. The computer program the H&R guy had to use kept having problems and giving him errors and so he kept swearing about it. By the time our new papers had been printed up (with my name spelled correctly) I was so ready to leave. I felt so uncomfortable being there.


At the risk of sounding racist here, I've had a quite a bit of trouble with my tracfone since I upgraded to a camera/web browser enabled phone, and whenever I call customer service I need a Universal translator. The heavy Middle Eastern accents are hard for me to cut through and one time I got through the guy was stoned and I had to hang up and call back again and wait twenty g-damn minutes. They really are irritating with their inability to speak English and I hope I get my problems solved soon.


In reference to this post I made a few days ago:


I got my game today!!!!!!!

I waited all weekend and up until last night. I never got a tracking number for the new shipment. I never heard from Fed Ex, which means they never found my first package. I got online and printed out the last e-mail from Fed Ex, the tracking info, and the order receipt from Circuit City. I wrote down the information given to me by the guy from Fed Ex and from the woman in customer service over at Circuit City. My husband took it to work with him today.....

He showed everything to his supervisor and asked what he should do about it. D, his supervisor, was happy to look into it. Guess what!!!!! The person I talked to at Circuit City put it in as a CALL. Not a complaint about a package that wasn't received, just a plain old CALL. She didn't put it in the system for them to resend my package. Grrr!!! D wanted to know who I spoke to, but she never gave me her name. He was pissed. He's going to look in the system and see if he can find out who I spoke to. He's also going to put it in as a complaint. He said that this has happened to him before when he's ordered stuff online from Circuit City. He got a $50 gift card. He said the same would probably happen for me. :)

So..after they went through all that, D sent my husband to see R. R is the supervisor over in the area that handles online orders. Guess what R did? He gave my husband my game!!!!!!! He said there was no way he was going to ship it again. He put it in the guard shack so the hubby could bring it home!!

He also confirmed what my cousin said. He said that it shouldn't have left the area to begin with. It should have went to the Fed Ex in Marion and then got on a delivery truck to come to my house. So, yes, bad service on Fed Ex, bad service on Circuit City's 1-800 customer service line, but AWESOME service by Circuit City Distribution Center.

Now I'm in the middle of making cupcakes for D and R since they got me my game!!

wal mart

was at wal mart with dad who was interested in buying a new bike so we could go biking in summer. well after he looks for about ten minutes he finds the bike he wants but its high up. i head to lay away and ask the woman to please page someone to help us get it down. about fifteen minutes later i go back to the woman and ask her to please page again. about another ten or so minutes go by and dad is getting impatient and upset which takes a while. we finally decide to get the bike ourselves, not an easy task for a 5'11 man and a 5' girl. so we get it down and dad tests it out, finds that its been assembled poorly and we check other bikes (all have some assembly glitch) so after ten minutes of checking we see somebody going near lawn and garden. screw paging at this point we ask him to see if they have any more of bike x in the back. they don't have any assembled but can get dad one "in a box and assemble in store MONDAY" this was sunday so not only were we annoyed at waiting for about half an hour only to be told to come back tomorrow dad was annoyed. though the employee did apologize it was after he had checked the back room which at this point was about forty five minutes after we first requested help. we just gave him a small "it would have been better if you apologized when you arrived fifteen minutes ago. it was mostly the wait for someone to come help us but being told to come back later sucked too because it was a twenty minute drive there and that was the closest wal mart to his house. oh well now if need help at wal mart i'll just bring at least two taller friends, just in case.
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