April 23rd, 2007


the one about Orbitz.com & a hotel

this wasn't *OMGTERRIBLE* service, but it was annoying none-the-less.

I recently purchased 2 plane tickets for me and one of my best friends to go to NYC for a week this June. While placing my order through Orbitz.com, I ran into a few questions/a few things I wasn't too sure about. being the incredibly paranoid, "everything's gotta be set in stone!" type of person I am, I decided to call their customer service.

the guy I spoke to wouldn't let me get a word in. I spit my question out as best as I could, and he just kept cutting me off. when he finally answered me.. it was in this whiney, annoyed "yesss" voice. as if he was fiercely annoyed by my questions. sorry buddy, I know you get tons of stupid questions all the time - but if I'm shelling out close to $400 on tickets from your website, you need to answer me and actually take the time to listen to what I say.

then we called the hotel that we will be staying at to place our reservation. we seriously had to search about 10 websites to find a decent hotel for a decent price. decent to a Floridian like me? ehh.. $50-80 a night. decent in Manhattan? $160 a night. one double bed. anything under that was a HOSTEL.. just.. no. no no no. anyways, we were happy to find a decent hotel, so we called to book our stay. we had some questions since it was my best friend's mother who was charging it to her credit card since I didn't have that much cash on me right then & there. the lady was incredibly rude.. put me on hold for over 15 minutes.. and then neglected to fax my friend's mom the forms she said she'd fax her. we had to call repeatedly for 3 days to get her to fax the stuff.

I know what most people are thinking: it's NY.. New Yorker's are rude. it's an unfair stereotype in my eyes, but I can see where people would think that. I've been to NYC several times, and in all seriousness - I've met more friendly people there than I have here in my hometown. New Yorker or not - she was rude, and it was uncalled for.