April 20th, 2007

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Parramatta Chest Clinic Woes.

I am a nursing student, who recently transferred from my old University to a much newer/brighter/shinier one. As part of my nursing degree, I am required to do clinical placements, whereby I go onto a ward and practice bed making/ toileting/showering/feeding/medications etc. To do this however, I need several immunisations; hepatitis A & B, tetanus, diptheria, measles, rubella etc as well as getting a tuberculosis test, which is known as a Mantoux Test.

The immunisations are not a problem as I'm completely up to date with all immunisations. I also had a Mantoux test when I did clinical placements at my old University. I had my last Mantoux Test in May, 2005.

For the sake of safety though I went to go check if that was recent enough, as I would not be able to go on clinical otherwise. I could not find the policy online at the NSW Health site and my University was not exactly clear about it, so I went to Parramatta Chest Clinic to make sure.

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I will never understand what the Parramatta Chest clinic's problem was. Not only were they rude and snappy but they either lied or were totally ignorant of a New South Wales Health Policy. That would be ok if they were say.... a music shop, but THEY ARE A HEALTH FACILITY!! They specialise in Mantoux testing but don't even know the GOVERNMENT POLICY.

Sorry if it's a bit long. Oh and the reason I didn't check my Mantoux status earlier? I had surgery in the middle of February and barely left the house for six weeks afterwards because I had two infections.

Best Buy Employee Idiot

...Yes, I wanted to preorder the PC version of this game. It is a very popular PC title. Yes, it's also available for X-Box. I'm in need of caffeine, I'm sorry I didn't mention that. I assumed you'd bring options for both.

You can't preorder for PC games? Despite me having done it before? ....fine.

It's fine. I'll preorder it somewhere else, it's okay.

That wasn't what pissed me off.

I don't CARE what kind of X-Box fanboi you are, do NOT look at me as if I were a pile of garbage when I repeatedly insist that the PC version is what I want. I said I didn't want the X-Box version. I meant it. I don't own one. Don't mutter things under your breath about what a stupid airhead I am and how girls don't know anything. I'm a girl, yes. And I could bloody smoke you with my PC.

Don't like it? Bite me. I should have reported you, but you weren't worth my time.

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Apartment Woes

I feel like complaining about my apartment complex today, so here I go.

Around October 2006, our bathroom vent quit working. At least once a month, we would resubmit a maintenance request to get it fixed. No one would ever show up to do anything about it until around February 2007. They came around then to fix our garbage disposal that we also previously had trouble of it backing up. They replaced the disposal with a spiffy new one, and they then looked at the bathroom vent. They told us that they'd have to order parts for it, left, and never came back.

Around March 2007, our toilet got clogged, after office hours. Maintenance was at my door within minutes of me calling them and took care of it. At least they were good with that.

March 30, 2007, I went to pay rent and discovered that a new management company had taken over since the last time I paid rent. Okay. So I resubmitted the request to get the bathroom vent fixed. At this point, I still understand that it's not a necessity to live with, but it's something that comes with the apartment, and I'd like it in excellent working condition. I also asked that they call me first before maintenance shows up at the door. This is so that I'd know that they are actually coming on that specific day, and I'll stay up for them. (I work over-night where as my husband works during the day.)

Just about two weeks ago, I was staying up about an hour past my bedtime just for the hell of it when there's a knock at the door. I look out the peephole and see a youngish guy standing out there. I stay silent for a few seconds and then finally ask who it is without opening the door. He finally tells me that it's maintenance. (I'll stop here to say that I've lived in several apartments in two states and in all of them, even here previously, maintenance would knock and verbally identify themselves at the same time. I've come to accept this as being proper procedure from them.) So this raised a flag with me. It's not as if it was 8 am. It was 11 am, and no need to be quiet.

So I opened the door, and this guy looks pretty spacey to me. I asked him if he was ever planning on calling me first before coming over. He looks at the note in his hand. "I'll be right back," he said before walking away. I waited up until 3 pm before calling the office because he didn't come back and no one ever called me still. They told me that they'll "take care of it." My husband went down to talk to them personally when he got home from work and got told that we were placed at the end of the list when I refused entry. Huh? I didn't refuse entry, the guy had walked away. We have yet to get a phone call or someone coming back to take care of this.

Just today, our toilet clogged again. Around 1 pm, I called and the manager at the office said that they'll "get right on it." Around 4:30 pm, I called again to get an estimate of when maintenance is going to show up only to get a message on the answering machine saying that they were closed, and that the normal hours are from 9 am to 5:30 pm. It took me calling several more times to get the machine and write down the emergency pager number because it was rattled off too fast to get it even on the third time. I got a call back right away from the manager telling me that the maintenance guy has been taking care of plumbing problems all day that he'll maybe get to me today. If that maintenance man ever really gets here, he'll get to skip us over. My husband went to buy a plunger, and the problem is now fixed. We'll never call them again when we can fix that ourselves. The main problem? I'm starting to get really sick of being ignored, pushed aside, and lied to. Is it too much to ask for honest communication and having the office open during the hours that they say they are?

Rude Hotel Managers

Just recently my grandmother died. We had to travel eight hours to attend her funeral. We decided to stay a few days once we got there so we could visit with family. My mother called the hotel (Super 8) and made reservations.

It was my mother's, mother who died. So, after eight hours of driving my mother was understandably exhausted.

When we arrived at the hotel the clerk asked for a $100 deposit, gave us our keys and sent us up to our rooms.

We had just gotten all the bags up when my mother walked up to us looking pale. She explained that while we were carrying the bags up she had gotten a call from the front desk. So she went down and the manager confronted her.

The manager apparently approached her in a very combative manner and demanded the full three nights pay for the rooms immediately or we couldn't stay. Understandably my mother questioned this and the woman just kept saying: "Look, you don't get something for nothing. You don't have a credit card, so you have to pay for your entire stay right now or you'll probably run out in the morning without paying."

My mother was upset. She was dealing with the death of her mother, so my sister, brother-in-law and I all assumed that maybe she just misunderstood the manager. After all, when you're in that much emotional pain you tend to get a bit sensitive.

So, my brother-in-law went down to the front desk with my mother to find out just what was going on.

When he returned he said only: We're leaving.

My mother hadn't misunderstood.

Not only had the woman spoken to him in an insanely disrespectful tone (you're going to rip us off and I'm not going to let you), but she tried to accuse him of lying when he pointed out that the sign in the lobby asked ONLY for a $100 deposit on any given room. "I know my own policies," is what she said and yet there was a sign right by her head that read: "A $100 deposit is required for your room."

For whatever reason, it appeared she'd singled us out as thieves.

We packed all our bags, escorted our sobbing mother to the vehicle and returned to get our deposit... at which time she insisted that no way was she giving us the deposit back. We'd reserved the rooms and it wasn't her problem if we weren't going to use them.

I admit, at this point we perhaps didn't behave in the best way because all three of us (my sister, brother-in-law and I) ganged up on her and pretty much told her she was returning the deposit NOW because it was only her extremely rude and uncalled for behavior that was making us leave in the first place.

I felt a wee bit bad for her because she had three pissed off, tall people towering over her and there she was all alone but it was her own fault for handling things in such a horrible manner.

Anyway, we moved to the hotel next door (The Fort Ethier) and were treated beautifully. Ironically next door we got a clear and concise explanation as to what the lady at the West Best was blathering on about.

It's standard practice in a hotel to require the first night's rent in full if you're paying cash.

The clerk who signed us into the other hotel was new and hadn't known this. IF the manager at Super 8 had just explained in a polite manner that THAT was what was going on, things wouldn't have gotten to the point they got to. But, instead, she approached the situation as if WE were in the wrong and as a result everyone got understandably offended.

We happily and easily paid for our rooms at the Fort Ethier, because the woman at the front desk explained the policy in a polite manner.

This whole mess turned out to be a blessing, however, because when she realized we were there for a funeral she gave us a 50% discount.

Seriously guys, if you ever travel to Wetaskiwin, Alberta, stay at the Fort Ethier. It isn't the newest hotel in the world but it has 5 star service. And avoid the Super 8 because the manager there has serious anger issues.
Queen Jun

bad tv

In September 2006 my fiance & I bought a 56in JVC TV that came w/ a 1 year warranty. A month later in November these transparent, dark spots showed up in the left hand corner of the TV. You can still watch TV no problem, but its just these annoying little spots in the corner. The JVC website pointed us towards a "JVC Ceritified" repair store & we called them to come check it out. These 2 guys just looked like big dumb idiots, and when they looked at the spots all they had to say was "Hmm... I haven't seen that before... We'll call you guys and tell you what we have to do next". They didn't call for over a week so we called them - they said they figured out what the problem was & we just need a new part that they ordered.

A couple weeks later, nothing happened. We call... "The part is backordered". We ask if there is an ETA they can give us, and NO is basically the answer. This went off and on for 4 months. We'd call every 2 or 3 weeks & get the same story. We finally got the NAME of the part that they said we needed, but still "Its backordered". We're both in college so we don't have enough time to harass these dumbasses all day, but after a while I FINALLY got my finace to just forget about this place & just start over w/ a different repairshop. It was obvious these guys weren't going to do anything, who knows if they were even planning to from the beginning.

We called the new shop & explained our problem. Within an hour they called us and said it was a common problem they've been dealing w/ on these TV models & that its most likely DUST THAT FELL ONTO THE PROJECTOR. It can be fixed by CLEANING OFF THE PROJECTOR. We were like WOW what a waste of time (but no $$ since its under warranty) w/ that other place. So these new people came out, opened up the TV & showed us how to clean the dust in case it ever happens again. My finace started telling the repairman our whole story & before we even finished he knew which shop we were talking about.

I'm going to file a complaint w/ the BBB but I'm sure this place already has a few w/ the rep its obviously has. I don't know if they figured we didn't matter b/c we're younger, or b/c we had a warranty so we wouldn't be paying them, or what... but at least someone could fix it (easily) in the end.