April 19th, 2007


phone bad service

There was a time recently when I had a hard time with Sprint, which was my home phone company at the time. I know you are shocked. If you think you have a poor image of them, you should ask the folks in my city about them. :P

For some reason, other than non-payment (seriously - even they acknowledged it was their mistake), my home phone service was cut off. I called (on my cell phone, of course), and they assured me that the issue would be solved soon.

The next day, I had service again. Yay!

Not so yay?

The fact that I got an automated call on my home phone telling me to call a certain number if I still didn't have service.

If I still lacked home phone service, then I wouldn't have gotten the message to call that number, now would I?

Just to explain this to the people who don't get what I'm complaining about here - it made no sense for them to make that automated call to the line that hadn't been working. It shows a complete lack of common sense. If they were sure that it was fixed, they never would have told me to call a number to complain that it was still not working. They had my cell number, so why didn't they call that?

A Confession

This is about bad_service that I provided and still feel guilty about.

The background: I work in a Williams-Sonoma call center. As you may or may not know, Williams-Sonoma owns several brands, among them Pottery Barn. My call center primarily handles calls for pottery barn kids, and I was working in customer service at the time.

About one or two weeks before Christmas, a gentleman called in with questions about a pbk order. He did not have his order number, which is fine, so I looked for his order by last name and zip code. I found several orders, but not the one he was calling about. When this happens, I will usually tell the customers what orders I DO see so they know I have found the right person -- if they know I can see some of their orders but not the one they are asking about, they are less inclined to think I am an idiot. So I am doing that with this gentleman -- "I see several orders here, sir. A kids order from October for lampshades and a headboard, and here is a Pottery Barn order from the beginning of the month for a quilt and shams. The most recent order I see here is one your wife placed two weeks ago from Williams-Sonoma for an asparagus cooker." The man paused for a moment then said "well, I guess I'm getting an asparagus cooker for Christmas. I'll pretend to be surprised."

Oops. I learned to watch my mouth after that.
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You know my sandwich. I'm always at your subway,night and day shift know me by name.

You know I don't take mayo.

Don't give me a pervy grin and ask me if I want mayo tonight.

I know it's harmless flirting,but BAD drive thru cashier! BAD!
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