April 18th, 2007


Bad service at my local pub!

There's a sports bar I've been going to for a few years to watch Canucks games. The staff all recognize me and my boyfriend, and we're friends with the manager. I've been there too many times to count.

So last night the bartender asked me for ID. OK, I was wearing a hat, maybe she didn't recognize me. Surprised, I looked up and I said, "are you sure? I come here all the time with my boyfriend. You know us."

"Yes, I asked you for ID, you HAVE to give it to me."

But then she walked away.

So I started to walk away.

Bartender: "hey get back here, I asked you for ID"
Me: "Yes, but then you walked away. I thought that meant you had recognized me. Here's my ID."
Bartender: "LOOK IT's THE LAW OKAY"

Yeah...okay. Except that we've met in this bar like fifty times and it's not as if you asked me nicely.

She stared at my ID (she made me give her 2 pieces, too) for literally two full minutes, comparing signatures and making comments about my Learner's license (yeah I'm 27 and I have a Learner's license, what business is it of hers?). Frustrated, I threw my hands in the air a little. She finally gave my ID back and started yelling at me as I went to my table "IF YOU'RE GOING TO BE RUDE ABOUT IT I'll HAVE YOU KICKED OUT OF HERE YOU KNOW!"

Luckily our friend the manager came out right then and saw the bartender yelling at me. She apologized profusely and went to talk to the bartender.

As we were leaving I could still hear the bartender complaining about us to the manager, saying that she shouldn't have apologized to us. Honey, get over it. I did.
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I understand that the employees of Kinkos might not be trained on each and every printing technique known to man. I also understand that I get what I pay for, and prints are fairly cheap through them.

But what I don't understand is how someone could mess up one of the easiest jobs that I can think of. One file (.PDF format) that is exactly 12" x 9" that needs to be printed in color. That is all I wanted. I even made extra copies just in case I messed it up when I cut and mounted it.

So when I go to cut and mount my print this morning, and I measure the thing to center it, I was wonderfully surprised to find that my 12" x 9" document is now 11" x 8 1/4"

I am going to start my own copy business, and our motto will be "We're not Kinkos" and I think I will be able to retire in 10 years.
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Bynum's Steak house

I posted this in citysearch as well.

This place gets somewhat bad reviews for service a lot, but this is the first time I've actually had bad service  there.

I'd like to start out by saying that I've been going to Bynum's since I was a little girl. My family always went there for special occasions, and last Sunday was no different. It was my 28th birthday. I love steak and their ribeye is great. I always take new friends there for dinner.

That changed last Sunday: Our service was pretty good, until the end, when we received our check. Our server mentioned that other servers usually automatically add gratuity (which they never have before) but that she didn't, and if she had, the amount was off to the side in case we wanted to see what it would have been. In other words, she was telling us how much to tip her. Normally we tip around 20-23% if we have good service, and we did, I just found it extremely tacky to mention a tip after dinner.

The second problem was a mix up on our friends order. He had ordered a cabernet wine off the list, and it turned out they had two of the same brand of wine, both cabernet, but different years. One was 25.00 and one was 50.00 and she had brought him the 50.00 wine and he didn't realize it till we got the bill. (The wine sat on the table the entire time with a napkin on it, so it's not like we made note of the label) Our server said that was what he ordered, and that she could fix the problem, but it was what he ordered, and basically brow-beat him until he just said he'd pay for it since it's what he drank.. When we saw the itemized list, it just said "brand name" and cab- $49.50. She said it was a new wine and she didn't know. That mixup coupled with the tip comment leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Silly service...

This afternoon, I got a call from the Roomstore to confirm delivery for some furniture I ordered. It was an automated message, read by a halting computer voice:

"Hello! This is the Roomstore! This call is for... (my name, terribly butchered)... for a... sofa....AND... loveseat. IT will be DELIVERED... to... (my address)... ON... Thursday... April... Nineteenth... Two-Thousand-Seven... between... Eight... AM... AND... Twelve... PM." (This took about a minute.)

Then it paused.

And then a voice said, "For English, press 1."

So, I pushed 1.

It said, "Thank you, and goodbye! *click*."