April 14th, 2007


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Bad ER Service.

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I seriously sat for ninety minutes, being humiliated and fighting back tears listening to these so called professionals talk about my supposed drug habit, personal life, morality and hypochondria because I was in a stressful situation and my hands were shaking - so they could tell me to follow up with my own, nonexistent, Doctor.

What the hell? No, seriously, what the hell?

I'll add here: I understand doing a drug screen on a patient that is acting oddly. I'll cop to acting oddly because I was nervous as hell, though in light of my stressing that my concern was my leg being *numb* not pain, I find it a bit of a stretch. Especially since I had never been to that ER in my life, but whatever.

I don't really understand doing absolutely nothing about my damned knee to begin with beyond telling me to see a doctor I don't have, but I'd have swallowed it. I would have if it weren't for the hour and a half of sitting there listening to them to talk about me like a piece of *shit*, like I wasn't sitting *right fucking there* and hearing every word of it, anyway.

Bank of America

I try to avoid calling Bank of America at all costs. I've dealt with their automated phone service before, and it is horrible. I don't know if it's just me, but their voice recognition software can rarely understand what I'm saying.

So last night I walked away from the ATM without taking my card. Incredibly stupid mistake on my part, I know. By the time I realized what I did I was no where near the ATM any more, nor was I anywhere near my house so I could get online. I suck it up, and use my cell phone to call them. I spend probably 10-15 minutes trying to work through their menus to freeze my account. I get on the right track, and it asks me if my card is a business card to which I reply "no". I go on hold for another 5 minutes, and then I finally start talking to a real person. She informs me that she deals with business cards, and that she would transfer me to the correct department. Where does she transfer me? Back to the automated phone service.
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Sprint/Embarq = Evil

Once upon a time, two years ago, I purchased DSL from Sprint. It sucked. It lagged. It was slower than dial-up. I called their maintenance department. The repair guy called me after he left, said I didn't know what I was talking about, the DSL was running fine, and if I wanted a faster connection I should upgrade to the next highest speed. Ok, douche bag. Fine.

I call and complain a few more times, and I'm told to sign up for the next fastest speed DSL - and pay more money per month. No thank you.

I got my DSL bill and I was being charged $10 more per month than what I contracted for, and yes, I had a copy of the contract. I called Sprint, told them about the billing error and was told that they could change the price whenever they wanted, but I had the option to rescind the contract. Ok, douche bag. Fine. Not going to argue over a contract of adhesion.

Sprint magically turned into Embarq. Yay. They reduced the price of DSL by $10, so I did wind up paying what I contracted for. I still had problems with the DSL running slowly. I called a maintenance guy. He said nothing was wrong. Ok, fine.

A couple weeks ago, the DSL stopped working completely. I called a maintenance guy. He said nothing was wrong with Embarq's stuff and I'd have to purchase their maintenance plan so that he could look at our phone lines.

I sign up for the maintenance plan and schedule another service call. This guy is actually not a douche, but he knows little about DSL's. He tells us:
1) The problem was definitely on Embarq's end, but he'd have to get some help to fix it.
2) I didn't need the maintenance plan. That guy just wasn't doing his job.
3) Because of my physical distance from the DSL hub/headquarters or whatever, I would have never been able to upgrade to the next fastest speed. So, Sprint was trying to rip me off all that time they kept pushing the more expensive DSL package.

After a week without DSL, they fix the problem - a malfunctioning port at Embarq's location. This whole time my DSL was not functioning properly because of the faulty port, because of Embarq/Sprint.

I know little about computers; I'm just relaying what the Embarq guy said. So, at this point I want some kind of compensation. I've been paying for DSL for two years and the DSL hasn't been working properly during that entire time. At a bare minimum, I want my bill prorated for the week that the DSL was out completely. I want to complain, but I don't want to get the repairman who fixed our stuff in trouble.

Stupid Steak Escape

Highly negative experience I had at the Steak Escape outlet in the Riverwalk Marketplace, New Orleans, Louisiana.

I ordered a 7" Ragin' Cajun chicken sandwich, advertised on the menu board for $4.79, and a fries/drink combo for an additional $2.50, so the subtotal should have been $7.29, plus another $.70 for tax. I chose my menu items carefully so that I would not exceed the $8.00 cash I brought.

At the register, the total came to $8.50-something. I asked the cashier to itemize the bill for me and she said that it was an additional $.40 to add a squirt of barbecue sauce to the sandwich. I asked her to strike it and the new total was $8.15.

I was still confused at how the bill came to exceed $8.00. She said the sandwich was $4.93. I pointed out that the menu board said $4.79. The cashier dismissed me, saying, "Oh, those are the old prices." I told her that they either needed to change the board, cover the prices on the board, hang a note on the board, or else honor the advertised price!

Even though it is only $.14, it's not a good business practice in general to advertise one price and then charge another at the register! And in this instance, $.14 meant a lot to me, given that I had only an $8.00 budget that day. When I explained that to the cashier, she helpfully added, "We take debit cards now if you're short of cash!" Which, of course, is not the point.

My boss said that one time, she bought a salad, and for some random reason, Ranch dressing was $.40 extra (other dressings were no charge). I should never have given them a second chance; the first time I ever attempted to eat there, I was studying the menu board for a few minutes (no one else in line), when the cashier snapped rudely at me, "Are you going to order, or WHAT?!?"

I sent a more detailed email via their corporate website and have not heard anything back yet...but I did notice that the next time I went to the mall they had changed the prices on the menu board.