April 12th, 2007


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About a week and a bit ago I was at Heathrow airport with 7 of my friends as we were all taking a holiday to Japan together. We'd had to get up at 4am and leave very quickly, and our flight wasn't until 12 noon, so we got pretty hungry. After checking in and getting through to airside we decided to go for some breakfast/lunch. We went to O'Neals, because it was a lot less busy than all the other places there.

It was Sunday at 10.30 so the airport was a lot less busy than it is normally on weekdays, but we still had to queue to give our orders - only a very small queue, mind, so that's not bad service there.

When it got to me I realised that I only had yen on me - I'd changed every pound I had because of the good rates and because it costs so much out there to withdraw from an account. But it didn't matter, because there was a sign on the door saying they accepted Visa, Mastercard, Delta and all the other debit or credit cards.

I presented my card to the lady at the till when she asked for payment. She looked at it and then at me and said, "Oh, it will take half an hour to process this. Don't you have any cash?"

"Sorry, I don't, unless you'll accept japanese en."
"It's GBP or USD only. Fiiiine. I'll take your card, but it will take ages. I have to wait for it first. You might want to ask one of your friends to pay for it for you if you can't pay for it yourself."

Then the other girl who was behind the bar passed her the card reader and said, "here you go, no one was using it."

It took around three minutes to send the card details and for me to enter my PIN. Half an hour, indeed. Sounds like someone just couldn't be bothered to do a card transaction.

Now that we had that out of the way it was time to Wait. I know that in O'Neals the food is just microwaved up and sent out, like so many other pubs.

All seven of my friends recieved their food within three minutes of ordering it, delivered to their table. They said it wasn't very tasty but it was certainly edible and was at least hot.

Fifteen minutes later, and I still hadn't recieved mine, which was identical to another friends order. Several orders that were made after mine came out. I asked a passing waitress if my order was ready yet, and she said she'd look into it. She never came back. It got to 11.45 and I felt that I was cutting it a little close, so I asked another waitress what had happened to my food. I showed her my reciept to prove that I'd actually ordered something. She took it with her - something that I was never given back, which is very bad considering it was paid for with my card and AFAIK you are always supposed to recieve and keep your card reciepts. Thirty seconds later she bought out my plate - it was missing some parts of the order and was nearly stone cold. Barely edible. I ate what I could because by this time I was starving, but it was pretty nasty.

I wanted to complain to a manager, but considering how slow the service was in the first place and how rude the initial girl was, I doubt I would have even seen a manager. I had to catch my plane, and that was obviously a little more urgent.

Considering it's a week or so after the event, I wonder if it's even worth writing to their customer services about this; if I had the time I would have complained in person, but I'm unsure if it really warrants a letter.

Still, really, really, really sucky service.
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Now, I understand that I'm not even sure if it qualifies as "Bad Service" but it's from my doctor. My Primary doctor's office. Unfortunately this is not the first time I've had "bad_service" there but that's besides the point.

I injured my shoulder over three weeks ago and my last doctor's visit wanted me to get a referral for an MRI. So I went to go get the referral after discussing my options with my doctor (He'd said on the visit prior to wear my arm in a sling for as long as I could) we decided to get an MRI done to see what the fuck is wrong. They said they needed to fax off a referral request for me to get approved before we could schedule an MRI and that they would call when they got a fax back.

So I've been waiting. Two weeks passed without a phone call, so I called and they said "Nothing yet, still waiting." so I've been waiting, finally my mom had an appt. there today and I asked and they said "Nothing yet, still waiting.". In the almost a month since my last visit, I've quit wearing my sling because it was making my arm/shoulder worse (and weaker) than before.

I got home and called my insurance company to see what could possibly be taking so long to get this referral y'know because by the time I get it, I'm not going to need it. So I call and here's what the gal on the phone said, "We don't need to pre-approve your MRI just go get it done." and my jaw hit the floor. Like I've been waiting three weeks to hear wether or not I can get this stupid MRI done and here I don't even need what they said I needed.

So I called the doctor's office and asked to speak with their receptionist who was still out on lunch and the little gal that answered said "Well what do you need her for?" and I had to explain to her "I need a referral to CDI so I can get an MRI done. I was in 3 weeks ago but you said you had to fax my insurance company, and you didn't have to so I just need to get my referral for an MRI as soon as possible." and then, "Oh well you'll have to wait till [receptionist on lunch] gets back." I just hung up the phone and decided I'd call back later.
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thanks, doc!

After waiting for over an hour to see the dentist last Friday, watching people that came in before me AND after me get in, I finally was able to see him to get one root canal done, and to get rid of my last wisdom tooth. After getting me most of the way through the root canal, he said he had to go get x-rays done to make sure he got it all, and then left. His assistant was a flake, and didn't realize that pregnant chicks need two aprons on during x-rays, to be safe (I'm due at the end of the month, and it's kinda obvious, since we were talkng about what I'd be naming him.). Whatever, that's cool, she got another apron and things are fine. Right?

Uh, no. My dentist left me in there for over half an hour for no reason, when all he wanted to do was look at the x-rays, and instead he went off to work on other patients. He didn't have a clock in there, but the tv was on, and I had to sit through The View. Ugh. When he did get back, he kept paying attention to the tv while working, and his assistant actually turned the sound up. Uh, thanks doc. Maybe that's why tomorrow I've another appointment, because the tooth that got the root canal? Hurts. He didn't do it completely. :/

My mum waited for me in the lobby, and said that a few people came and went while I was in there, which would explain why he ditched me. They left the door open in the room, and I heard him talking and using equipment. I wouldn't mind so much, since I didn't have any time constraints really, but I'm a total pansy and usually need more painkiller shots in me than is usual, and it wears off kinda quick. He took out my wisdom tooth last and at the end it hurt pretty bad, because he kept pressing into the gums.
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David's Bridal

EDIT: just so you all know,I did not expect to be compensated. However,I wasn't sure if I should be or not. Nowhere in my conversation with any of the staff did the subject come up. So please,read the post carefully before you start flaming me for having a thought. I was given bad service because the lady was extremely rude and condescending to me. She acted as though I should not be wasting her time and wanted to deliberatly make me feel bad.

My friend and I are in a wedding on the 21st of this month.Yesterday we had to go pick up our dresses from David's Bridal. I dont know if anyone else has had a bad experience with this place,but I chose not to go with them for my own wedding because of the snobby attitude and the lack of selection that I encountered with them when I was shopping for a wedding dress.

I had the dress shortened 3 weeks ago,and the lady had commented on how snug it was. I told her that I was just having "that time of the month" and it would be fine. It did bother me a little because I have some issues with my weight,which I have been trying to take care of by cutting down on sugar and salt,drinking more water,and adding lots of fruits and veggies to my diet. I have been very careful in the past 3 weeks about what goes on my plate.

I went in and tried on the dress yesterday. As she was zipping it up,she says to me:

"Wow,have you gained a little weight?"

Meanwhile,I am noticing that the dress fits beautifuly. It even fits a little bit loose. I turned around and looked her in the eye and said:

"Actually,I have lost weight and I think you are being seriously rude. I dont think the sales lady would have sold me a dress that was too small."

The woman sort of grumbles an apology and asks me if I had gotten my shoes yet.I have not been able to afford to get shoes yet,and I plan on buying them this week.I figure she is just pissed that I do not want to purchase shoes there,as they are rather expensive.I know approximately what heel height I want,and even tried on a pair in store last time so she could cut the right amount of material off.I offer to go and grab those same shoes so we can see how it looks. She tells me it is not necessary.

I quickly signed for my dress and left the alterations area to go up front. I tell the manager what happened last time and this time. She tells me it is not acceptable and she will have a "talk" with the woman. The manager gives my friend and I free sample packs,but does not offer to comp anything off my bill. I don' know if I should have asked her to.I feel that my overall experience with David's was unpleasant. She did take down my name,so maybe something will come of it.
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