April 11th, 2007

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Urghskjsbc Well, I got woken up to my dad making a call to the Pro-Active Acne treatment place about them messing up. I'm not sure if anyone else has had problems with them, or if it's just human error, but what they did seemed rather ridiculous.

We had an account with them a few years back, but my dad canceled it when I started getting too lazy to use the stuff. Fast forward to the present and he got a new account because I'm starting to care more about my skin. He originally signed up for the monthly plan, which is, they ship the stuff every month and take the money out of his account. Well, I'm still on the stuff they sent a month ago and a couple of weeks they sent another package. Okay, we're cool with that. We didn't know how fast I use the stuf, so my dad decided it would be best to do an eight week thing...to have them sent every two months. 

He called last week and talked to someone who said that it was cool and all to switch to the eight week and there should be no problems. He asked if they were going to get shipped this month. She said no. So there should be no problems, right? Wrong. They did ship out another package a few days ago and charged my dad for it. So my dad saw the transaction out of his account and called about what was up. He explained about the phone call last week and there SHOULDN'T be another package sent this month. 

And this is the explanation for what he got...They were sending under two accounts. They reactivated his old account from a few years ago and that was what the shipment was for. Okay, nowhere did he say last week or anytime that he wanted that account reactivated. He CANCELED it. Therefore, it should be OUT OF USE. They were planning on sending the stuff for both the new account and old account. Okay, what the crap? That made no sense so my dad just demanded they get rid of both accounts and if he needs the stuff, he'll just order them one at a time. Because now I have a box of the stuff they sent a couple weeks ago and now we're getting another shipment in. Which is probably going to last me until freakin' winter.

I know it's not the customer service telephone people's fault. There's only a limited amount of things they can do. So it's just bad_service on the company or whoever decided to randomly activate a canceled account.

Yay or nay for Pro-Active as a company? Anyone else had any annoyances from them or was it just a careless mistake?
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united/ted airlines...

I flew out to San Francisco for Easter weekend. I booked my tickets through expedia.com and figured that I wouldn't have any problems.

Flying out there? No problem. US Air was great.

Trying to get back home? Nightmare and a half.

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Of course, then I had to get back to the other side of SFO to catch my flight on Ted, which I easily could have missed.

Bottom line? Not amused with Ted. Loved US Air. If only the woman would have bothered to call US Air...
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That Ted Guy's a Douche

So another post about Ted from United Airlines reminded me of this.

Back in September ('06) my good friend D and I decided to fly to LA for the weekend to celebrate our birthdays which are fairly close together. Since it was my 21st my folks were concerned with me going to LA just to drink so they offered me a deal. We could use some of my dad's airline miles for United Airelines, if I promised not to get drunk while in another state. Grateful, we accepted the deal (even though I hate UA).

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The rest of our trip was pretty great, dispite losing over half a day in LA, and our flights back weren't fabulous or horrible.