April 10th, 2007

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Avon Catalog

First I want to say that I like Avon. When I was a kid my mom sold it as a second job to support us and I know they have nice products. I'm not interested in parties or trying to sell it myself, but I'd buy some of their products if I knew a reputable seller.

What bugs me is what I found in my mailbox today - an Avon catalog with no address on it, which meant the lady had to open my mailbox to put it in. My mailbox doesn't have a slit. If you want to put something in, you actually have to open it, which means you have access to the mail inside. I'd have replaced it with a more secured box, except that my house is a rental and we are not here long. 

Am I right to be a little creeped out? I've been the victim of identity theft in the past. Years later, I still haven't cleared it all up. Part of me wants to call this woman and tell her why I won't be buying from her.

Dear Grocery Store Clerk

This is a small complaint.

There is this woman at the local grocery store who used to drive me CRAZY.

Her name was Rose.

She made it her mission in life to get me every sale available in as grumpy a manner as possible.

The problem with this? I have food allergies and can only eat certain brands of food.

So I'd come to the line with my brand name food and she'd curl her lip, "You can get this five dollars cheaper if you buy the bulk other brand."

I'd shake my head and smile, "I want that one."

"There's more in the bulk AND you save money," followed by a sharp glance, disapproving glance.

"I want that one."

At which time she'd angrily ring it through, not speak to me anymore and pretty much throw my bags at me as I left.

This was not a one time thing. Every time I came to shop she'd try and push the cheaper brands on me with the sale prices. I understood her intent but she would always get really pissy and angry when I'd refuse to buy the cheaper items.

So finally one day when she murmured to me that I could save money with the other item I responded loudly, "Oh! There's a sale! I hadn't noticed!" More out of sarcastic frustration than anything else. Of course I did not take the cheaper item.

When I spoke so loudly her face went a bit red and she hissed at me, "If my manager heard that I'll be in big trouble."

I genuinely felt bad about that. Despite her rude responses to my rejections she was attempting to save me money.

But anyway,


If I Do not WANT the sale item, stop PUSHING it at me. PLEASE.

That said, I have since moved and do not have to deal with Rose and her sale pushing ways anymore. Yay!
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Dear Arsewipe who 'serviced' my car for four years because you were who the previous owners went to,

Sure, i'm female. I don't know much about cars - i admit that. But when you continue to put in automatic aerial, even though i continually ask you for manual ones because the automatic ones keep breaking, this pisses me off. When you tell me the trip meter is working, even when i quite clearly know it isn't, this pisses me off even more. When you tell me that my brakes aren't leaking, and neither is my oil, i want to take you home so i can point out the stains on my driveway that call you a big fat liar.

And then! When i take my car to a company that runs a proper service, and they charge me $1800 for a list of things that have been building up for the past four years, i get mad. After getting over my shock of not being killed in the death trap you let me drive.

I'm toying with the idea of sending you the bill, because i feel the money i gave you to cheat me could be used to pay this horrible bill that will pauper me. But hey, at least my car won't explode.

Die in a fire,
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Major Bad Service at Sally Beauty Supply

I used to dye my hair pretty often. and have missed it quite a bit, sowhen i found out that there was a Sally Beauty Supply near my house, Iwas estatic. I've heard stories of there, just have never been. So, Igo with my roommate and after discussing a few options with a womenthere, I picked out a color and got two boxes of it. When I got home, Ipulled them out and realized that one felt a lot lighter then the otherone. I had never actually held them apart before this moment, and whenthey were rang up, she held the boxes together to enter the code. Iopened the lighter box and of course, it was empty. I immediatly calledand asked their hours so I could go back and exchange it out. When Ishowed up she said that she KNEW the box had something in it when shesold it to me, etc etc, she couldnt do anything, the only thing I coulddo was buy a new one etc. My roommate jumped in and sorta berated herfor selling me an empty product and refusing to do anything about it.Finally the women gave me the number of customer service and told us toleave. When I called customer service, they contacted the store andtold me that she was "positive" that she hadnt sold me an empty boxetc. Finallly after much arguing (including pointing out that if I wastrying to scam her, i wouldnt go through these lengths, aka, callingcustomer service, lodging a complaint, etc), they took my name andnumber and said that they would get back to me on it. I felt reallysketchy about giving them my full name and number and Im just waitingto get berating calls from the women at the store...

Anyway, in a nut shell. The bad service: Selling me an empty product and notrealizing (human error, whatever), then refusing to help me or own upto, accusing me of lying, and customer service accusing me of lying,and at the end of the circle, I know nothing will come of it.

Imnot an advocate of the saying "the customer's always right" becausesometimes, we're not, but i really think it sucks that they're notwilling to do anything to help me in this situation, especiallyconsidering that I planned on becoming a repeat buyer there. I'd settlefor some coupons at this point. I just dont understand how a hugecorporation cant eat a $6 cost that was caused by a worker. I dont wantto be forced to eat the cost simply because I really cant afford to. Ilive on my own (at 18) going to school full time, working as a waitressat Ihop, and trying to take care of medical bills at the same time. Ijust splurged on this as a one time thing to treat myself for how wellIve been doing. ::pout::.