April 9th, 2007

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Barnes and Nobles annoyance

All right, so mom and I were out shopping yesterday. As a treat, we stop by Barnes n' Nobles, and we're all set to spend a ton of money on all our series that have come out on paperback (finally!). I was all psyched to pick up the book version of Howl's Moving Castle.

So, I check the shelf, and the trouble begins there. Just about every single book the author's ever written is there, but no Howl. So I head up to customer service to enquire. I wait patiently behind this particularly....ripe....human, asking about the Harry Potter series in a low tone, as though she was afraid of being caught asking for them. Finally, she steps off, and the teenager behind there ignores me for a few seconds, telling another worker coming in that he's going on break, and she needs to cover the customer service desk. He turns back and sees me, huffs a sigh, and asks what I need. No problem, everyone needs a break, he's probably tired, and most likely wants to clear his nostrils from the person before me and/or get home to his family for the holiday. No problem.

So I tell him what I'm looking for, and hand him the quasi-sequel, so I don't have to worry I'll spell the author's name wrong and throw a wrench in the whole search. He looks it up, and just my usual luck, "Sorry, we don't have that in stock at the moment." I'm highly disappointed, but I sigh in return, thank him for helping, have him order it, and give him my number to let me know when it comes in. I *suppose* I can wait another week for it to come in... D:

I, however, couldn't shake the niggling feeling in the back of my mind that he was a bit *too* quick in looking and rather abrupt. So we leave, and get ready for festivities for easter the next day. Things end today, and I head back home. Not even two hours after I walk in the door, B+N's already left a message, saying my book was in and ready for me to pick up! Now, I calculate, we went shopping after 6pm on saturday, and sunday is easter. So there's no way they got in a late shipment, and as far as I see it, I got screwed out of my book because this punk decided a.) his break was more important, and/or b.) he was too lazy to ask someone else to go in the back and get it for me. So now I get to drive another 45 mins. each way to go back and pick it up! WTF!*

* sorry about the tl;dr - I find myself incapable of shortening up a story. ;)

Edit: (Hmm, first time I've had to do a clarificiation edit! :) I would have actually been happier if I'd had to wait the week for them to get it in - I was annoyed because I *knew* they had it somewhere (hay look, they *did!*), as it *is* a kinda popular book, especially with the movie coming out only a year or so ago in the U.S. . On top of that, maybe I'm a bit of an entitlement person when I actually *do* go shopping - hey, if I'm looking for something, I want it like, yesterday. *shrugs* I do like B+N for their better sales for fiction clearence, but this is why I usually shop at Borders - at least they have extra copies of things hidden behind on the shelf, and more likely than not, they'll have what I'm looking for. Eh, I'm not usually one for getting bad service, anyhow - I'm always nice to the people that help me out with the mundane. ;)
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F'd by Final Fantasy

Has anyone else had huge problems with final fantasy technical support? I bought the 360 version of final fantasy online and it never worked from the get go. I called many times and they told me that my account couldn't work on the 360 because it wasn't created on the 360. I was pissed off but whatever I just ended up playing on PC.

I called back today because I was curious if they had the issue fixed and I found out that it was a lie all along! They just needed to reset the gamer tag (your xbox live gamer tag, links with your play online ID). I proved my identity by providing them with the address on the account, my full name, my gamer tag, my play online ID, the first 4 digits of my credit card and they told me that they wouldn't be able to refresh my account without the serial number that was used to sign up for my account in the first place as well as the last 4 digits of my credit card that was used on my account.

Well, as for the serial number and the box the game came in. Because of the insane amount of serial numbers you have to keep a hold of.... and the number of copies that I have of the game. I am assuming around 10 on PC because I lose everything. Not even kidding here :( I have re-bought the game so many times to install it after a format or on a laptop because I can't find my codes that go with the disks that I have. I also own 2 copies of the game on PS2 and the copy on 360. How could they expect someone to keep something like this? I got the game when it came out!!! and I have a crazy collection of games, even if it was somewhere still I would have to go through a million boxes that are in storage in Canada (I am living in the states now).

... ugh and the CREDIT CARD thing.... I have several credit cards all from the same bank and my bank accounts are all in canada. Right now I only have one credit card number with that bank (under my name) and that isn't the one on the account, it was my credit card that was previously stolen or lost. Getting this information from canada while I am living in the states is going to be a massive pain in the ass.

I offered to send in photo ID and they wouldn't have it. He pretty much told me that there is nothing more he can do for me 50 times, that is after I waited on hold of 40 minutes. I'm not even sure if it is on one of my credit cards, since I have used my moms card in the past for MMO's. I DO have a monthly subscription being charged to my account right now, under MY name proving it is mine that I could give them the full card number for, but it doesn't count as proof because it isn't the same play online ID.

This wasn't the first time I was on hold, no I tried calling back on other occasions. There was the time that I called and was on hold for nearly a hour before I went to their site looked at their hours and the time map and realized they CLOSED while I was on the phone and left the lines on. I figured maybe they were open late, because how could they make that sort of mistake? I called back and was on hold AGAIN, with no answer.

Or the time I realized I was getting double charged for almost an entire year, and they wouldn't tell me why unless I could provide them with the account information for the double charging. There wasn't one! Only one account. So they couldn't do anything. I had to cancel the credit card and resign up with no refunds no anything. No apologies, no refunds, no nothing.

Anyways, back to the issue at hand. The guy on the phone told me that there were no managers available to speak about the subject, so I said, there is no manager there? he said there is but only certain issues can go to them. I told him about my mess with technical support in the past, and how I just wanted to talk about the tech support in general.

I ended up getting VERY worked up on the phone, and crying. The guy was being cold and rude, and when I was trying to rifle through my stuff to get all this crazy information for him, he just told me he couldn't wait and I had to call back. Call back?!!? I was just on hold forever, can't you wait a minute?!

I never ever get upset at tech support guys. Ever, I respect people who work in customer service and know they have a very difficult job. There are a lot of mean people who treat customer service workers like crap so I always make a extra effort to be super nice to them.

He goes on to say "There is nothing more I can do for you" again, it is like it is on loop. I tried really hard to get to a manager and he wouldn't have it. I got so angry and called him a asshole (which is totally wrong I know) I have never been so mad at someone on the phone in my life! He hung up. (The only reason I said that is because I could TELL he was hanging up) I had to get it in there :(

I've been waiting since on text chat since the call ended at 3:45. (it is now 4:56) still no response.

I'm not dissing final fantasy, not at all. I think final fantasy is one of the BEST series ever. Final Fantasy online is brilliant! It is a great game; and... beyond that it has one of the best leveling systems great players and a chance to interact with fans around the world. This is coming from a girl with multiple final fantasy tattoos that I got years ago... and a girl who got brought into the whole RPG scene by final fantasy.

I've bought this game for a handful of people just so they would play it with me and see how awesome it is. I got my brother hooked and he has been playing now since that christmas and has two level 75 charachters. Heck, I even got my mom and her boyfriend to play. I am a major fan girl... and that is why this hurts even more.

After a bit of research I see that Square-Enix was given the lowest possible BBB rating of "F". What on earth should I do?! I feel betrayed by a good friend.

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An update to this post. (Different username, sorry if that's confusing).

So since then, we've been meeting every week as planned, but she took 10 points off my paper because she "would have picked a different subject to write on."

Just a brief note, her job as 'trainer' is to make sure we're devoting our best efforts to our classes. Not nitpick about what we write about (so long as it's within the guidelines).

I got sick during Spring Break, and stayed sick (with pneumonia and then pink eye) for 3 weeks after SB. I emailed her during SB to let her know my doc recommended not going on campus until I was better. No reply, so I figure it's SB she's probably got plans, and text her when classes start up again. No reply. Another email, another text, another email, another text, another email and another text within the next 7 days. Still no reply. So I finally decided that stressing isn't helping pneumonia and I need to just stay in bed for a week.

Yay it works the pneumonia is gone but look at this, I now have pink eye (from visiting the little kiddies at my former job the day I was feeling better). I check my email and there's still nothing from her. So I contact the proffessor in charge of the class, who forwards the email to someone else, who copies the email to me and sends one to my trainer saying "Get in touch with them before the next class". Nope. Doesn't happen. So I email the first prof again who says she emailed my trainer herself and she should be in touch shortly.

Yup, two days later I get a grumpy email from her saying "I know you contacted Dr. ____ about not contacting you. I haven't gotten any emails from you so don't think you're getting credit for the classes you missed. I'll see you Tuesday, unless you want to fail completely".

The last line isn't word for word but that's basically what she said. "Class" is tomorrow and I'm soooooo [not] looking forward to her lovely attitude. If she doesn't allow me to make up at least some of what I missed I will be contacting the prof. again. I don't like being a tattle tail but I'm not letting her lousy attitude ruin my gpa for this semester.

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Okay, this didn't happen to me because I left early, but my friends told me about it. Me and a few friends went to iHop around 1AM-2AMish, but I left because I had work at 9AM that morning. 

After I left, my friends ordered their food. They waited and they waited. They realized people who came in after them were getting their food before them. And these people ate their good and left before my friends ever got their food. So things were getting awkward and irritable for them, so they called their waiter over (who was chatting with friends, and yes, it was obvious they were friends).  He apologized and they still waited for their food. It was getting ridiculous and finally the cook came out and questioned them. They told him what was going on and he apologized as well, and told them they wouldn't have to pay. Even when they finally got their food, it wasn't their complete order. By the time they left it was 5AMish. 

Bad_Service on the waiter's fault. My friends and I go there all the time and that was the only time they've actually had trouble with the service. So it's not like "ZOMG NEVER COMING BACK RAAAAAAAAWRG"