April 8th, 2007

More from the Nightmare House on the Upper East Side

For those who missed part one of this ongoing story, please direct your browser here.

Since several people asked to hear more about this and to see additional photos, I have some more to show. In fact, I have a LOT more to show, but am only posting six right now. Again, if people continue to be interested, I will continue to post the photos and information.

To address some things mentioned in comments to the last post (just so I don't have to reply to everything individually:

1. I am sure that there will be legal action of some sort. However I do not have any details about that right now. I am *positive* that NYKB knows this is coming, as a recent request to them for information about this resulted in them lying and saying they were already in litigation with the client and could not give out any information. This is a lie- they are not, at this time, in litigation with this client, although it would not surprise me if they were being sued by other clients.

2. The client has long since spoken to the BBB. However, the problem with the BBB is that it is almost a meaningless organization. All you're really doing is lodging a complaint. It doesn't mean that they can *do* anything about your complaint. When you're in a situation like this complaining to people whose only real function is to say "okay, thanks, we'll make a note of it" is an exercise in frustration. I believe the words used by the client to describe the BBB were "less than useless." It is no surprise that people are reluctant to call them. Yes, it creates a database of complaints which may warn others off from using them, but it does nothing to help the person already in distress.

However, there's also an element of embarrassment at work here. No one wants to admit they've been scammed for so much money. And so people tend to not really talk. There's also an element of reverse classism at work also. That is to say, that people get a lot of sympathy when they're working class families who have all their life savings stolen by an unscrupulous company. Not so much when you actually _have_ money and can afford to have your house designed and renovated before you ever move in(and still get taken for a fortune). To me, I don't think it matters at all- that *NO ONE* should have this happen to them. Period. No matter what the balance in their bank account. However, I would be lying if I said I didn't see why people would be reluctant to come forward about something like this. Again, I have full permission from the homeowner to show photos and talk about this story, even though they are not my client. In fact, I linked the client to my first post so she can see it herself.

3. A lot of people mentioned speaking to various tv shows. Aside from my personal feelings about this (which don't belong here) I will say that this is impossible for logistical reasons. Again, they have to move in in less than a month. Television production doesn't work that way and they do not have the kind of time it would take to employ this as an option.

Again, I have MANY photos of all KINDS of things in the house. But to keep these posts from not being oppressively long, I will probably limit them to about six images per post (assuming people are still interested and want to see/read more.)

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EB games suck at a corporate level.

And now for the first 'bad_service' post I've ever started and its pretty simple. Anybody know of EB games/Gamestop? For those who don't its a store for video games, they often have a TV in such places to show off clips of games and a few other instore adds. It should be noted that if this TV is not playing and corporate comes in..the people in the store can get into major trouble.

Their latest video..that will last this entire month? It shows the ending of "Legond of Zelda: Twilight Princess" in its entirety. Thats right..come into the store to buy the game..and get it spoiled for you at the same time! Seriously...how many movie theatre's or bookstores would get away with this without causing and uproar? I really want to know..what exactly is the corporate culture of EB games thinking?

Apparently they've done this before with other games in the past.

Annoying service

I'm visiting my mom currently for easter weekend, and we decided to go to the mall yesterday to find something for my graduation coming up. Well...I never found anything for graduation but we left with plenty of crap that we got on sale. Now normally I don't even bother with this mall, half the shops are closed and the remaining are all small and full of staff with serious attitude problems. But the roads were bad so we couldn't drive to another, I guess beggars can't be choosers. Well after going through my purchases when we got home, I found out that two of the stores I visited didn't bother checking for ink tags. Two shirts from two separate stores still had those ugly ink tags hanging off of them. Geez, I can see one store..but two?? Of course today is Easter Sunday so the stores weren't open today. I'm leaving to drive back to my place soon, and the mall closest to my house doesn't even have either of those two stores. Soooo annoying! Now I have two cute shirts I can't even wear until I track down a store to take these stupid things off.

Ugh I hate that mall.
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