April 6th, 2007

If there's a "beyond bad service" I think this is it.

This entry is more or less crossposted from my personal lj, with very little in the way of editing. I re-read the community rules and didn't see anything prohibiting a "witnessed" bad service, but if this is against the rules, feel free to delete it, with my apologies.


I am an interior designer. I often work on projects with my ex, who is a contractor. About a month ago, he was contracted to work on the kitchen floor in an apartment in Manhattan, removing and then reinstalling a cork floor which had been been installed improperly by another contracting firm. He told me in no uncertain terms this was the most horrific case of contractor negligence he had ever seen. He insisted I had to see it- that words alone could not do it justice.

Soon after, he was hired by the same clients to repair other things in the apartment, also caused by contractor negligence. He asked me to come down and help him/take a look at what he had been dealing with.

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Ninety. Grand.

Mike says he doesn't think that included everything- that the grand total is in fact, higher. NYKB of course is claiming they've done nothing wrong, that it's the client's fault, that there's nothing wrong with the install, and that the clients in fact owe them more money. They've pulled their permits, so now the clients have to refile for their permits to get other contractors in there to break the walls open again.

My mind reels. I gave them the number of a close friend's brother, who is a general contractor, but I don't know what his schedule is so I don't know if he can take it on. I DO know that these folks are required to be out of their temporary housing in four weeks. No. Idea. how that's going to happen without a FULL crew of people.

I've since taken more photos of this, inluding shots of the kitchen. The whole house really is this bad.
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Dairy Queen

My boyfriend and I went to Dairy Queen tonight. (DQ) We went through the drive-thru and our total was $14.10. I give the cashier a $20, 4 ones, and 2 nickels.  Two other employees handed me the food, & our cashier never came back to the window. So when one of the employees gave us our last drink I reminded her we still hadn't gotten our change back. She turned around and told the cashier what I said. (Cashier was right behind girl and the window was open.) The cashier said "No, she gave me $14.10" I expected her to think that was what I gave her, so at this point, I was thinking no big deal. Even though the last math class I took was in 8th grade, I expect people to be dumber than me.  So she comes to the window herself and I told her all I need is a 10 dollar bill back. She says, "One second." I watch as she leaves and comes back to the register with a manager. She comes back to the window and tells me to pull forward and park because the manager has to count her till. I said again, "All I need is a 10 dollar bill." She says he still has to count it anyways, so I pull forward.

So now my boyfriend and I are like OK?? We've both been cashiers for a few different places and it's never been a big deal when you give someone the wrong change. You do a 'No Sale' or something similar. We both just didn't get it, but we're still like, "Whatever, maybe DQ does things different."  So after TWENTY minutes of sitting in the car, I go in and tell the employee at the register the deal. She goes in the back, comes back out, and walks by me, saying nothing. Two other employees asked if I'd been helped, and I told both of them, "Well I thought I was, but I don't know where she went." So after 5 minutes of THAT, the manager comes out and goes, "Sorry, you were right." He hands me my ten, and a voucher for 3 free value meals :D He was incredibly nice & polite, & so was I right back to him. As I'm leaving, he YELLS, "You need to count your change EVERY single time!" & the girl responds back, "Oh, she was right??!?" in a really rude way, like she couldn't believe it.

So I'm back in the car talking with my b/f, & I think we've pieced it together. I'm pretty sure that the girl probably told her manager that I was just a customer trying to scam them or something (which I'm sure people probably try to do a lot) So instead of her maybe rethinking what she did, or taking a closer look at her till (Note: I was a cashier & I would give people the wrong change quite a lot. When they would point it out to me, instead of FIRST thinking that OHNOEZ they're trying to get free moneys, I would just 'retrace' in my mind what the customer gave me, or a lot of times looking down at my till would help...like I would be able to tell what I had just put in there etc.) But she doesn't do any of that. Maybe I'm assuming too much, but by the way the manager yelled at her & apologized so profusely, it seems like she'd really insisted that she knew for a fact she gave me the right change. Anyways, not  bad_service by the manager, but definitely bad_service by the stupid punk rawk, i'm-always-right scene girl.

not again!

I knew there had to be a reason I stopped eating fast food.

I got out of the habit over the last year or so, because I'm trying to eat better. But recently, I admit, mainly because I've been working a lot, I've been slipping back into bad habits. And a couple of nights ago, I had a brief experience that really made me ask WHY I ever let myself darken a drive-thru again.

I was on the way home from work, stressed out and tired, and decided to hit a fast food place to get dinner. I didn't want to get anything too bad for me, if possible, and I was really in the mood for a wrap of some sort, so I went to Wendy's. It had been years since I went to one but I remembered that they had them before. I don't know if they still do or it's just a summertime thing, or what, but it was the only place I could think of where they might have them.

I pull up to the drive-thru, and the fun begins:

Me: \o/
BST: Bored Snotty Teenager

BST: Can I take your order?
Me: Yes, do you have wraps on the menu? (Part of the plastic or whatever it is covering the menu was damaged, it looked discolored or like there was condensation inside or something and I couldn't see part of it)
BST: *dead silence*
Me: Hello?
BST: Yeah? Can I take your order?
Me: Do you have wraps on the menu?
BST: What?
Me: Do you have wraps on the menu?
BST: What?
Me: Do. You. Have. WRAPS. On. The. Menu?
BST: *snottiest tone imaginable* What are you talking about?

There was no one in the way so I just wheeled around and left. Went home and ate a can of soup. Again.

Is it no longer possible to get decent service at fast food places? I would never have dared cop an attitude with a customer when I worked fast food, but it seems like everyone is packing one now, with absolutely no fear of being fired or even reprimanded. It's almost like you're ruining their day by showing up and God forbid you actually need to ask a question about the food they're being paid to serve.

Maybe I'm overreacting here. But I just find it amazing that, after months of not having a single bad service story to post, suddenly I have three in three weeks. Coincidence? I don't think so. Maybe this is just the universe's way of telling me to eat better.

Crap. I'm gonna have to start cooking again.
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