March 31st, 2007


Big Toes, X-Rays and Incompetence Oh My!

My tale of woe and frustration, I will try and make it short. 

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So to sum it all up, I'm pissed at everyone all around. I didnt have an x-ray done for the hell of it, as I am sure most people do not have x-rays done for fun-I have a possible problem that needs fixing.1) The Diagnostics Center should have informed me to go to the hospital to have the x-rays done because they knew their computers were down and they would not be able to send the information. 2)They need to fix their computers systems to include a back up plan, it's not that hard and seems to me it's quite essential considering they are working in the medical field where the transfer of information is extremely important. And for that matter it would not have been that hard for the radiologist to hop in his car and drive the three miles to the Diagnostics Center to read the x-rays and get the information in the hands of the people who need it. 3)I do not enjoy getting dicked around on the phone by some snooty receptionist. 

A simple x-ray diagnosis that should have taken at most 2 days has instead turned into what will be at least a 5 day fiasco. Part of me wishes I had sucked it up and stayed at the ER, because even though it would have cost me more and I would have been dealing with a different sort of incompetence, I would have at least known what in the Hades was going on with my toe.
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bad service at Burger King

The first part of this may be more WTF service than bad service.

I haven't eaten much fast food in the last year or so, and I can't remember the last time I went to Burger King, but lately I've been wanting a chocolate milkshake from there, and some onion rings and a chicken sandwich. So Friday, after leaving work early for a doctor's appointment, I decide to give in to my cravings and stop by there. It's about three in the afternoon, right between lunch and dinner, so the place isn't doing much business. The parking lot is mostly empty and there's no one ahead of me in the drive-thru.

I place my order for a medium shake, large onion rings (I was really craving those things) and a chicken sandwich. I pull up to the window and pay, then the cashier asks me to pull around to the other side of the building, "to the double doors", and someone would bring my order out. I was a little puzzled, because it's not like the drive-thru was busy. Besides, I could look through the window and see them putting my order together. Still, I thanked her and drove around to the other side of the building. Before I can even get to where she told me to pull up, I see the guy walking out with my food. He hands it to me, and I must have given him a o_O look because he said "Sorry ma'am, we've been having trouble with our drive thru times."

So apparently, they told me to pull around for no other reason than to fudge their drive thru times? Seems a little extreme to me but I can't come up with any other explanation for it. I'm not trying to act like it's the end of the world or anything, like "OMG I had to drive around and wait an extra second!" It just seems bizarre to me that they'd do that when they really didn't have to.

And, after all that, the food was horrible. I don't expect haute cuisine from the BK but was inedible. I got a medium onion ring instead of a large but it didn't matter, because they were so dry and tasteless, they went right into the disposal. The chicken sandwich was a total disappointment as well. I don't know when they made that thing, but it had to have been sitting there for hours. It was completely dried out and so tough I could barely cut it with a knife, let alone chew it. Finished off with globs of yellowing mayonnaise and brown, slimy lettuce, it was truly an achievement in the field of fast food suckiness. Totally grossed out, I threw it away. At least the milkshake was passable.

Blech. I should have just gone to Panera.