March 29th, 2007


Supercuts Question

I went and got a haircut yesterday at Supercuts near the University and they're usually really good. I asked the lady cutting my hair for half an inch off and to undercut it (trim the bottom layers shorter so it curls under) especially in the back. But I asked that at the beginning and I think by the end she forgot because it doesn't feel like it's undercut or look like it's undercut. I could only tell that though after I got home and brushed it and it had dried.

Now I'm not sure what to do, do I call ahead and ask about it? Go show up on the way home from work? If they'll fix it but I get a different person do I tip them? Do I tip the same person? I normally wouldn't fuss but I'm trying to grow it out and only go get it cut every three months and though I CAN dry and comb my hair into submission it's already not being cooperative. If I leave it a month it'll be kind of unmanagable. But then again it doesn't last that long even when they do it right so maybe I should just suck it up.

I don't know, I'm just irritated I didn't get what I thought I was paying for and don't know what's the best plan.
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Annoying University

So last night I was sitting around at home watching TV and I got a call on my cell phone.

It was the University of Connecticut. Calling to ask me for a donation.

Um... I graduated in August. They aren't even going to wait a year before they come begging for donations?

I told the girl on the phone I make about half the money per year than I have in student loan debt, so no donation for you. Did they not notice that I graduated with a BA in Political Science?

As a side note, I don't plan to donate to them, anyway, if and when I ever have money. I transferred in and they screwed me over on credits and refused to give me any merit-based financial aid because they apparently only offer it to freshmen, despite the fact that I had a roommate who got merit-based aid as a transfer and had less impressive grades than I did.

Edited to add:

They have a phone number other than my cell phone, and were told that the number in question is a cell phone when I gave it to them.

Also, I know it is standard practice to call former students for money, but I graduated less than a year ago. It annoys me that they are asking for money already.

Also, UConn gave me a lot of bad service while I was there, from

- administration errors and problems fixing them
- fucking up my transfer credits so bad that I had to take classes I took elsewhere over again, necessitating summer classes and an extra 5k of student loans
- telling me they would accept a years worth of work I did in Germany at one point and then renegging on that a few months later, which fucked up my plan of study
- fucking up my summer living situation I had set up through the students with disabilities office and then being assholes about fixing it
- all sorts of problems with summer support staff, and ignoring letters with valid arguments on the problems the summer dining hall had giving vegetarian students a nutritious diet on a mandatory meal plan that cost $1000 for two months.

Bill Collectors

Is this even freaking legal?

My husband works at home doing phone support for a software company. We have two lines coming into the house: our home line and his work line. The workline is unlisted and we don't give it out. Actually, we don't even remember it. All of his work calls are sent from a call center in Canada and he answers them.

We don't know any of our neighbors very well, which I know is shameful. So we were surprised when husband got a call on his work phone asking about one of our neighbors. The caller asked if we could contact an address, which turned out to be catty-corner from us. When hubby asked how the caller got the number, the caller claimed that he had looked it up on an address database. Now, we live in Southern California and the day before yesterday there was a big problem with high winds. A lot of big things got knocked over and people lost electricity. This guy sounded worried about our neighbor so husband said he would go see if they were there and post a note on their door.

Then the guy gives a number. It's an 800 number... to a collection agency. WTF? They are freaking calling us to harrass our neighbor about a bill? What the hell?

We've gotten calls for people who have never been at our address but seem to be using our address but this is new. Is this legal?
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