March 28th, 2007


UPS and the Lost Package

On February 23rd, my best friend sent me a package for my birthday, via UPS Ground. It was stuck in "in transit" from Phoenix for an uncommonly long time, so my friend called up, whereupon it seems the clerk at his local UPS store had filled out the tag improperly, causing a snag. So, UPS says they'll send it back to my friend, should get there within a couple days. A couple days pass, no package. Friend calls again, the guy on the phone this time says that a time estimate that short isn't possible, should be a week.

It's currently the end of March, and still no sign of this box. Calling up UPS is not getting him anywhere, as they're still convinced they have the package and are sending it, so he can't claim it as a lost package and get the insurance back. As a bonus, the tracking number he had for the package no longer works, and UPS can't seem to provide him with any tracking info. It's basically lost in limbo.

I guess I'm asking if there's anything that can be done, or if there's anyone inside UPS who can actually tell us what's going on. It's quite maddening, as it seems like they've basically lost our package, but refuse to own up to it. Or is this their common procedure?
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