March 25th, 2007


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bad_service is:

My boyfriend got punched in the face last night by some random fucking bogan at a Hungry Jacks. That's
customers_suck _major_anus.

What gets ME though is that the manager didn't have Ryan fill out an incident report or ANYTHING.  I'm not from Australian, obviously. But wouldn't you as a manager want to have some sort of record about this!?

Do things just work different in AUS places?


Eh, works differently then what I had previously thought, I suppose. Never mind then.

wtfux @ the police dept.

Kay, so I was in a car accident yesterday. I'm pretty banged up but I'm okay! The bad service is on the part of the police dept. I was taken to the hospital in an ambulance to get checked out so I left my step dad with the police to take care of paperwork. Today we start to take care of the insurance companies and filing claims and whatnot. I was at NO fault whatsoever, so I need the other lady's insurance info to file a claim on her policy. I found out that my step dad didn't get a copy of the accident report, which was really weird, because almost exactly a year ago I got in an accident (also not my fault) in West Palm Beach, FL, and the cop handling it gave me a copy of the accident report AT the scene and told me who to call & what to do the next day.

So I'm thinking whatever, I'll just call and find out when/where to get the report. I get the dispatcher on the line and she tells me it won't be ready for TEN days. WTF? I ask how I'm supposed to file a claim without the report to get a rental car, further medical treatment, etc., and she's like oh I can just give you the information on the report. Okay. What's her insurance company? She gives me State Auto but at the scene the lady was saying she had Progressive, so it could've been wrong, and then she told me they had MY insurance as some weird named company when it was actually Progressive. Mmmkay. So then I ask what her policy number is so I can give it to the insurance people to look it up easier. She tells me it's not on there. Ooookay... well what's her phone number so I can call HER and ask for her policy number? It's not on there. The dispatcher tells me they "usually" don't take that information. I mean, seriously? My police report from West Palm had the dude's name, address, phone number, plate number, policy number, everything but his friggin SSN! Here in backwards ass Louisville, KY all I've got is her name, a POSSIBLE name of her insurance provider, and her plate number. Thank God the insurance company was competant and found her info with just her name and the city/state (which I didn't even know for sure, I was just guessing she was from here and I was right and if she was from out of town or something I would've been screwed).

Seriously, I see commercials all the time that KY is "cracking down" on people who don't have insurance but they didn't even verify the correct insurance companies or policy numbers at the scene of this accident. I don't know what the cop was doing at the scene but it sure as HELL wasn't taking information.

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