March 22nd, 2007

Me: Clown

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Not a major suck really, at least not when compared with mostr people's here.

It happened about 6 months ago when I was ordering from Pizza Hut (which like to send cold pizzas 2/5 times and as such I always call them up and request another one. Nicely of course and I always return their cold, congelead one). I ordered something like a large stuffed crust 1/2 mighty meat with extra cheese and 1/2 farmhouse with black olives, with garlic bread and those little chicken drumstick things. When it arrived I instead received 2 med Hawaiaans (blergh) and an order of chicken strips. (Is it strips? Whatever it's called it's rancid!)

Still mistakes happen so I call up and get a rude, rude man who informs me they won't be able to get anyone to me for several hours (It was a Fri night but still!) and who spoke to me in a manner which more than suggested that not only was this my fault but how dare I call and complain about not getting what I paid for.

My other point/complaint/wonderment is (bearing in mind new 'joiner' but have read for quite a while now) why so many people these days just use a post to jump someone (and not in the fun, lights off way either). Sure differing opinions are good, apparently, but there is a major diff between that and slating someone. It's a community and it's fun right? So why is it all suddenly policy to assume everyone to be an asshole/EB before proven guilty? Like one of my teachers always said, insult the argument, not the person.

Or you know, not cause look at me not a mod and as such don't count! *grin*

EDIT due to kdorian bringing up a point that was swimming around my head but went away when I made the entry.

Why should people expect bad service from places like McD's? (and other fast food places) No, it's not Cordon Bleu (sp?) but surely this means that I won't be served foie gras on a bed of baby spinach hand-picked by blind nuns in Siberia (it's super rare spinach, don'cha know?) not that my ground up and mixed with god knows what beef and scary potatos that don't rot (as per Supersize Me) should be cold. Or that I can expect dirty tables, rude staff etc. The price I pay is for the quality and fast food a lot of that is sacrificied but we shouldn't expect bad service and think oh it's just so-and-so when it happens but rather have a more pro-active view on it. Again, just my opinion.

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All the medical posts are reminding me of my own.

First, there's my GP (General Practitioner), who told me that I was chronically depressed because I hadn't been sleeping and I'd had an anxiety attack. I was only seeing him about insomnia, and when he started pressuring me about other things, I had an anxiety attack in his office. So he put me on Paxil, an antidepressant. Paxil made me crazy and I couldn't stay on it for even three months. So after two, I went to see a psychiatrist. He was took me off the Paxil and put me on Zoloft (this time I had been feeling depressed, but it was because of Paxil). But during the psychiatric evaluation, it came up that I'm bisexual. And he asked me how women have sex with each other. Creepy, much? This man is in his sixties and I was 20 at the time. I took my prescription and ran and refused to go back to him.

I went off Zoloft after a year because it made me feel weird. I'm now medication-free and feel fine, except that the insomnia is back. The anxiety is natural, seeing as I'm a senior in college. I'm seeing another (female) psychiatrist resident/attending team at the University of Virginia next week, because my GP still insists that I'm depressed and won't prescribe a sleep aid (not specific to me- he refuses to prescribe sleep aids at all and that's why I've gone through all of this), nor will he recommend me for a sleep study.

Subway suckage

I was fried from work and exhausted and starving so I stopped by Subway on the way home last night. I ordered my six-inch turkey breast and ham on wheat, and the guy grabs half a wheat roll that's sitting on the metal table. It's not on the cutting board, it's actually sitting on the work table itself, over in the corner by the big boxes of plastic wrap and stuff. Now, first of all, I don't know how long it's been lying there, and secondly, it just looks gross to me. I ask him about it (politely) and he starts yelling and saying "Is clean! Is clean!" I guess I didn't look convinced because he started yelling more. "Everything here is clean! Do you see anything? Look! Do you see anything?" Well, other than some crumbs, no. Wtf am I, Supergirl? I can spot a germ on a stainless steel table from three feet away using my amazing laser vision? If the table's so clean, what are the cutting boards for?

So, I took a deep breath and repeated my order, at which point he threw away the bread he had in his hand and grabbed another wheat roll, which was also lying on the metal table about two centimeters from where the first roll had been! He grins at me and says "Maybe you like THIS one!" He starts slicing it open, berating me the entire time. At this point I snapped and called him an asshole and walked out. Went home and ate a can of soup.