March 21st, 2007

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To the idiot working behind the bar that holds the pub quiz every Tuesday night,

What the hell kind of customer service do you call "Shift, mate" when asking a team member of mine to move so you can clean the bar worktop? I'm disappointed surprised said team member didn't punch you in the jaw and I believe the correct phrase should've been "excuse me".

Oh and don't think we don't notice you trying to peek at our answers so that you give them to other teams when you come over to take away our empty glasses.

No love,
the girl in the red hoodie sitting at the back table.

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Delta Dental is poopy.

So, mid-January I went to have my teeth cleaned and examined. I'd broken a few teeth, and had a few cavities as a result. I'm covered by Delta Dental through my employer, so the exam and everything was paid for. Happy me! I scheduled an appointment to get my cavities filled, which was for a few weeks ago, March 6.

Fast forward to March 6. Cavities are filled, yay me! However, the receptionist says "That's funny, [Delta Dental's] not taking it. I'll send them the claim again, but for now take the bill with you." Delta's fully online, so she was able to tell right away. We're both a bit puzzled, Delta should've paid for half.

A few days, maybe a week later, I get a letter from Delta. It's saying basically that I have to pay for everything. Perplexed, I check online and OMFG I'm not covered anymore.

So, I've got no dental insurance and a $750 dental bill. Funderful, that really made my week. I checked my paystub, and sure enough they're not pulling the money to cover dental insurance. I called up HR yesterday, and asked them about it. They were every bit as confused as I was, saying it apparently cut out on January 21. This is the Sunday after I'd had my teeth checked. They said it wouldn't be a problem getting me insurance back (which is especially good 'cause there's still more to fix), but I am really, really upset.

I wouldn't be so mad even if they'd sent me anything or called me to say "By the way, you don't have insurance anymore. Sorry to leave you flat on your ass like that." But I had no way of knowing short of logging into the website and checking JUST TO MAKE SURE I still have it. And why would I do that if I've no reason to believe it'd get pulled out from under me?

Anyway, I'm just griping here. I hope I can still get them to cover the last visit, since I'm gonna have to pay for all the checks the money for the insurance wasn't pulled from.
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Just a short rant, but boy is it pissing me off:

Last week, one of the keys came off my keyboard. Unable to reattach it myself, I called the place I bought it (which doubles as a computer repair place) and asked about it. They said no worries, there's no way to replace it without replacing the keyboard, but that's not a huge cost/drama and can be done in a day.

Foolish me entrusted my laptop to them. I opened it up, turned it on, and played as usual. Suddenly, I got a mysterious error message. As the computer promptly reset itself and then worked fine, I assumed it was just some annoying, bizarre but totally unproblematic issue. The next day, I did the same - only this time, it didn't reset itself, but stuck on this error message, giving me considerable time to read it - it informed me that there was a 'software or hardware' problem which 'may need reinstalling'. When I did reset it, it proceeded to inform me that the computer had no operating system.

Cue a considerable panic.

Eventually, a friend of mine took a look at the startup. It was set to open the operrating system from the CD-ROM. OK. This is related to the fact that it can't find the OS, and the keyboard installation - a bit annoying that they didn't change it back, but we know the problem. I'd been able to load it up before that, but there was no mistaking that it was trying to load from the CD drive (and there was no CD in there). OK. So he changed the setting back, but got the same error message upon opening Windows.

OK. So we know it's a software/hardware problem (and we know that the only thing that had changed in the past month was the keyboard, and the problems only started after the keyboard was replaced), we know that a few settings are different, but mostly, we just know it's not working. And that it's probably because of what happened when the computer was fixed.

(I also failed to mention up until now, but I might as well - when they replaced it, they informed me that the top right-hand corner of the keyboard was sticking out a little but still worked. This was true, and it doesn't affect anything except being annoying, but it's still evidence that they can't have done their job right.)

I admit, I know very little about computers, but I think it's safe to say my current computer problems are from there. Unfortunately, when I contacted them and told them that there was an error, they also informed me that to get them to check up on it again would be costing them time, so I would have to pay the base charge for getting them to look at it again. Sure, I'd understand it if I'd screwed it up myself, but I'm pretty much certain that the only possible cause of this problem would be them. So now I'm a little angry, and quite annoyed that my computer is failed.