March 20th, 2007


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The first time this happened, I thought it was a fluke. But I've been seeing repeats lately, and it's getting me irritated.

Where did this "Do you want your change?" stuff come from, at fast food places? You do not tip at a McDonald's. I've run into it at a McD's, a Whataburger, and a couple other places. Come on - if you want tips, get a waiter/ress job. I'm getting a soda at the drivethrough. No, I'm not going to tip you $0.75 or whatever it comes to for pushing the button on the drink machine and taking my $2 through the window.

Not exactly bad service, but annoying and kind of related -
I had stopped to get a soda on my way back to the office, and an employee of the business next to the restaurant (wearing the t-shirt and carrying the tools) was over there picking up a large order that a bunch of people had made for their break. They were all sitting on the bench outside the business waiting for him to come back. He started walking around the parking lot asking people in/around their cars if he could have $0.50. Hello? Panhandling, in your work uniform on work time, in the parking lot next to work? Tacky, to say the least.

U-Haul Suckage

This dates back to August 2005. I was getting ready to move out of my parents' place and finally get my own place. My parents were really good to me, they paid for a U-Haul truck, as I had a lot of stuff. There was a U-Haul place nearby and gee willickers, ain't that handy? My dad booked the truck a full month in advance to make sure nothing would go wrong. And here we go.

The big day arrives and I'm almost all set to go. Dad goes over to the U-Haul place and finds the gate locked and no one to be found. After a bit of a wait, he comes back and calls the place. No answer. He decides to call the actual company and is immediately on hold...for 15 minutes. Then he finally gets an agent on the phone. He tells them the story and they put him on hold again. TWENTY minutes pass and they acknowledge that they had the record on file. He wanted a truck immediately, so they put him on hold AGAIN for close to 10 minutes. They inform him that all the trucks are booked but the minute one happens to be in our neighbourhood, they'll TRY to get them to stop by. My dad is a calm individual but he was livid. Luckily he didn't take it out on the agent but needless to say, we're not going that route again. Best part, non refundable deposit!

As a side note, my dad's friend had a truck and though it took 3 half hour round trips, it worked out ok. It just makes me wonder what happened on their end and I feel bad for the stress my dad went through.

"It's the generic, ma'am."

My husband took my prescription for Seasonique to the pharmacy while he was out, and waited for it to be filled. He gets home, and I'm all excited to see my new BCP. (Yeah, I'm strange that way.) I look and it's for Quasense. (I blame myself for not asking DH to check it in the pharmacy.)

I call the pharmacy. "My husband was just there filling my prescription for Seasonique and you gave him Quasense instead."

Pharmacist interrupts me to say "It's the generic, ma'am."

And I reply, "No, actually, it's a completely different drug. The 13th week of Quasense is inactive and the 13th week of Seasonique is a lower dosage active hormone."

Pharmacist replies, "Um. Oh. Well, you can bring it back. We'll have to order the other one so it won't be in till tomorrow."

*bangs head* Seriously. I thought pharmacists were supposed to know things and not give generics that don't even match the brand name drug. I hope they don't make similar mistakes with drugs that actually matter.

A word to the wise, though. Make sure that you know what you're being prescribed and be an educated consumer. Don't just blindly trust the pharmacist :(

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A big huge like an XBOX fuck you to my local post office.

Thank you for sending mail back to the car insurance company. Those were important documents that we need. Important in like....WE HAD NO INSURANCE THIS WEEKEND...oh not a big deal...

until my FH slid on ice this weekend and messed up the front end of his car. Its totally awesome that we called roadside and had it towed to the ford dealership onl to call the car insurance company and find out our coverage was cancelled.

No really thank you. I totally had $5,000 to just throw at a car we still owe $7,000 on. I hope tat email puts you out of business or something.


Note: sorry to all the nice and hard working usps people. I know a few that are totally awesome and really nice and hard working but this whole bullshit with our car this weekend has driven me over the edge.


Edit to add more: Our insurance was cancelled because of non payment. The documents that were returned and about 7 other mailings were sent back to the insurance company with no explination given about why they were returned (one of the returns was the payment cards for the year). We've had 1 or 2 out of every 5 malings from someone that mails us twice a month returned to them ith no reason given. We've been called by friends asking if we moved because they got a mailing back.

We have to goto the post office tomorrow to talk to them and find out wtf is going on but its really rediculous.

To add, yeah I know its not totally their fault or the insurance company's fault. Its a good deal our part because of we didn't pay. But hey life is really freaking busy when you are trying to plan a wedding and get a shit load of other issues back on track, we forgot. Two days before his accident I had been thinking about the insurance but things came up and I forgot.

I still call the USPS on bad service because FAR too much of our mail has been sent back or lost.