March 19th, 2007

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not bad service, just weird a little bit, thought it was sort of funny actually.

About a week ago I went to Suzy Shier, which is a clothing store for those that might not know. A lot of spring merchandise has been coming out now so a lot of the winter stuff is on sale. I need a lot of dressy type work clothes for work but don't want to spend a fortune on things I'm just getting for work, so I go there to get blazers, and mostly I get the ones on clearance for about $20 because they still look great.

So I went last week and looked at all the clearance blazers and found a row of about 8 really nice ones, black and heavier material with very faint pinstriping and two buttons. I liked it a lot so I looked through and grabbed a size 3, I'm a size 1 but I'm pregnant so I want something I can grow into a bit. I tried it on, loved it, and realized it didn't have the same mark down sticker as the rest of the blazers it was with. So I grabbed the same blazer in a size 9 that had the mark down sticker and brought it up to make things easier.

Now I looked at these to make sure I was grabbing the right one. These 2 blazers were EXACTLY the same, just one was size 3 and one was size 9. Every detail, design, pinstripe was exactly the same.

So I bring it up and tell her that I wanted the sz 3 but it didn't have the clearance sticker so I brought up the blazer in a different size to make it easier, and she rings it in and it rings in at 70$. So she looks at the skus and realized that one is set as winter merch and the other is set as spring merch. I tell her.. "but they're exactly the same.." and she says "Yeah I know, kind of silly, but I guess they're re-releasing this one?". I laugh it off, I bring the sz 9 back to clearance, and put the sz 3 in the weird pile of exactly the same blazers in the front, and go back to clearance and thankfully find one stuffed in a few sections down in size 3 (the smallest size if I didn't find that one, would be the size 9, which would be too large for me). It also does not have a clearance sticker, but I bring it up and cross my fingers, and it rings in properly at $20.

I just think it's funny. They're putting out the exact same blazers for Spring that they did in Winter, but with a $50 dollar difference. I even double checked after I was all rang in, and yep, the blazers are exaccctly the same, down to a T. And some of the new ones are stuck in the clearance ones because even the employees can't tell a difference.

So yeah, not bad service, a little weird on the part of the company, but I got a bit of a chuckle out of it.

Payless = worthless

xnaivetex's entry reminded me of my own bad service tale.

I went to Payless last December to buy some boots for holiday outfits. They had a particular style I liked and I bought them. When I got home I realized I had bought my size in a wide. My fault, so I went to return them. By this time, the location I had gone to was out of my size, but they called another store to see if they had them in stock. My sister and I didn't go to that one because we knew of a closer one, and went to the closer place instead. Big mistake.

We find the same style boots, same size, everything. But the shoes are now on sale. Even better. I go to the counter with my return and the new shoes and notice that after the exchange, I now owe money.

Confused, I ask why a boot I had bought at $27 something previously, now on sale for $14.99 was costing me $30. I thought the sale price was too good to be true, but I noticed that the same boot style were in boxes that said "Sale! $14.99" so I assumed that was the price. I can't be wrong if all the boots are marked the same, right? Wrong.

The girl explains that the box was not for the boot, but a different style. Then the manager chimes in. I then mention that all the boxes say $14.99, how is a customer supposed to know that that's not the right price? If he could show me that the boot was marked $30, that would make more sense, but nothing was marked to indicate that. His response?

"We didn't have the right boxes for them and we don't have time to price them."

If that's the case, they could've ripped the sales tags off, or done something to not deceive customers. His attitude was basically "We did nothing wrong, we're not apologizing, pay for your stuff or not, I don't care."

I asked for a refund and left. If you can't do your job and price things right, you don't deserve my business. As someone that works in retail, it pissed me off that they wouldn't honor the tagged price. That was their mistake, not mine.

Edit:Thanks for the advice, but how would I be able to prove that it happened? It's been months.
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Not amazingly awful.. But snarky_service!

My local laundromat has "last wash" at 8pm. I hate cutting it -too- close, but I know my stuff dries quick, so I got there around 7:40. A couple other washers were spinning, but I was completely alone, kept company only by an army of dust bunnies. Having loaded the washer and turned it on, a woman appears out of absolute nowhere. Said Laundry Fairy scolds me for doing my laundry so late, and tells me that I probably won't have time to finish. I happily remind her that last wash is at 8pm, and it's still quarter-till, so I have plenty of time, since I'm only doing a tiny load of quick-drying clothes. Snotty as can be, she snickers at me and says, "Well, we're closing at nine, whether or not your stuff is done."

She was mean!