March 18th, 2007

Lily Haloween

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About a month ago I had to call PG&E to cancel my service. I didn't know the number, didn't have a phone book, so I called 411.

You'd think that it would be simple. I call 411, give them my city and state. The transfer my call. The number that it transferred me to was not PG&E. It went to the voicemail of some woman. So, I call 411 again. They transfer me to the same number. Some lady's voicemail. I call back and say, "I'm trying to get the number to PG&E, but it keeps going to some woman's voicemail." The response I get is this woman practically yelling at me about how the number for PG&E is a 1-800 number and they don't transfer to 1-800 numbers. She said, "You NEED to WRITE IT DOWN AND DIAL IT YOURSELF." I said okay, wrote down the number. Nope, still wrong. I call back and explain what has been going on. The lady I speak to says, "For sure, this is the correct number. I don't know what the problem is" and transfers me. Some guy picks up and says,

"Yes... I'm sorry, I'm trying to -"
"Let me guess... PG&E?"
"Let me guess, 411 gave you this number?"
"Yeah, for some reason, 411 has their number listed as my phone number. So..."
"Oh God. You probably get a ton of calls a day"
"Too many to count. And they won't change it. I have the actual number for PG&E if you want it"
"Thank you! *gets number* I'm sorry! Have a good day"

So, apparently 411 has the number for PG&E as this guy's phone number. :S

Uh we don't have the internet here..

In October my mom bought a house.  Naturally, she wanted to transfer the internet service from the old house to the new house.  The internet we had at the time was DSL by SBC/AT&T.  All was well and good. Mom made the appointment for someone to come check the lines to get us set up.  After two weeks of going back and forth it was finally announced to us that it was IMPOSSIBLE to get the DSL in this we decided to cancel DSL and go with cable.

That's not the suck part though.

A month or so passes and my mom gets the first bill from AT&T (Her phone and internet were one in the same at the old house) and low and behold, they've charged her for a month of internet. Funny-since we NEVER HAD THE DSL here.  I can understand maybe charging for the time that they spent figuring OUT that we couldn't have it..but her bill was identical to what it would have been at the old house with the DSL and phone service.  So mom calls them and explains the situation.  Whoever she talks to says sorry for the mistake and don't worry about it. Infact, go ahead and pay just for the phone and we'll give you a credit for causing you trouble.  Sounds all nice and happy.

Another month goes by and a second bill comes.  My mom opens it to find that they have charged her for the DSL-AGAIN (Now going on two months that we've been DSL free and riding the waves of cable) AND AND AND.............Charged her a LATE FEE for NOT PAYING FOR IT THE PREVIOUS MONTH! Mom is seeeeeeeeeething and calls back. Talks to someone who transfers her to someone else. After getting the runaround they apologize and say don't pay it. They will take care of it and make sure the problem is taken care of.

I don't need to continue on month by month. I think you can guess what happened. EVERY MONTH since we've lived here, my mom gets her DSL/Phone bill when we still DONT HAVE DSL AND NEVER HAVE. She calls every month and every month its the same.  She's about at her wits end here.  She said she might cancel the phone all together and just use her cell phone because she's so mad at AT&T.  I just don't get it. Someone needs to get it straight that we do not and never have had DSL in this house. How can they continue charging us for something thats not even possible to install in this area???

Big pain in the neck for my mom...who spends at least one lunch hour a month on the phone with these goons.