March 16th, 2007

Uhm ew?

Normally I can handle the gross stuff.. but I have a serious "ick" factor for hair in my food. I can't deal with it, it's a mental thing I suppose and it makes me seriously feel sick ;( So you can imagine how I felt when THIS happened -

My fiancee and I went to new york fries in the mall yesterday, we weren't paying much attention as we ordered as to what was going on behind the counter, had I have been.. I would have gone elsewhere ;(

When we stepped to the pick up area to wait for the one guy working the counter to make up our order we spotted a girl coming in from the back, presumably she was in the middle of cleaning one of the fryers - okay, that has to be done and all..

But seriously, is it necessary for you to wear your "cutsie" hair pulled up into 2 long ass pigtails that are waist length and have them hanging INTO the fryer as you are cleaning it? Thats disgusting and was enough to make me cringe. If your hair is that long PULL IT UP, wear an oh so classy yet HYGENIC hairnet while you are cleaning up, I don't want to find a nest of your hair IN MY FOOD. Nevermind the fact you are 20 something years old wearing PIGTAILS but are you that dense you wouldn't think that maybe customers don't want that in their food!?

The kicker was when we watched her drag her hair through some of the oil that was left, I kept peeking in my fries to make sure there was no hairs hiding ;(

I didn't complain while I was there as it didn't seem like the guy would really care, but I did write a letter to their corporate asking what their policy on uniforms and long hair is. When I worked in a cafe, if your hair came down over your face, it had to be pulled up (so basically.. guys were safe, girls were not!) either in a bun or pinned right back so nothing could fall over your shoulder into the food.

Yuck ;(

credit card sharks?

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ETA: So I checked online and the number does not match any sort of hotline my credit card has.  At first I thought maybe the above number was only an outgoing line, but after I was able to call back the number and speak to someone, I now have my doubts.  Not to mention the lady I was spoke to (which is why I don't understand why they are STILL calling me numerous times a day) was quick to ask if I wanted to make a payment via phone...Something seems a little off to me

Thanks for all your help everyone, I really appreciate it.
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This isn't so much "bad_service" more like "shitty_establishment".

I went to Hungry Jacks last night. The boy and I got there just before 6.30pm and were already really hungry. There were two girls working the register, one with one person in the line and the other with two people in the line. Being thinkers, we stood in the line with only one person already in it. 

For twenty minutes we stood there before we were served. In this time, we watched one of the girls give her manager some nasty attitude over the PA, watch her get blasted by said manager, then watch the same girl run around giggling at people while she went to the freezer for something. There were four people making food and it was still taking a really long time to come sliding down that metal tray.

I know so far it isn't bad service. Some of them could have been filling things in that area (although shouldn't they do that before dinner time?), some might be new to the place (although is it so hard to make a cheeseburger?). Its okay. I said all that so you know that I was pretty hungry and not in the best of moods after 20 minutes of watching teenage girls chat while they waited for the customers food. For 20 minutes.

Finally its our turn! Yay! We order something fairly simple - spicy chicken baguette, whopper with cheese, small coke and large onion rings. We had to repeat it a few times, but she eventually got it. Or so we thought. When we saw our total, it was $16.xx. I said "Huh? Why is it so much?" and then we figured out she put the whopper with cheese through as a whopper with cheese meal. Normally, we wouldnt have minded but we already got a drink and onion rings. So we asked it to be taken off, we just want the whopper with cheese, not in a meal. She says "urgh, fine, but we dont have any cheese". So she rang me up for something they dont have? It's not much difference in price between a whopper with cheese and a whopper without, but its still a difference. The price didnt even matter, its just the point that she rang me up for it in the first place.

I did not think it would be that hard to fix her mistake. Both of the girls tried to take off the meal and neither could do it. Ever seen Zoolander when they're trying to get the files out of the computer? Yeah. Same sort of thing. At this point, we were getting some attitude and glares off our server, like it was our fault this happened. I dont know about you, but I dont want to feel like I'm in the wrong just because I went there for dinner. I was nothing but polite to her the whole time. After around 5 minutes of this crap, I started thinking they were messing with me, because I know its not hard to take something off an order. I just said "Forget it" and we walked out.

Like I said, I dont know if this is bad_service, but it definately wasn't good_service and I dont think I was a customers_suck.

Edit I wonder how many tl;dr's ill get haha.

Charter Communications (con't)

Well, the lovely Linda at Charter's retention department got us back down to around $65. I just wanted to make a post saying thank you for all the awesome advice! It definately came in handy!

(P.S. We tried the name change idea but that apparently requires another installation visit.)
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United Healthcare insurance company

I hate United Healthcare (UHC).  The nanosecond my husband's company offers something else, we're jumping on that. 

Late in 2005, we had an issue where all of the medical practices in my area dropped them, and in order to go to the OB/GYN, a must as I was about to get surgery for endometriosis, I would have had to drive past a metropolitan area where there are lots of very nice OB/GYN offices - some of the best in the state! - into a crappy part of town, 20 miles away from my own house.  Ridiculous.  Thankfully that was resolved and I was able to go back to my regular OB/GYN, whom I absolutely adore, but it was a crappy experience nonetheless. 

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(no subject)

This was the scene at Le Chateau the other day. I was pretty much the only person in the store and there were three employees.

Me: *browses around for a bit, gets a couple shirts*
Employees: *stand around and do nothing*
Me: *walks towards employees with big stack of shirts in my hands*
Employees: *stand around and do nothing*
Me: *walks up to one salesgirl*
Salesgirl: *stares at me blankly*
Me: Um...can I get a fitting room for these?
Salesgirl: Yeah. *stalks over to changing room without taking anything from me and throws upon the door huffily*
Me: O_o *thinking* What did I do?

I know it's pretty minor, but still, she just made me feel really uncomfortable. I don't think wanting a fitting room really makes me an entitlement bitch, but that seems like how she saw me.

An oldie, but a goody. Well not really, but you get the drift.

After reading another entry about bad haircuts, this reminded me of a horrible experience I had going to a local salon. Now this is definitely bad service.

So after a failed attempt at dreadlocks, (Twelve hours of combing out month old dreads is not fun, btw) I decided that I really needed to get my hair cut and coloured because it looked like crap.

I had been debating with my mom on whether or not to get hightlights (I really didn't want them), but her and the hairdresser finally convinced me to go for dark red over light red. I told the stylist I didn't want those perfect lines down my head like some people get, I didn't want the hightlights to be really noticeable.

I had to get foils and everything so the whole process took a looong time.

Finally it was done and as I looked into the mirror excitedly, I noticed all these thin bright yellow lines running down my head. I asked about them and the hairdresser told me "Oh I decided to put some blonde in because I thought it would look good."


Okay, not only did she give me specifically what I didn't want, which was noticeable highlights, but she didn't even ask if I wanted to go blonde before just going and ahead and doing it. And it wasn't even blonde, it was yellow. I was so stunned I just paid her with my mom's money (I was 16) and went home in tears.

My mom was angry that the hairdresser had screwed up so bad, but the real kicker was when she looked at the receipt. Turns out, the bitch overcharged us by about $60.

Later my mom went back back to the salon and told the manager that the hairdresser completely ignored what I'd asked for, gave me something I didn't want and then overcharged us. The manager apologized, gave my mom a refund and offered to let another stylist re-dye the whole thing for free.

And that's why ever since then I've been so scared of letting anyone mess with my hair.
Surprise kitty

New Job

Hokay, so..I just got a job at Ihop, and I've never worked in a setting quite like that before, so...can anyone give me advice as to how to avoid giving bad service, and what you look for in a good waitress?


I love McDonalds. McDonalds consistently has good service for me. I don't care about the quality of the food, I just care that it's cheap & tasty. Righty-ho.

I'm in my THIRD week of university :D & being a cheap date, went to McDonalds for an early lunch today with a new friend o' mine. My university has a McDonalds situated about three metres from the edge of campus & hence has a student discount deal arranged with them -- free upgrades to the next size on McValues Meals with a valid student ID.

The boy ordered a medium Big Mac meal & had it upsized to a large, no problems. I ordered a small cheeseburger meal & asked to have it upsized to a medium. Seemingly simple, however I noticed the girl making my order filling up a small-sized chip packet [a paper sleeve], then putting those same chips with no extras into a medium-sized chip packet [a cardboard box]. With the drink she pressed the automatic button that fills up to the amount a small cup would need, then gave me extra ice. I was seemingly engrossed in conversation & perhaps she thought I would not notice.

Upon questioning, she said that was just the way it was done & if I wanted more chips I had to pay for them.

I don't think I'll be going to that McDonalds anymore, which is a shame. I'm horribly uncaring about what I eat & I ♥ Maccas. It's also the only one around in this part of the city, because the area around the university is mostly residential & people get bussed in. It's not big on the scale of 'bad service', but it put an annoyance into my otherwise generally cool day.

-- saint_aura.
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