March 12th, 2007


Just asking for a law suit?

My family and I went to a local restaurant this past friday in part because my parents had a gift certificate but also because the place was just purchased by my father's attorney and her family.

The food was ok [although my fettuccini alfredo was EXTREMELY oily and greasy...I know this dish is typically as such, but this was truly ridiculous, I left at least 2-3 tablespoons of oil behind when I packaged up my leftovers and I've drained almost as much both times I ate the leftovers - it was so large I could split my leftovers into two more meals, which was great] but the problem is that the onion rings ordered for an appetizer tasted extremely fishy, which fits because this is the Midwest and friday = fish fry, but they should really be cooking fish in a different fryer, for both vegetarians [which, I am one, but I've been one over half my life and have been "around the block" with this so I didn't partake in the onion rings for this very reason] and people who are allergic to fish. This wasn't a problem because my dad was the one who mostly wanted the onion rings and he was to order the fish dinner anyway.

I asked for vegetables to be added to my fettuccini and that this not include mushrooms. There were mushrooms in my food...I believe it was 6 or 7 all together, so definitely not a chance mistake of just one or two. I just picked them out because it wasn't that big of a deal to me, though annoying to have to do so. My mom and I discussed the fact that maybe the vegetables were all mixed together in a blend, which would be understandable but shouldn't the waitress have told me as such? And again, what if I were allergic to mushrooms?

Finally, while eating one portion of the leftovers I found not one, not two but THREE cashews mixed in. They have a stir-fry dish which has the option of adding cashews and or almonds. This wasn't a problem for me, again, but also again, what if I were allergic to nuts? It seems unwise to me that they are so careless about things like this. And especially ironic since it's owned by a lawyer! I intend to let them know about these concerns, hopefully before someone is really affected negatively.

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So, I went to my favorite little local pizzaria on friday to pick up the dinner.  It was a small cheese, veggie, and meat.  Easy enough, expensive but oh so delicious.

I walk in and the cashier was standing there, head down looking over some papers and such.
She looks up at me asks me what i want.
I procede to attempt to tell her our 3 pizzas, since my husband called it in and i do not know what name he used
she interrupts me very rudely and says "JUST NAME!!!!!!!!!"
So i spout off every name of everyone in the house in like a 30 second blip
SHe starts looking for said "names" and cant seem to find it.
THe owner guy comes over and hands me our fresh delicious pizzas and leaves the cashier to do her job
She cant figure out what Ive got, she is looking and no clue. (which she would have known if she hadnt interrupted me)
So the guy comes back very uneasy, mildly upset, and rings it up for her.

I was like gosh, she isnt going to last very long there if she treats eveyone so rudely.  I was all smiles and nice.

I might have complained only, the owner was there and heard the whole thing.

FOr me though, the most rightous part was, I know this woman.  She is a total whiner bitch.  When I worked retail she pestered the hell out of me, made me ring up things separtely, complained all the time.  When I got out of retail she was a client, again she pestered me every day, complained, and bitched.  NOt just normal, really loud profane bitching.  SHe had boasted she had a degree and had gotten some big huge job.

Well, seems to me she lost that job or never had it.  Cant say I am surprised and I dare say if I dont see her at the PIzzaria I wont be surprised then either.

Note: I had considered making her ring up everything separately like she had done to me, and bitching and complaining like she had done to me.  I refrained because I feel like I was a better person for not doing so.  Also, her actions and attitudes were well within boss range I dont feel I could have doomed her any more than she dooms her self every day.


Fish woes :(

I'm a budding fish tank enthusiasts. My tank however is a little on the empty side, so while out groccery shoppin at Meijers I was tempted by the fish aisle. Meijers isn't the first place I normally think of when it comes to fish, but I had good luck with them. The last time I bought fish at Petsmart, they all started to die off for no reason. Of course right after the 14-day guarantee wore off so that was $30 down the drain..or toilet rather. I then went and bought my replacement fish at Meijers, its been a few months they are doing really well. Logically I thought my next fish should also come from Meijers. I decided to get two gold chinese algae eaters to help keep the tank a little cleaner. The fish guy at meijers is kinda...odd. He was there the last time I got fish, he's just very quiet and was in no way shape or form interested in making small talk with me about fish. Ok, whatever, I can take a hint. So I tell him what fish I want and he takes forever catching them. No qualms there, because those suckers are zipping around that tank faster then I've ever seen a fish go. However, my attention started to drift as it often does. I got distracted by this super cute little girl who WAS interested in making small talk with me about fish. She had a goldfish named Lucky and wanted to get him a friend, but her mommy wouldn't let her. Seriously, she was adorable...if I was a crazy lady I would have taken her home with me. But I'm not so I didn't. Anyway I was only paying a quarter of attention to him but I remember as he was trying to pour them in the baggie, one decides its gonna stay in the little plastic cup thing. Then I see him poking and prodding at it with the net, trying to scoop him out. I remember thinking that he was gonna squish it and that I should make sure its still alive before I leave. Then when he finally gets it in the bag, I saw him inspecting them. I thought surely he wouldn't give me a dead fish so I guess thats why I totally just turned around and left. Well I get home, go to release them and what just sinks right to the bottom and doesn't move. Yeah, it was dead. I could see itty bitty instestines hanging out its belly so he definitely squished it. :( Guy killed the fish and then let me buy it! Sure, I was a bit oblivious...but who kills a fish and then lets a person buy it! Meijers does have a 10 day garauntee so I was gonna take it back the next day however when I went to retrieve its little was gone. I think my other fish ate him, they tend to do that. :-\ That must be my black molly's secret to eternal life, because according to everything I've ever read about molly's, that fish should have died like a year ago.

So yeah, no excuse for me being easily distracted and kinda oblivious but still! Dead fish! $4 fish food.
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