March 10th, 2007

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so i am about 120% below the poverty level, and my hair was all dead and crispy so i needed a haircut. i was going to go to the beauty school at Mount Hood Community College, but my mom said "WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T GET YOUR HAIR DONE AT A BEAUTY COLLEGE!" 

anyway the only other place that i could afford was.... SuperCuts. and i hate supercuts. so in this subconcious thing where i do everything to make them proud, i went to supercuts rather than the cosmetology department.


what did i get???

completely horrible ripped off hair. its totally not smooth. she cut both our hair the way you'd cut a man's hair. My hair looks like Christian Slater circa 1993, with an obvious blunt line, where there should be soft rounded layers. Rinoa's bangs look like the front of a little boy's conservative clean cut haircut, and the back looks like Amilie. WHAT DO I DO WITH THAT??????????????????????????????

Plus the lady cutting rinoa's hair was all paranoid and negative yelling "theres nothing more i can do!" and yelling about the "meth heads"... while cutting a 3 year old's hair.

The lady who cut mine just wouldnt listen. When i confronted her politely about the bad job, she said "well it's just supercut's patented process". i said, "what do you mean patented process".

she went on: "these two men long ago found a way to speed up hair cutting by layering the opposite way the rest of the industry does. and we take two cuts where others take one."

oh so its a patented process for being careless and sloppy and giving you a crappy haircut when you asked for the one that you printed off the internet and made sure the model had the same hair type as you. oh that kind of patented process.

Any one know a stylist in Portland? if not, good thing i still have that appt. at the cosmetology department.

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Bikini Village

Our trip to Dominican is coming up soon, so I went out shopping on Sunday for a swimsuit. I figured that I would try tankinis (that's TANKinis, not BIKinis). After going to a bunch of department stores, I found myself at Bikini Village. I went there last because I thought it was expensive, but it turned out to be the same prices as the department stores. I HATE swimsuit shopping (don't we all?). Its really hard to find something that fits my chest and is somewhat supportive. I did the happy dance in there when they actually gave me great service and there were 6 tankinis for me to choose from that fit. My husband convinced me to buy 2, so I ended up spending 171 dollars total for the 2.

I happily put on the one that I liked the most for aquafit on Tuesday night. As soon as I hit the water the top started floating around me. The only thing that saved me from flashing everyone was the built in bra. I had to tuck the top into the bottoms to do the class. Then, when I climbed out, the bottoms almost fell off. The fucking top is tight almost all the way down - it gets a little bit loose around the bottom, which is what all tankinis do. Not super loose, but a bit loose. The bottoms are tight when they are dry. Ugh. Keep in mind that I bought TWO. Now I don't know if the other one is okay. I am leaving soon and need something to wear! Why would they be called SWIMsuits if you can't get them wet?

I'm going to cut the shitty customer service part:

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My sister and I went to Victoria's Secret this afternoon. There are three different malls all within a half-hour vicinity from my parents' house and my apartment in the Portland-Vancouver metro area, and we've inevitably shopped at all the VS locations at one time or another. Frequently. Always, I've had a pleasant experience and if I couldn't find my bra size in a particular style that I liked, they would call the other locations to see if it was in stock there. Never a problem. Until today.

We walked into the mall this afternoon, went to Barnes and Noble, Nordstrom, and then went to VS before we left. Now, the mall is in the middle of a major remodel, so it's a little crowded. VS was chaotic, but the salespeople were very helpful and helped us find a couple things. Their Secret Embrace bras (SO comfortable) are currently "Buy 1, get 2nd $15 off). My sister wanted a couple but didn't have her card, so we used my store card to purchase them and we got in line to pay. Here's where the bad service comes into play.

The salesperson that we ended up being cashed out was quiet. I normally don't mind at all, because hey, sometimes I don't want to make small talk. I can deal. However, she gave off a vibe kinda like she didn't want to be there. There was no hello, no asking if I found everything okay, etc. Typical customer service questions when purchasing items. Her attitude was just screaming "I don't want to be here!" My sister requested that the two Secret Embrace bras be put in a separate bag from the sports bra and underwear, and the girl just STARED at her, like she couldn't believe my sister had the nerve to ask politely. She acted very put out about the whole thing and didn't even bother to wrap the items like they normally do. I don't know if they're supposed to and honestly don't care, but the entire time my sister and I both felt like we were not welcome due to her attitude. Quite honestly, I was just about ready to tell her, "You know, if I'm putting you out, void the entire order. I'll go to a different location."

The kicker though, was when I got my credit card back. Those counters in the stores can be hard to pick a credit card off of, since they're kind of slick. However, I have NEVER had someone THROW my credit card at me. Ever. I handed it to her so she could compare signatures like it asks on the debit machine. She threw it back at me when she was done. No thank you, nothing.

I was livid. The second Jennifer and I got out to the car, I pulled out the receipt, called the store, and requested to speak to a manager, then calmly explained what happened and described the girl down to a tee. The manager was appalled at what had happened and apologized profusely, assuring that she would "definitely do something about it."

I mean, being quiet and all because you're tired due to the fact that you've been run ragged all day and the store is crazy, I can understand. But having an attitude, throwing my card back at me, and acting like we're putting you out because of a simple request? Drop the attitude and at least PRETEND like you're having a good day. Saying "hello," "thank you," and "how are you doing?" is NOT that hard. That's basic customer service. Hopefully the manager will actually do something about that woman, because that is no way to treat a customer.
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Am I just air :C?

I went to my favourite CD store to buy some CD's and to order one. I'm very nerdy and devoted to music, so I visit there often and always order something AND buy something as it seems to be quite a drag for the employees to order from there.

Last time I was there I bought two CD's and wanted to order one and here's what happened
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I swear that was the LAST TIME I ever again just wait patiently and only hint nicely to get some service. If that happens again I won't even put the CD's back where I got them and just fucking leave and buy my CD's somewhere else. It's not like I was standing 5 meters away from him and he just forgot about me, I was RIGHT THERE under his nose. God!

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Gizmo - What?

This was more annoying...

I needed new windshield wipers and so did Steve,  another coworker/friend of mine so we decided to make a day of it and go get them and then go to the mall.  He said that going to Wal*Mart would be good since it's cheaper and they install the wipers for free.  Sounds good.

We get to Wal*Mart and we wait a few minutes for the girl to get to the auto counter (I'm an adult, I can wait a few minutes) and I give her my auto orders (I decide to also get my oil changed), she lets us know it will be about an hour and I hand her my keys.  The last thing I ask her is that if the car is moved and left someplace that the doors are at least locked (I didn't even say "armed").  She says fine, goes out to move my car, comes back, gets Steve's order and we wander off to get food.  I see my car sitting there and say "Let's see if she listened" and went to check and what do you doors are unlocked.  *sigh* I lock my doors.  Steve was worried that they didn't have my keys but I let him know that she had them because when she walked in she was using them as a stylus on the hand held machine she was holding.

*lunch lunch lunch Marni suddenly gets bad stomach cramps and we walk back to Wal*Mart*

I already know my car is ready because I see the guy speed around the parking lot and pull it into a space.  Good news is that he armed my car.  Thanks dude!

Cue Steve and I walking into the place where they do the work and being told "She'll be there in a minute".

Cue Steve and Marni standing there for literally 15 minutes (yes, I timed it).  After about 10 minutes I looked at Steve and said "I swear, I'm about to walk outside and ask 'Is anyone coming because I'm late for my abortion?'"  Steve wanted me to do it.  :)  The worker FINALLY came and I let her know that she didn't lock my doors.

It was just so annoying...