March 9th, 2007

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Beverly Hills Taxi

This was a few years ago, but it's one of the ruder customer service experiences I've experienced. I was a student in LA and had an early morning appointment, so I called Beverly Hills Taxi (at least I think that's what the company is called). They most likely weren't my first choice taxi company but since every form of transportation in LA sucks, they're the ones I ended up taking.

The place I was going was at xxxx South Sepulveda (again, I think, fuzzy memory), so the taxi took me down there, I went to my appointment, and then I went outside and called the taxi company back. I told them the address where I was and they said they would send a taxi.

So I waited a long time. A really long time. Longer than I should have waited. Eventually the taxi company called me back and told me my taxi had arrived. I informed the guy that my taxi had not arrived. He said he would send out another one, confirmed the address, and hung up.

I waited some more. And more. Then the taxi company called me again and angrily told me, "We have two drivers out there looking for you. Where are you?" I repeated the address AGAIN, and he said, "Oh, you're on SOUTH Sepulveda? I thought you were on NORTH Sepulveda?" Uh, how? I had told him repeatedly and clearly that I was at SOUTH Sepulveda. Then he said, "That's WAY out of our service area. You're going to have to call another taxi company." I was in the middle of telling him, "But your taxi company brought me out here -" when he hung up on me in the middle of the sentence.

The stupid thing is, the address where I was on South Sepulveda and that same street address on North Sepulveda were maybe two miles from each other, and on the same long street. I don't understand why the guy had to be so rude to me when first of all, he was the one who repeatedly had misunderstood the address I was giving him, and second, if the address he thought I was at were in his service area, obviously the one I was really at was not WAY out of the service area, as it was extremely close to the other address.

I think I spent at least half an hour calling 411 and trying to get a cab that could pick me up, and until FINALLY I got through and was able to go back to school. I hate LA taxis!

I should have tried to learn the transportation system but I'm horrible at things like that.
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I am not sure if any of you have heard of BI-LO grocery stores or not.  They are doing a promotion for free gas.  For every $40 you spend they give you a "gas token" once you have 10 you can take them to the CS area and trade them for a $20 shell gift card.  So I had collected around 60 of these suckers in a month. ( I have a prius and this is like 5 months of gas for me).

I am standing in line, the lady infront of me is turning in her tokens.  She is told she needs her bi-lo bonus card to get her gift cards.  SHe pulls out 5 of them, none match to her tokens.  She gives the girl her phone numbers and the finally figure out what her bonus club member number is.  The girl says to the woman, "I can't give you your gift cards without your bonus card that matches them."  The lady says, "I don't know where it is, it's so small I may have lost it, I have these though so they should work."  THe girls says, "No, we have to have the one that matches your coupons."  The manager walks up at this time, and says, "We can go ahead and do it.  It is okay if she doesn't have her card. We can occasionally take these."  He overrides the computer and gives her her gas cards.

My turn.....

(My husband and I each have a card, we never use them, just give our phone number).  

I pull out my coupons, give them to the girl, pull out my card and hand it to her as well (the manager is still right there).  The girl says, "What is your phone number?"  I give it to her, she says, " That doesn't match this card, but it matches your coupons.  Do you have another card?"  I say no, that is the only card I have.  She says, " Well I can't accept these vouchers."  I say, "You just did it for the lady in front of me."  She says, "I know, we can occasionally make exceptions."  I say, "Well then make the exeption."  She says, " I can't, I just did."  

I am totally pissed at this point, and I say "get your manager".  I have the same conversation with him.  He refuses to make the exception for me and twlls me unless I have a bonus card that matches my phone number and my coupons that my coupons are worthless.  I say,"you are kidding me right?"  "No, ma'am, I am sorry but there is nothing I can do."  Me:  "I just watched you override the system for the woman in front of me.  So don't tell me this, you CAN do it because you just DID!" " I am sorry ma'am there is nothing I can do."  "What a fucking RIP oFF!!!!  I am never shopping here again!  Your food sucks anyway, your selection sucks and you never have anything decent in stock! I am going to inform everyone I know to quit shopping here because you are interested in ripping off the consumers.  Further more, I am going to speak to the local news rip off report and I am sure that they would love to follow ip with this story.  I will also go find that woman that just went to purchase your groceries and have her put her two cents in about this too."  The manager says, "Go ahead and do what you feel you need to do."  I say , "Will do, and I shall enjoy it! "  I then wrote down his name, found the woman in check out, got her name and number and emailed the local news, they said they were interested in following up with this.  Especially since Bi-Lo's home office is here.

Don't shop at BILO they suck!


Hospital Nastiness

My younger brother, Mitch, has been sick for a while now, on-and-off flu symptoms. We've kept him home from school because of his lethargy and fear he was contagious. But Thursday night, he develops severe abdominal cramping, and, considering his appendix, dad drives him to Saint Joseph's Hospital (We live in Toronto-Ontario-Canada).

They got there at about 11:00 pm. The emergency room was dead, there were maybe one or two other people. They took Mitch in, took some blood, and a urine sample, and gave him a bed.

And then they waited.
And waited.
And waited.

Finally dad goes to the nursing station. It's about 1:00 or 1:30 am by this time. The emergency room is utterly devoid of people; it is quite literally dead in there. The nurse on duty, frosty and unpleasant, doesn't do a thing. Dad finds out that there have been NO tests run on the samples taken. When my dad asks to leave, maybe go to another hospital, the nurse yells at him that he needs to fill out wads of paperwork for that, and then stomps off.

Dad, slightly bewildered, waits for a few minutes. When she doesn't return, he goes looking but can't find her. He then goes back to my little brother, who is up and about, no longer in pain, clear-eyed and fever down, and they come home. This is about two in the morning.

This morning, Mitch got up around noon, and is moving about quite well. They figure it was just some muscle spasms or something. If he gets it again, they'll go to a different hospital. I realize that the symptoms of a flu and cramping probably weren't that serious-sounding to the hospital staff, but dear god, what is the point of a $400 Ontario Health Tax on dad's bill this year if he can't get his son looked at in an empty emergency room?
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