March 8th, 2007

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Charged twice

Alright, I have a question for everyone here.

On Monday I took a trip to Olive Garden with some friends. The service from our waiter was very good, I have no complaints about him. However, when it came time to pay, I chose to pay with my debit paycard. It's this special Visa debit card that gets funds loaded onto it instead of me receiving a paycheck from work. Anyway, I had checked that morning to see how much I had on the card, and I had $14.70. So when I got my bill, which was $12.97, I decided to pay with the paycard and tip in cash.

When our server came back with our cards (there were three of us, separate checks), he politely informed me that my card had been declined. This was odd, because I knew for sure that there was enough money on the card, but figured it was probably just an error reading the card or something and paid the entire bill in cash.

I didn't think twice about it until I decided to buy a book from today using my paycard. Of course I checked to make sure I had enough, and for some reason the total was only about $2. The website lists all of the locations where I had used the card, and there it was, a charge to Olive Garden for $12.97.

So I paid twice.

Is there anything I can do about this? I'm a server myself and have never actually had this situation come up at my restaurant (or at least I've never been there when it's happened), so I'm kind of stumped about how to go about getting this rectified.

Do I print the screen that lists the charges applied to my card and show it to a manager? Do I request a cash refund or a chargeback?

I know it's just $13, but I'm a poor college student and that $13 was gonna go towards one of the few luxury items I can actually afford for myself.


EDIT: Also, because I didn't expect anything to go wrong with the transaction, I didn't keep the receipt showing that I had paid in cash. So I don't really have any proof that I did, in fact, pay the bill in cash.
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plumbing take 2

hello again

well the plumbing is fixed. the plumber dumped this stuff down the drain day before yesterday saying that would fix it. it didn't, it only made it worse. so today we had to have him come back, and he said he had to snake the drain before he could get under the trailer to defrost the pipe, because if there was a clog defrosting wouldn't help until it was removed. have no idea why he didn't snake the first day he was here.

before he runs the snake he says part of our problem is that our toilet doesn't use enough water when it flushes. but it uses what is legal, it is the 'standard' size. we tell him this and he offers to alter it for us. we're like uh .. no? so anyway, he runs the snake, he says all the way out to the septic tank and finds no clog, telling us there's no clog. so we have to get the manager. the manager tells the plumber he thinks the plumber went through the side of the pipe. so the manager had to get out here with something called a back-hoe? to dig up the snow then dig up the septic tank. the manager also tells us there's no clog and nothing wrong in the tank. but our problem is fixed - because the plumber busted through the side of the drain-pipe and they had to completely replace the pipe.

ps 'we' in this message refers to the male roommate, but i heard all of it.

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