March 6th, 2007

Animals - Not Amused - how do I make it stop?

I had a problem with the player, and filled in the little email form for assistance. Shortly afterwards, I received the following email:


Thanks for contacting We personally read every message which we receive and endeavour to answer as many requests as possible.

Please bear with us until a member of our support team can see to issuing a reply to your question, or comment.

The Customer Service & Support Team

All good, right? Nice little form email, telling me they got the message.

Fast forward to a few minutes ago, when I got back to my place to discover that their system had sent me the same email another 5 times, once every hour, at 8 minutes past. Each with a different ticket number.

I get that they want me to be patient, but spamming me with form letters is not the way to go.

Hopefully, it's just a computer glitch, and it'll stop soon.

ETA: And here comes #7, right on time.
ETA#2: I've woken up to discover that I received another 9 overnight, for a grand total of 16 so far.
ETA#3: And now the player appears to have fixed itself, so I don't even need their help anymore. Awesome.
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hi there.

i will spare you the details of the major plumbing issues we are having here but after three weeks of this .... my roommates finally called a plumber at the first of the month when we all got our disability checks. we called on friday. the lady said the plumber would be out on monday morning at around 10 am. Just great, right?

I have extreme anxiety and my roommates and I figured it would be best if I was not here while the plumber was here. so we found out that Wal-Mart opens at 8 every day. my roommate took me over to wal-mart at 9, and i was going to be there for 2 hours or until the plumber left. five hours later my roommate came to get me. i was sitting drinking a coffee at the dunkin' donuts. the plumber had never shown up.

my roommate had called the place to find out what was going on, and the person who answered the phone said they'd call back. they never called back, either. when we called a second time, just before they close for the night, the plumber answered the phone, rather than the office worker. he apparently saw a note that my roommate had called, but the office worker had failed to add us to his schedule. so, he apparently added us himself, to his schedule for tomorrow.

my roommate wants to believe they'll really actually be here tomorrow but at the same time doesn't want to take me back to Wal-Mart in case i'm stuck there another 5 hours.

so i guess i will just be a basket case tomorrow

see my related post (titled wal-mart) in goodservice if you want. peace to you and yours,

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Paypal... you suck

Seriously Paypal, you suck.

I've sent TWO emails to Paypal support and BOTH times I get a, "please log into your account for help" reply. Problem - I'm LOCKED OUT of my account! How the hell am I to log in to contact them if I CAN'T log in? I replied back and asked them that and I bet I'll get a third, "please log in" reply.
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Not horrible, but still ...gah!

I'm a genius wonderful mother who knocked over half of her sons antibiotic syrup...I called the doctor, they said they called in a refill, and then I called CVS to double check that it was called in ......I had this conversation.

Intro stuff. lala.

Phone Lady: CVS Pharmacy, (someone speaking). How may I help you?
Me: Yes. I was calling in to check and see if my doctor called in a prescription for my son
Phone Lady: Well then I suggest your son call in to find out
Me: I'm sorry, but he's only two years old. Can you please tell me if there's a prescription there for (son)?
Phone Lady: Yes, when you put him on the phone
Me: He is two years old..He was only born in 2005 - he's not really capable of having a phone conversation. Is there someone else I can talk to?
Phone Lady: You do understand we're busy and you really need to get your son to take care of this.
Me: (I raised my voice because I'm a emo/tempermental bitch) HE IS TWO YEARS OLD. He cannot take care of it!
Phone Lady: Do /you/ need any assistance today?
Me: Apparently not!
Phone Lady: (click)

.....Yeah. Thanks Lady. It was a lovely way to start my day.

I'm guessing/hoping that this lady is just frustrated by the fact the pharmacy is right next to a ton of colleges (Notre Dame, St. Mary's, IUSB, etc) and is sick of helicopter parents. . . . But for chrissakes listen to what I'm saying! PLEASE!

Although if I'm thinking right, she's a lady I've had problems with before. I didn't have insurance for awhile, so I always paid cash. Whenever I went to pay the prescription, she said "You realize you DO have to pay for this? As" Yeaaah. I didn't even use a debit/check - I always brought cash for that stuff.  At one point she asked me if it was real money. (A bunch of the latest 20s)

Yes, your job may suck ass - but stop freaking taking it out on the people who aren't doing anything. Same pharmacy for all my life (well they changed locations - same pharmacists through the whole time), my dad was in a frat with both of the pharmacists. If I ripped anyone off, you would be my last concern - I'd be getting the much deserved ass kicking from someone else. Grr


Must wake brain now. Rar.

<B>Edit:</B> They should have my ID on file - for my sons account. I have no problem providing ID again when picking up...I just wanted to know if I would waste the trip all the way out there for nothing. It wouldn't be the first time.
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So, as a followup to this post about the Texas Steakhouse...

I filed a Better Business Bureau complaint because they kept insisting that it was a bank issue. All I asked was that I be re-imbursed for the overdraft fee caused by the way they were running the card.

The response was as follows:

Ms. kikayume incurred charges of $72.43 in food and beverage on check # 3557 on Dec 29, 2006. Ms. kikayume used a $30 gift card for a portion of her purchases which reduced her balance to $42.43. The server performed a swipe with her debit card which was processed electronically and given the authorization code of 484176 for the amount of $42.43. This creates a "hold" by the bank not the merchant on these funds. Ms. kikayume added a tip of $15.00 for service, based on her entire check of $72.43. When the server entered the $15.00 tip 35.4% of authorized amount on the check prior to closing out the check check payment settlement,because the amount of the tip exceeded VISA's limit of 20% above the authorized amount, the bank automatically created an authorization code for the $15 which was 415024. When the batch was sent, the total for that transaction properly showed $57.43. We did nothing in-house to alter this in any way. When the bank received the $57.43 charge it did not recognize that this was the two original "holds" for $42.43 +$15.00 and therefore did not release that hold until after 3 banking days had passed, which I believe is their industry standard. This occurred over a week-end and January 1st holiday, which is why Ms. kikayume saw this 5 calendar days later. At no time did Texas Steakhouse have the additional "hold" funds nor have access to them. As I understand it, the "hold" did drop off according to the cardholder's bank policy. The precipitating factor that led to this was the tip that exceeded the 20% limit set by VISA based on the settlement amount that had changed from the original authorization. I am certain that Ms. kikayume was recognizing the good service that the server gave her and that the server much appreciated her gesture, but because the gift card had to be used as a form of payment first, the tip percentage created this additional step. VISA recognizes a restaurant transaction because of the merchant code and recognizes that in the restaurant environment, there can be a tip adjustment from the original authorized amount. They set that limit at 20% without the need for additional authorization. VISA also recognizes a retail transaction and does not allow for any change from the authorized amount without authorization.

So basically, it's VISA merchant policy to authorize for tips over 20%, which I tend to do when the service is excellent (I like to round up to round numbers). So, I guess the bad service is that none of their managers in store know this policy (since all of them told me it was my bank), and that they don't have any notices about this up, or even just at tiny line printed on their credit card holders when they drop off

ETA: (because I forgot) Their letter also entirely ignored my actual complaint, which happened in early February, and instead went into detail about the first incident, which I specified was an inconvenience, but did not cost me anything in fees.