March 5th, 2007

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I don't know if this counts, but DAMN did it piss me off.

My school's campus has been infected with a highly contagious norovirus that has pretty much everyone either very sick or very paranoid. It's similar to a really bad stomach flu and students had been going to the hospital for it. It seems it came from the badly cleaned cafeteria (which is another suck).

After a series of paranoid e-mails, the Provost decided to hire a cleaning company to come and scrub down everything on campus. Including the residence halls. I live in the apartment style building, where we have a kitchen and our own seperate and private bathroom, as opposed to a communal floor bathroom. As soon as myself and my roommates heard about the virus, we cleaned the entire suite; the kitchen, the bathrooms, the door knobs, everything. I read the e-mail explaining that every residence hall bathroom had to be cleaned, and figured I would politely tell the cleaners that it had already been cleaned.

Around 6pm, a strange man carrying a rag and a big bucket walked into my dorm room. He didn't knock or anything. Just opened the door and walked right in. God forbid if I was changing or anything! Then he walked straight into the bathroom (again without knocking, god forbid if someone was using the toliet or showering) and... just stood there. Never once did he address me.

Completely shocked, I leaned over in my chair and politely informed him that we had already cleaned everything. He dumped the rag into the bucket of what I can only assume was bleach or cleaning solution, made a few token scrubs at the sink and said something Spanish, then in English "I clean, I clean!". Great, so he doesn't speak much English.

He didn't say anything else, didn't clean anything else. Just stood there for another moment, then walked back out. I was flabbergasted. What the FUCK was that? He didn't knock, he didn't even CLEAN! I was furious and still reeling from the two minutes of pure "what the fuck-ery". What the hell kind of cleaning service did my school hire? I especially love how it was one single guy, going into a girl's dorm room. I was immediatly freaked out. I didn't know who he was or what he was there for. He didn't announce "cleaning!" or anything else, just walked in! No knock! WTF.

An added wtf- I love how they said they want to "clean and sanitize" everything, yet they send the cleaning people around with a rag they aren't washing or changing between "cleanings" and a big bucket of some random cleaning supply. Oh yeah, that'll kill all those germs. My bathroom was totally clean, who knows what bateria was on that rag, after it had "cleaned" who knows how many other bathrooms.

Maybe I'm too easily pissed off, but this seriously made me angry. I'm considering writing a letter to the Provost, but I bet it will fall on deaf ears. Especially since the norovirus outbreak on campus was the top story on the local 11pm news. He's probably knee-deep in damage-control.
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My friend and I went out for an early shopping trip on Saturday. We stopped at Best Buy first so I could pick up the new Justin Timberlake CD. I popped it into her CD player, but I stuck the case in my handbag, not thinking it would become an issue. We headed over to the mall, and our first stop was Sam Goody, so I could pick up her belated Christmas present - a pink iPod nano. Yeah, I know I'm a bit late, but I rarely get a chance to go shopping thanks to work and school.

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small little post...

To the three separate craigslist posters that I sent emails to 2 days ago:

Is it too hard to email me back to say something has been sold and take down your ad in a timely manner, instead of not emailing me back at all?

I'm almost ready to not even email people and just call them if they leave their phone number in their ad (which none of these did)... grr... Fortunately what they were selling is nothing unique, I mean I could buy the stuff at WalMart which is a few blocks away... But still...
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I got off the bus today and walked the 100 metres or so to the front door of my work. I went to reach into the front pouch of my camera bag for the swipe card to allow me to get in when I realized I didn't have my bag with me. Contained in my camera bag is my Canon Rebel XT (approx $1200 a year ago, around $900 now I think), my cell, my bus pass, my debit card, everything.

After my co-worker let me in, I flew to the phone in a panic and called the HRM call centre. These people are able to get in touch with dispatch, lost and found, whatever. I explained to the girl who answered that I got off the bus less than 2 minutes ago and could she please radio the bus and have him hold the bag? Immediately she put me through to the lost and found department which I found odd but figured that perhaps they could radio the bus driver. I explained my situation to the lady who took my number and said she would call soon.

Meanwhile, my co-worker (who had a car) took off after the bus in hopes of intersecting with it.

When I hadn't heard from lost and found for over 20 minutes (seriously, how long can it take to call a bus?) I called them back. They said they would call him soon, however, there was some emergency going on or something so they couldn't do it at the moment.

My co-worker calls me approx 30 minutes after I had gotten off the bus and told me she has my bag. When she gets back to the office, she told me that the bus driver told her that lost and found doesn't radio out to the buses, they just tell the drivers what to check for at the end of their shifts.

So a big fuck you to the call centre for passing the buck to the first person that popped in your head and also to the lost and found department for making me THINK you were doing something to help me when you weren't.

Also, my co-worker is going to get flowers and chocolates tomorrow because she is amazing :D
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yet another reason not to shop at Best Buy

Sorry if this has been posted before. I checked back a few days but didn’t see anything.

Best Buy Admits Secret Website
U.S. consumer-electronics giant Best Buy Inc. has a secret Web site that can block customers from getting the lowest prices, a published report said Friday.

A company spokesman who first denied its existence acknowledged it was real after being contacted by the Connecticut attorney general, The Hartford (Conn.) Courant reported.
Best Buy is cooperating fully with the attorney general's investigation, spokesman Justin Barber said.

When in-store customers inform Best Buy sales people of a cheaper price on, they can be shown an internal Web site, which looks identical to the public Web site but does not always show the lowest price, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said.

Best Buy of Minneapolis insisted its policy was to give customers the best price.
Although we have an intra-store Web site in place to support store operations (including products and pricing), we are reminding our employees how to access the external Web site to ensure customers are receiving the best possible product price, the company said in a statement.

link to article:

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A few months ago, I went to my local supermarket which closes at 10pm. I got there at around 9.05pm and saw the Deli girl leaving. I asked her If I could get some cold meats. 

She said she was rostered to finish at 9.00pm and has booked her taxi for 9.10pm, but she would serve me quickly even though she was no longer supposed to be there.

My request was simple enough. $2 of Turkey, Ham and Chicken. The Deli girl completed these parcels quickly enough. I picked up the packages and they were at $2.06, $1.89 and $2.15. Not $2 like I asked for. Again she was trying to leave, but I said "Hang on, I asked for $2 of each".

She looked at me sort of bug-eyed for a bit. She walked back around behind the counter and unwrapped each parcel. And re-weighed the one that was at $2.06 on the scale. She took a slice out. $1.78. She broke it in half and put half back in. $1.86. Put some more in. $1.97.

She was looking pretty pissed off and it was taking forever. I wasn't going to have any of that so I politely offered to take my business elsewhere and that some of us have a budget. She apologized and continued trying to get it at $2, which cannot be that hard.

In the end it was 9.30pm ish before I left. She still had to back away her meats and stuff, so I beat her outside. When I got in my car I saw a taxi driving away. I was quite pleased she missed her taxi and has to walk home. Idiot, If you cant do something as simple as getting $2 worth of meat, you deserve to get stabbed in the dark as you walk home.


Regis in Braintree, MA

Okay, the "stylist," whatever, lady, was half an hour late for my appointment, then after I told her what I wanted done (remarkably simple. dye my roots.) she puttered over it for twenty minutes, made me sign permission slips saying that i couldn't call and complain if my hair fell out and shit, and all I wanted was the roots of my highlights dyed blonde. i have medium brown hair and i explained to her over and over again growing increasingly agitated that I don't give a rats ass if my hair "falls out" (which it won't. it never has, it won't. Even if it did, I don't fucking care. It's hair. It'll GROW BACK.) What did she say? "I'm not comfortable doing this. You're going to leave and say bad things about the Salon and Me. My name is attached to This Head [pats my head] once I do your hair." I couldn't believe she was serious. Apparently no one in the world with fine hair can have it dyed. Fuck you lady. I should have put up a greater fuss but I was just so shocked that she REFUSED TO DO IT, I wanted to cry. The worst I said was, "Well then I'll go SOMEWHERE ELSE and get it done!!!" Fucking unbelievable. Wasted an hour of my day. What, she's Above Me because she got a fuckin AA at Blaine in Hair Coloring??? Wow, I was pissed. ??? DO NOT GO THERE!

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Why for the love of sandwhiches is it so hard to make a friggin chicken sandwich?

Ok, I pull up to the drive through.

I ask for a grilled chicken sandwhich.

I get home to find that I have gotten a fried chicken sandwich with cheese and soggy bread.\

This has happened to me on 4 different occasions, 2 different restaurants.

ITs a -grilled-chicken-sandwhich

not a soggy chicken cheese sandwhich.

Sarek of Vulcan

Sorry, I didn't know coffee shops weren't for hanging out in...

So, last night, I was having trouble working on a programming project, so I decided to pack up and go to the local Tim Horton's. I get there at midnight -- after about an hour of dithering (no, studying WordPress PHP code is _not_ what you came here for), I lock into programming mode, and manage to stay there for around 4 hours, not counting the break for breakfast, once they actually started serving it.

Around 6 AM, as I was getting ready to go home and wake up the family for school, the owner arrives, and comes over to my table. He tells me that he doesn't want his 24-hour coffee shop turning into a hangout, and that I could not stay that long. Since I can't understand how an almost-middle-aged computer geek is someone you don't want hanging out in your practically-empty restaurant, I told him that I would be taking my business elsewhere in the future. He apparently had no problem with this.
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Gateway and Microsoft, they don't want money

A recent post reminded me of this tale of misadventure with both Gateway and Microsoft.

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Bad Service: Giving me the run around, refusing to help even when I'm trying to pay you, one of the companies not owning up to the error.

Good Service: Gateway: Creating a system that lasted ten years before commiting suicide from user abuse.

(Funny side note: I checed Gateway a couple monthes back for an update of something...they claim the Gateway Astro does not exist...despite the fact I was staring at it.)
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Unresolved credit union suckage & other financial crappiness

My husband took out a small (less than $1000) loan from a credit union back back in January/February '06. He paid $100, give or take, a month until the loan was paid off. The end.

We recently received a statement from the credit union, indicating he was still making payments on a loan, that from as far back as they show the statements, is for at least $1250. They show that my husband still has just under $900 of this ghost loan to pay off.

We're both totally confused as to where the hell this loan came from. He borrowed $600-$800 dollars to buy me an engagement/wedding ring and that loan was paid off (from what we calculated with the payment amounts he was making) since at least November.

He calls the credit union to find out what the hell is going on and they only have documentation on the small loan. They were pretty confused about what this larger loan was too. They said they were going to call somebody in the loan office to "get to the bottom of this" and call him back later today. They haven't called back.

They're in the process of getting to the bottom of it, but the bad_service part is whatever glitch they allowed to happen to have this larger loan show up on his account that he's been unknowingly paying off.

As far as my husband goes, he's totally unsaavy with financial situations. He never checks his statements and has recently been the victim of credit card fraud (somebody stole his credit card # and charged shit to it), didn't take care of some credit card payments that recently got him in trouble with his chain of command (we're both military). So, needless to say I've had to take it upon myself to start babysitting all of his accounts to make sure things get back to order and he's doing what he's supposed to.

I don't know if this is another attack of fraud, but I figure they'd have some sort of documentation of another loan taken out if it was.

The preceeding may or may not be considered bad_service, but until it's resolved and the problem is figured out, it appeals to my bad_service eyes.

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