March 4th, 2007


Collection Agencies need to pull their collective heads out of their asses!

So a couple months ago when visiting my in-laws the s/o get's a call from a collection agency telling him that Columbia House has sold his account to them and he owe around $30. Now S/O closed his account years ago - no clue where this came from, asks to be called at home the next day for more info (thinking it's his ex). The next day when the agent called he asked for the contact with his signature to be mailed out and all related documentation to be include. She promises that we'll have it the next week.

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Still it's a 50 cent stamp to send out this 'contract' that s/o supposedly signed, what's so hard about that that the first collections company sold the debt?
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Mexican restaurant suckage.. ai ay ay.

This past weekend, we took a trip back home and drove past the Mexicali Rose, reminding me of the extreme suckage that took place there awhile back. Since my friend had some sort of coupon, we decided to try the above-named restaurant (we usually stick to our favorite Mexican place). When we got there, we were presented with water and menus very quickly, but that was the last of the quick service. And water, too, for that matter. The water was in a super small glass and not once were we offered refills, even when I managed to spill mine all over the table. Even when I asked for more water, none came. My friend ordered a combination plate and wanted one item to be chicken and one to be cheese. The waitress told her that they can't do that, that the combo has to be all one kind of filling. So, that was pretty WTF right there (seriously, how hard is it to make a cheese enchilada and a chicken taco). We thought that maybe it had something to do with the coupon, but nope, she said they just don't do that. Fast forward through us sitting there forever waiting for the check.. when we finally got the check and went to pay, they didn't take credit cards. Okay, fine, we had cash. The kicker? They didn't have change! We were told that we could go across the street to the business there to make change. It wasn't a crazy amount of change, either, it was something like paying with thirty dollars for a twenty-four dollar meal. We should have just gave them a twenty and left, but no, my friend actually went and made change and the store across the street actually made change for her. Personally, I think it's a good idea to have some extra money around in case people don't carry around the exact amount their food is going to be (especially if no credit cards are accepted).

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In regards to this post, we googled for our property agent to see if we could find her mobile number, and we actually did! So we called her and were very apologetic for bothering her, and explained the hot water situation and said we just wanted to see if we could class it as an emergency and get a plumber out. She told us no, partly because she wasn't in our state at the time (why the hell does that matter?) and also because she thought our house was a gravity fed hot water system and "that's just the way they are." I was royally pissed, so my fiance called his dad, who is an electrician but is generally a jack-of-all-trades, and we arranged for him to come over today to have a look at it and determine whether or not it was gravity fed. We had to shower at the old house again yesterday.

So his dad comes today and confirmed it is NOT a gravity fed system, and that there is most likely a blockage in the pipes affecting the water pressure. So we've written a letter to give to the real estate people tomorrow (but we'll be calling them first thing too, the letter is just for evidence). Also, his dad checked our smoke alarm (the condition of which was not noted on the inspection sheet and we told the property agent and she said just to test it and get back to her, which we were going to do today) and there isn't even a battery in it. We could have died in a fire last night because of her and her shoddy inspection.

I'm sure there'll be another update in this saga once we call the real estate people tomorrow. Sigh.

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Hey guys, new member, long time lurker.

In December they built a Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins down the street from me. I've had nothing but bad service every time I've gone there.

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I think I've about had enough of this place.

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I really love take overs...

My phone/net/cable T.V provider NTL got taken over by Virgin and is now virginmedia.

Up until that point I never had a single problem. Since they took over? My net connection has been down more than it's been up, a significant pain in the ass for me since I work online.

They've messed around with the TV package and we now no longer have any sky channels at all. Here's the funny thing, they claim sky wanted to charge them extra and they couldn't afford it without passing it onto the customers, so a little company like ntl can afford sky's fees but Virgin can't? Gee, guys even if that tale is true, thanks for not offering us the chance to see if we still wanted the channels even with an extra fee.

At least the phone still works ... though I've probably jinxed that now.
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