March 1st, 2007

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Eugh...too much to ask for?

Recently I went to the Burger King in my small city with my boyfriend for a quick nibble.
When we came in...there was mess everywhere. There were french fries scattered all over the floor, dropped napkins, empty glasses on the tables. Eugh. Just eugh. There was literally not a place to sit that was clean.
What was really funny was we were the only customers in there. Come on! I've worked fast food before and doing lobby duty isn't hard at all...especially when no one is there.

Me: *Orders food*
Cashier: Will that be to eat inside or to go?
Me: I'd like to eat inside...may I ask that the person on lobby duty could clean up a bit?
Cashier: ...I'm on lobby.
Me: Okay. It's just there's no where to sit.
Cashier: *Looks at me as though I'm stupid*...There's no one here.
Me: What I meant was that there are no clean tables.
Cashier: How hard is it to use a napkin and sweep off the crumbs? Seriously?
Me:...I want to speak to the manager right now.

In the end, we got our food and they threw in my boyfriend's order for free. While we were leaving, I heard the manager yelling at the cashier. Muahahaha.

first time post

That pizza post reminded me of something. Two years ago I had been freelancing editing regional commercials at different studios around Austin tx. By summer time work just slows down, and it slowed down alot. I was forced to get a second job just to make ends meet, so I decided delivering Pizzas was a good idea. I worked for Papa Johns. I made sure I took my job seriously. I always delievered the pizza in the warming thing, (can't remember what you call it.) I was always polite at the door and never complained to the customer if they didn't tip. My overall goal was if I delievered enough to the same people which started happening I'd get better tips and it worked too.

Well, things are much better for me work wise I started my own studio and have the work to support it. But recently when I order pizzas from the same store I used to work at only one pizza guy brings the pizza in a warming thing (yup it;s that thing.) All the others bring the box out into the cold air up the stairs and by the time I'm done signing a credit card slip it's ice cold. So I recently I asked the guy, "aren't you suppose to deliver that pizza in a warming bag?" he responded with, "I don't know it's hassle to carry." I responded with, "well it's a hassle for me to tip for your laziness. There is a reason for the bag." I didn't tip him, and he got upset. So I called the store manager to complain and now I get my pizza delivered by the one guy who always uses a bag. It's nice and I tip him well for it too. Mostly I tip him well is in hopes he will tell the other guys and it will piss off that kid.

CIBC No More

Hi all, I can't remember if I complained before about the poor service at CIBC eons ago, but at last, it is over!

This is both a bad_service post, mixed in with a good_service (if that exists?) post.

I started working as the graphic designer in our sign shop 11 months ago. (11 months and 1 week, technically.) I was banking with CIBC at the time.

For the first two deposits, they told me they would hold my pay cheque for a week to process, because my employer's signature was on file in the branch across town.

So, my employer calls the branch, has them transfer the signature so that there is a copy on record.

Up until a month ago, when I entered the bank (usually overflowing with people and only three or four people serving them) it would take twenty minutes after I got to the service desk to be done cashing my cheque. Often, they would try to talk me out of getting the money in the bills that I wanted. Paying utilities and the like was pointless because it was so time consuming.

They outright refused to put my name on the cheques the way I wanted. I had to go through three service people before I got it shortened to A. Bateman.

I never used the machines to deposit money, because it would give me a week and a half wait until it processed. They told me that everyone who banked had a hold period on cash going through the machines.

After I applied for a credit card, I called back to find out that the bank never mailed it to VISA. I applied again, and they never got back to me. I called them, and they said that I cannot build credit because I have no credit. I sent them two pay stubs, they never called me, and when I called them, they had lost my information and would I please fax my pay stubs again? I gave up, as this took five months to go through. (They tell me it takes 2 months to get a credit card approved.)

I paid money for stop-pay on an internet company (small, local) that would not stop using automatic withdrawel after I switched companies. It was pointless... I had to call in two or three more times and nag them to start watching my transactions, because the same money was still being withdrawn from the same company.

I told Morgan, my boss, and he was enraged that it was such a hassle. Everyone else who works with him can just deposit their cheque in the machine and it will work just dandy that way.

So he called. And he talked with the district manager.

The next day when I deposited my cheque, I was just waiting for that 20 minutes out of my day to just cash a $800 cheque. It took five minutes. Obviously, their ears were still ringing.

The next cheque, same desk, same person - they asked for three pieces of ID, as though I was completely untrustworthy after going there for 11 months.

I was so pissed I slammed my hand in the door as I left and didn't feel it. I was vibrating I was so livid.

Today, I switched over to a great little credit union. When I went into the credit union and stood in line, they came along the people in line (some who were just there for day to day banking) if they wanted coffee or tea. They have a DVD room with books and toys for the kids. The service rep laughed about student loans with me and my credit card should be here in two weeks. I withdrew $60.00 from CIBC, put it into my new account, and it was verified and ready to go four hours later.

And they're directly across the street from CIBC - now I don't even have to cross the street from work. It takes five minutes to get there, and they're open every day at the same times, so I don't have to miss work to deposit a cheque.

As soon as my personal cheque clears for someone on my CIBC account, I'm going to go and clear out my account.

$24.00 a month for unlimited chequing no more! (It's now $11.00)

Joy! I grew up Credit Union, I don't know why I switched over to a bank before...
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