February 28th, 2007

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Council woes;

Continued from: http://community.livejournal.com/bad_service/1135964.html

I honestly do not believe this situation anymore, they can't get a simple repair done but the boiler service guys just showed up for the 3rd time in 6 months. Apparently the council are obsessed with my boiler.

My boiler is supposed to be serviced once a year. It was serviced twice last august due to a mix up. And now they want to service it yet again ... I wouldn't mind but doesn't anyone keep any records so they don't drag me out of bed at 9am only to find out the boiler has been bloody serviced already? I know regular boiler checks are important but in light of the on-going repair debacle? Their Zeal to check my boiler is kinda funny.

The good news is that surveyor finally came around and an hour later he got the electrican out who checked all my wiring and replaced one of the lights. That said I'm tempted to have the electrics independently checked.

Bad news? They still don't know when my vent cover will be fitted, since it has to be ordered in.

The unbelieveable bit? Apparently the reason the original request to fit the vent cover was filed as completed? They couldn't find it to fit the cover. They couldn't find an eight inch by four inch hole in the front of the building visible from my front door. They couldn't find a massive hole so they just put it down as completed? I can attest that I was probably in so why didn't they knock and ask if they couldn't see the bloody thing! Then again, I'm not sure I want workers fixing my home who apparently can't see a gaping bloody hole in the wall.

Even more bad news, they won't retile my bathroom floor even though the tiles are coming up. They "no longer fit tiles". They'll send someone around to stick them back down though, even though the original tiles? Have shrunk and water gets between them. I've been told to put lino down and seal it with the window stuff.
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letter to Domino's corporate

To Whom it May Concern,

I have been a customer of Domino's Pizza for several years at this address and this phone number. The last time I called (tonight) I was told that they could not take our order because they do not accept cell phone calls. We do not have a land line, which many people in this day and age do not. When we explained that we did not have a regular phone, we were told 'well, I can't do that, I need a land line phone'

In the past, we have dealt with rudeness from the people answering the phone, extremely late service, which we were gracious about, drivers showing up with no credit card slips (wanting us to pay in cash and then using our phone to call the store and verify) and overall unprofessionalism. We have dealt the phone person not giving the drivers instructions about how to get into our apartment complex, as well as lying and telling us that the drivers do not have cell phones and cannot call us if they can't get in the complex (and then later recieving a phone call from the driver, who had not been told the special instructions to get in) All of these things combined make for some pretty bad service, but tonight-this is really unacceptable. We have never complained to anyone about any of this service, but if you flat out refuse us as customers, we understand and take our patronage elsewhere, as well as letting everyone else know about the rudeness and unprofessionalism we have encountered. I could possibly understand the policy if we were new customers, but we have been ordering from the same Domino's for at least three years.

Thank You
Belinda Short
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I just witnessed this

I'm sitting at behind the front desk of the hotel in which I am employed, when a delivery driver for a local pizza joint arrived to bring a guest some dinner.

He handed the guy his pizza and the credit card slip and made sure to point out TWICE in less than 20 seconds where the place to leave a tip on the slip was. Then, as the guy was filling out the slip, he reached over him and pointed to the tip space again. As the guy filled it in, he said "Yes, that is my tip."

Every third word from his mouth was tip, it seemed. I'm all for tipping a delivery driver and a server and whatnot, but that was just rude and would have resulted in a curt "Thanks for the pizza" and a full view of my back as I walked away after leaving him a fat $0.00 in the slot he found it so necessary to point out for me.


I've just about had it with Sprint..

to make a long story short.. years ago, I was a victim of identity theft when I was only 14. some jerk stole my SSN and used it to create a Sprint account, which they then shot to hell & back by never paying their bill.

I called Sprint on one of the first days of February and asked them to send me a fraud packet. they had sent me one a couple years ago, but some personal things had happened and I lost it. anyways.. I request the packet because it's the ONLY way they will search into the matter/it's my way of proving that I'm actually ME. I'm polite to the phone rep, though she is snippy and interrupting every word I say. she tells me I will receive the packet within 7 - 10 business days. when I ask for the name of the person who stole my SSN, she refuses to tell me due to some law (keep this in mind.. it comes in later)

it's been nearly 30 days, and I have yet to receive the packet. I work late, and by the time I get off of work their phone center is closed. regardless, I would take time out of work and on my lunch/breaks to call. each time, I have NO choice but to sit through an endless phone tree - telling me the same shit over & over again (there is no handy "press # to speak to a rep" option). the first 3 times I call, I am disconnected because apparently their call volume was so high that they couldn't squeeze me in the queue. the next x amount of times I try to call (it was a lot) I am placed on hold for over 15 minutes, not including the 10 minutes it took to get through their damn phone tree.

so I turned to email.. I told them what was going on, and asked them to send me another packet.

email #1 - they tell me they can't help me unless I give them a Sprint PCS number

email #2 - after I tell them that I don't have a number because I'm not a customer/the phone rep wouldn't give me any info about the fraudulent account, they tell me that they can't help me without the number (okay.. so.. Sprint REFUSES to give me the account holder's number, but won't help me unless I have it?? how does that make sense??)

email #3 - they tell me they're "glad that they could assist me!" (aka they sent a canned response to end the thread & get rid of me)

email #4 - they tell me they can't even send me out a fraud packet because they don't have the ability. why the hell did ya waste my time then?! they could have just told me that from the beginning, and I would have been able to save myself from writing long winded emails!

I quit the email idea, and I've been trying to call them ever since. BIG SURPRISE - I've YET to speak to a phone rep and ask why I haven't gotten a fraud packet yet.

this sucks.
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