February 21st, 2007

Boston Beanery

This is really just a general complaint. I'm just trying to figure out what the hell is going on at my local Boston Beanery. The service is so bad there every single time we go. We almost never go because of it. But every few months we will stop in because frankly there is nowhere to freaking eat around here. I'm sick of eating at Ruby Tuesdays, I don't always feel like dropping a $50 or more at Red Lobster and I don't like fast food. That pretty much leaves the Beanery. I just wish the service didn't suck, because the food is good.
Anyway, everytime we go there, we get our drinks and order taken within a reasonable amount of time, but that's where the good service ends. It takes AGES to get the food. And they don't time it very well, because they will make the quick stuff right away and just let it sit in the window getting cold while something that takes longer (like a baked potato) has to cook. You never get refills. You never see your waitress. She is always in the back, because she's also ignoring her other tables like she is yours. This happens when it is busy AND slow. It also doesn't matter what waitress you get, they are all like that. Then you have to wait FOREVER to get your check and then FOREVER again for her to come back with your receipt.
So what the hell? It's like the whole restaurant staff sucks. The cooks take forever and don't know how to properly time food. The wait staff doesn't check on you, never give refills, and stay in the back the whole time. They must have the most laid back managers ever. I used to work at Cracker Barrel and we would have been in major shit if we gave service that bad.
I always want to complain but my husband won't let me. When we've been there soooo long already, complaining will just keep us there longer. And we usually have plans and a toddler who isn't going to want to sit even longer for that stuff. But it's just really irritating. If there were more places to eat around here, I'd never go there.

Best Buy Strikes again

So, I did an online order to pick up at my local Best Buy, so that I wouldn't have to roam around the giant store trying to find the thing I wanted.

I got the "you're item's ready for pickup" email, went out to do some other errands, and got to the store about 45 minutes after the email was delivered. I'm happy, because there is no one in line at the pick-up counter, so this should be a quickie. Hah!

Girl at counter can't find item. Sends someone on an errand to get it. 15 minutes later, he finally comes to the counter with one, looks on the "waiting for pickup shelf" and says, "Isn't that the one right there one the shelf?"

Duh! And the papers attached to the items when they are waiting have your name on them in 3/4" tall letters.
Ed's too cool for you

Hatred for cell phone insurance...

This rant is actually on the behalf of one of my customers, who I helped today. I work in billing disputes for a rather large cellular provider who you may or may not be able to guess from other comments or posts that I have made.

This gentleman called in ... he's disputing the fact that he never received his replacement phone from the insurance. They gave him a claims number and a tracking number, and according to the USPS the tracking number is invalid. He had tried to file a package lost claim with them at the beginning of January, but invalid tracking number = no package lost claim. So I call up the insurance provider to find out what's going on.

They confirm the tracking number that I have (the one that's invalid, mind) and then proceed to tell me that the phone was delivered and it's active on his account. One problem with that... the only phone active on his account is his old, damaged phone. Hasn't been touched since September. Yeah, that doesn't fly. Then we find out a tracer had already been filed on the phone and USPS confirmed it was delivered to AN address. The insurance providers won't tell me what address, not that it makes a difference as the customer never GOT a phone.

So. Because the phone (with an INVALID TRACKING NUMBER) has been delivered to an address, they are expecting my customer to fork over $300 or return his damaged phone. He's not going to get another phone out of this deal, because his phone has already been delivered!

I ended up taking care of that charge, as well as getting him a brand-new-phone for a little over the cost of the deductible he should have paid for the replacement phone. He went away happy, which is good, but ye GODS. So much burning hatred for those people.