February 19th, 2007


Maybe I'm overreacting, but damn this was irritating

I have been a member of RCI for several years. I recently purchased an additional week of timeshare, and called to add it to my account. I called the same number I called the last time I did this, right before Christmas. I got through very quickly.

Me: innocent vacationer
CE: Clueless Employee who answers my call
SM: Surly Manager who pops up later

Me: *after giving member information* I just purchased another week of timeshare, and would like to add it to my account.
CE: You did what?
Me: *thinking she must not have heard me, bad connection or noise perhaps* I purchased an additional week of timeshare at a new resort, and I want to add it to my existing account.
CE: I don't think you can do that.
Me: *moment of stunned silence* Um...yes I can...I did it a couple of months ago...I have the proof of ownership, if that's what you mean. I also have the week ID and the resort number....
CE: No, I mean you can't just add a week.
Me: *moment of silence* Uh...why not?

This goes on for a few minutes...a few very frustrating minutes. Then she finally answers me.

CE: This isn't the right phone number. I can forward you to the right department.
Me: *about ready to reach through the phone and strangle her for not just saying that in the first place* Okay, thanks.

I then sit on hold for approximately nine thousand years. Finally, around the time I was packing my once-infant daughter's belongings so she could head off to college, someone answers.

SM: This is the manager, what's your problem?
Me: *stunned at his attitude* Um...I don't really have a problem...I just need to add a new week of timeshare to my account, and the woman at the main line said she couldn't do that. (At this point, the man stays silent for so long that I finally have to throw out a "hello?" to be sure we didn't get disconnected.)
SM: What was the woman's name?
Me: I'm sorry, but I didn't catch it. (Again, unnecessarily long silence, and a "hello?")
SM: I'm just looking up the name of the employee you talked to. She shouldn't have done this. She can handle this.
Me: *not caring, just wanting to add my damn week and get off the phone* Okay...so can I add my new week?

He then says yes, he can do that, and we go through the very simple steps. He then asks if I need anything else, to which I reply, "No, thanks, that's all I needed." He then hangs up. No "Thanks for calling RCI, have a great day!" or even an "Okay, bye then." Just...nothing. Christ.

Perhaps not a big deal, but jesus. I didn't appreciate having to wait on hold for so damn long just because the initial woman was too damn dumb to know that this is a very common part of her job. And damn, I'm sorry, but as someone who manages a business, I cannot stress enough the importance of people skills in management.
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PetSmart suckage.

I took my dog to PetSmart on friday to get her nails trimmed.

The groomer pointed out that the price had increased to $15 from $10 but you could also get the ear cleaning/nail trim package for $15. Make sense? I had already cleaned my dogs ears that morning so all I needed was the nail trim and was charged the $15.

The whole thing annoyed me but I let it go because, well, prices increase all the time. So this morning I called my mother to chat and mentioned that I took Maggie in for a nail trim and the price went up. They live 100 miles away and they took their dogs in on saturday to their PetSmart and the price was still $10. Hmmmm?

After the stores opened here I started calling and out of the 3 PetSmarts 1 was $10 and the other 2 were $15. So I called the $10 store back and talked to the grooming manager. She was stunned and figured they charged me the ear/trim package. I do have the receipt and it does say ear/trim care. I told her about the written up price change that I only wanted the trim. She took my name & number to give to the district manager and I sent in a email to corporate. She also said she was going to call the store and pretend to be a customer to see what they say. She is not impressed, nor was I. I know it's only 5 bucks but that adds up for all the customers they are ripping off. She said the district manager will not be happy to hear this. I'm just curious to see what the corporate reply will be. lol

Something odd that happened at work the other day

My boss orders stuff from a company called United a _lot_. They sell framing supplies. He ordered something called a z-bar, which is used for hanging pictures. Part get stuck on the frame and the other part is attached to the wall. These are usually only used for pictures that need to be removed a lot, and it's easy to slide in and out.

They look like this:

Anyway...He got a big round tube in the mail and opened it to find...

A long rusty pole, about 1" in diameter.

Ok...Now it would be one thing if united actually sold rusty poles, but they don't, I checked just to be sure. What kind of idiot would package up an old pole in place of a regular framing order?

Lemme re-iterate


When my boss opened it up, I could hear him from the other room 'What the hell?!' We came in to see what the fuss was. At first we thought he was screwing with us.

Anyway, he called united, and they said 'Sir, have you ordered Z- bars before? They are long metal pieces, you might be confused if you've never seen them', and he responded "I've been framing for about 30 years and have never used a rusty pole as a hanging mechanism"

Anyway, we're sending it back. The operator seems to think that now we're messing  with them and barely believe that we got a long rusty pole.

Really rusty, btw..like orange and green.

Not necessarily Bad service, but...damn

Quizno's life lesson?

Feeling a little daring, i decided to go to quizno's for some broccoli cheese soup (in a bread bowl) rather than Panera inbetween my classes today. With only about $6.00 in my wallet (much more than I will need for soup and bread bowl at panera), I walk in and place my order.
The employee (w/o a name tag), asks me if I want it with chicken. Well, since I hadn't ordered it with chicken, I said, No thank you. He puts my bread through the toaster and another employee scoops my soup into a styrofoam bowl. I didnt really understand that part, but whatever.
So the employee who put my soup in the bowl goes to ring me up. Its $6.35 (5.99 + tax). I thought that was a little high, but I know Quizno's is not known for their low prices. I sit down at a table and eat my soup, looking at the reciept. It says I was charged for the "Country French Chicken Bread Bowl". Just wondering if it was an honest mistake because the employee who rung me up might not have noticed the lack of chicken in my bread bowl, i finished my food and walked up to the registers. I waited a while, not sure presciesly, but a lot longer than it should have taken when someone is standing at a register, in my opinion.
Anyway, so I ask the employee that took my order, and he replied "you said no chicken, i not give you chicken." Now, dont get me wrong, I didnt really read the menu, but I noticed they had Broccoli cheese soup in a bread bowl on a poster in the store. The chicken was no where to be seen on the poster, and so I didnt say anything about chicken, infact, i specified NO chicken after it was offered to me. Because it was offered, i figured it didnt normally come with the soup, and thus he was just doing his thing and suggestive selling like most employees have to do. So why was I sttill charged for it? I asked him that and he said "some people not like chicken. you said no chicken. i give you no chicken". yeah. I get that i didnt want chicken...but why was i charged for it??
I didnt think I'd get anywhere because there was a bit of a language barrier and we were both having a hard time understanding eachother, I figured id just send an e-mail from the website. If i get no response, I'll just chalk it up as a life lesson and not go there for soup (their sandwhiches are still good) . So here's hoping, eh?
Im just really mad that I got charged for chicken...that I didnt order...