February 18th, 2007

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A quick update from this post, as a few people asked for it.

My new bloods came back and one of the doctors from my surgery phoned me. When she heard it had been two months since the problem started, she phoned around and got me admitted straight to hospital. I had an ultrasound the next morning. I've got gallstones; I've got an ERCP on Tuesday and will hopefully be having my cholecystectomy (having my gallbladder removed) sometime this upcoming week too. The doctor who has been seeing me throughout this also phoned me up (after the consultant from the hospital phoned her) and said she's very glad it's all sorted now.

Also on the blood situation, I did phone the National Blood Service after my original post and they stopped my blood from being used as well as deferring me from donating for 6 months. After I've had my surgery and everything I'll probably phone them up again to let them know what's going on.
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Southwest and cab drivers

This happened last night:
We had a flight from Baltimore to Tampa and then a connecting flight to West Palm beach. Note this trip was made last minute because of the death of my grandfather. Anyway, our flight to tampa was at 9:30. Boards at 9 or something like that. We got to the airport at 8:30 because our cab driver was late. We weren't able to check in until about 8:45 (had to get there, wait in line, etc.) So yes, we were late, but didn't think much of it. We checked our bags and the guy put a green "late check in" sticker on our bags. My mom asked what this meant and the guy was like "Hahaa, nothing! Not a big deal, just indicates that you were late checking in." My mom asked if that was a problem he said no. There were plenty other people in line with us. We tipped him $3.

We got on the plane to Tampa and everything was fine. Attendants were nice and the trip was pleasent. Flight from tampa to west palm was a little late, but no big deal. We got there. When we got to baggage claim, only my mom's bag came out. We didn't get the others. We ask the lady about this, and she says, with an attitude, "Your bags were probably left in DC because you were late and they didnt clear security. It has a late check in, you should have known." My mom said she asked about it and they told us it wasnt a big deal. She snapped back, "That's on Baltimore then, there is noting I can do." She told us to go to this office. We got there and they told us the bags would be in at around 10 and we would have to pick them up because we had a late check in. We got there at 10 and our bags were that office (we could see them) but it was locked! We went to find someone and she had an even bigger attitude. She opened the door and then shut it in my dads face as he was walking in and then muttered "sorry" and left. Thanks a lot.

I know it isn't their fault that we lost our bags, but they didn't have to be so rude! It didn't really help the fact that we had to go to a funeral today. I also think its bad service that in baltimore when we were checking in they KNEW we might lose our bags because of the late check in (well thats what they said in palm beach) but they just didn't tell us, even after we asked. They told us it wasn't a problem. Def an exhausting day, and my dad doesn't want to travel with them again.

This happened a few years ago in New York-
We were going to our hotel from dinner in New York City. We took two cabs. One with my aunt, my dad, and my mom. The other with me, my sister, my other aunt, and my 2 cousins. It wasn't really a long ride, about 10 minutes, but it was raining so we took the cab. My aunt, dad, and mom arrived back at the hotel quickly and it cost them $7. We arrived 20 minutes after them (coming from the same place!) and it cost us $18 dollars. The cab driver decided to drive all around town, claiming his way was "faster, and more scenic." We don't go to NY often so didn't think much of it and don't really know our way around, so there was not much we could do.

The really bad service? When we got back to our hotel, my sister and I got out. My cousin was in the front because my little cousin had to sit on my aunts lap in the back. The cousin that sat in the front was like 15 at the time, but REALLY small (at that time, 5') We all got out, and then the driver started moving. My cousin was still in the front, so my aunt had to open the door (while the cab was moving) and scream at the man. He rushed off quickly. My cousin said he grabbed his hand and said "you're coming with me." CREEPY!

We already paid him, so we really felt ripped off. We called the cab company, but couldn't get the plate number and didn't know his name, so not much they could do...