February 17th, 2007

Road to El Dorado - Listen Carefully

Skeezy cab driver

Joined this community just to post this story, because it is still creeping me out two months later.

In December I was flying back to Pennsylvania from finishing my Master's degree in London.  I was moving my whole life from one country to another and so had a huge amount of stuff.

When I called around for minicab quotes, the best one I found was £49, so I went with that company.  The next morning when the cab driver showed up, he informed me that it would, in fact, be £78, as he had to bring a bigger car as a result of all my luggage (I had told the company about how much stuff I had when I called for the quote, hence him KNOWING he had to bring the bigger car!).  I was a bit miffed but at that point just wanted to get to the freaking airport & had no other choice, so I said ok, whatever.  That was, unfortuantely, only the beginning.

The guy, in a nice & friendly way, motioned for me sit up front, which should've been my first clue, but I've done it before with other cab drivers with no problems so I didn't think anything of it.  

The cab ride was about 45 minutes long.  During that time, the cab driver began to hit on me more and more.  I told him I had a boyfriend (a lie) to try to get him to stop, but he persisted.  He kept asking to hold my hand and asking very inappropriate questions, as well as insisting that I call him when I come back to England (though I have no plans to in the near future and told him so).  He dropped a lot of hints and insinuations that I tried to laugh & brush off, wishing we would just get there already.  I didn't really know what else to say...I'm a very small (4'10") young woman, traveling alone, and I didn't want to tick him off.  He also kept saying that he would take the price down just for me "wink wink."

As we neared the airport, he got more & more affectionate, and suddenly he reached out and GRABBED MY HAND and started stroking/rubbing it.  I was shocked and kind of frozen for a minute, then withdrew my hand.  THEN, he put his hand ON MY LEG and started rubbing and stroking IT!  I was absolutely mortified and had NO idea what to do.  Finally he took his hand away and said, "I make you mad?"  Uh...YOU THINK?

Thankfully we were just pulling up to the airport so I didn't really have to deal with it...but it still haunts me.  The sad thing is, I don't really know that there's anything I can do about it.


I probably should have handled this better, but at that point I was so exhausted and overwhelmed I just wanted it to be over. :-/

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Of engagement rings, and UPS horror stories...

Oh, have I a story for you.... A tale of joy (engagement) and woe (UPS overnighting...)

So, my lovely man asks me to marry him. Much joy abounds. He got his mother's diamond set for me... And it was to be ready this Friday - and his mother would overnight it to us via UPS, so he would have it for when we celebrated V-day today.

And thus the woe inserts itself. His mother, PER THE INSTRUCTION OF THE UPS STORE where she lives, ships it to the UPS store near Fiance's house. Fiance calls store to arrange for pickup. Receiving store declares their intention to REFUSE the package unless he rents a $95 mailbox.

Panic ensues. We *both* call the 800 number to see if there is *anything* to do about this. Can we get it redirected? Can we wait outside the door of the UPS store to intercept it? Can it be held at the hub, and we go pick it up. ANYTHING aside from if getting sent back to his mother, and then having to be shipped AGAIN.

Nada. Out of luck.

One agent says the store will hold it; another that the store will refuse it, but that the hub will hold it for us otherwise.

My ring is still in limbo... and we are NOT happy campers.

Anyone have any quick advice about what we can do in the next two hours? Besides stress, of course. (It's SUPPOSED to be delivered by noon to the store.)

Also, anyone have some nice contact numbers, so we can call up and politely complain....

EDIT: The local hub and the driver are awesome. Fiance went down to the hub, where they went and actually called the driver, and arranged for us to meet at one of his pick-up points this past afternoon. We got the package, the ring is now on my finger, and all is right with the world!

We're still going to write a complaint about the service from the stores... but we want to also complement the awesome service from the hub and driver.
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Okay, this is my first post here. I usually don't encounter much bad service because I'm pretty easy-going and a lot of things don't bother me, but I can be kind of neurotic about some things. For example:

My boyfriend and I went to Target just like we always do on Thursdays (we're pretty much obsessed with Target and thus celebrate "Target Thursdays.") Sometimes we buy stuff and sometimes we don't. This time I was buying Connect Four (on sale for $9!), some Fresca, and some Benefiber (yes, along with the majority of Americans I do not get enough fiber in my diet, so I need a supplement). For those who don't know, Benefiber is this new-ish fiber supplement that is tasteless, so you can mix with food, drinks, etc.

As I only had three items, I went to the express lane to check out and this is what happens:

Cashier: [Starts ringing up my stuff, looks at Benefiber.] Oooh, fiber? Benefiber? Is this any good?
Me, tersely: [ Totally uncomfortable.] I don't know; I've never used it.
Cashier: Hmm, it says it's good for cooking!

At this point, I'm just hoping he will hurry up and get this over with. I feel really awkward about this whole exchange.

The thing is, I've been to this cashier before and he always comments on my purchases. I just think it's so unnecessary and rude, especially if I'm buying something kind of embarassing (yes, I realize I shouldn't necessarily be embarrassed, but I was). I realize I could just not go to this particular cashier, but the line is always the shortest.

I can only imagine what he would have said if I happened to be buying condoms or a pregnancy test, or even a new bra or something.

Am I wrong for making such a big deal out of this? It was just so uncomfortable!

ETA: After reading some of your comments (which I appreciate), I've come to the conclusion that I wish he just would've used discretion when commenting on my stuff. Yes, I realize he could have just been trying to make conversation, but talk to me about Connect Four and not my fiber, okay? It'll make things less awkward for everyone!

Circuit City - mild, but annoying

My husband went by the local Circuit City tonight to buy a new video card (not the cheapest, but they assured him they had the one he wanted in stock). After realizing that the cards were in a locked case, he approached someone standing, unoccupied, at the front of the store. They sent him back to someone else, saying, "That guy'll take care of you."

'That guy' turned out to be helping several other customers, giving advice and making suggestions. My husband waited patiently - 20 minutes - for his turn, and indicated that he just needed to purchase something out of the case. The salesperson had no key. So the hubby waited another 15 minutes while the salesperson hunted for the key to the case. Finally, he came back out and said, "Well, I can't find it, or anybody who has it. I can go look some more, if you want to wait."

Hubby said, "I'm done waiting, thanks," and left.

When he related this tale of woe, I said, "Did you ask for the manager?"

Turns out, the guy standing unoccupied in plain sight while customers waited for over half an hour was the manager. Guess we'll be buying that card somewhere else.
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