February 15th, 2007


Food Poisoning

I'm completely disgusted with BK at this moment. The service was slow, and my husband and I both received food poisoning. The place was empty, and it still took them forever to prepare our order, so we basically waited 15 minutes for bacteria burgers. The violent retching was unbearable, and neither of us were able to stand. I won't be eating again any time soon, let alone visiting BK.
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Give a dog a home

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I'm trying to decide what to do about my car.

I received the shittiest service ever, and I'm trying to figure out how to handle it. In a nutshell:

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So what should I do? The manager is a rude asshole. I want my money back TODAY, and I want a free alignment. Is that asking too much? I'm usually a pretty understanding person, and if they had been nicer/not acted like it was my fault, and immediately gave my refund and maybe some kind of store credit or something/upgraded me to something, I wouldn't be so upset.

Should I call the customer service line? Would that do anything? Try to find out who the district manager is and call them? I'm afraid to call someone in charge before they give me my money for fear of retaliation from Asshole Manager.
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Update to evil computer tech

Sorry that I haven't gotten to posting this sooner, been busy...In reference to the jerk I posted about last week (Here)

I got a call back on Monday from his supervisor and also from the big boss, saying they were extremely sorry and that they are taking care of the situation. They said they want to speak to me and they'll be in touch.

I got /another/ call yesterday from a high school friend who recognized my name and told me what was going on. When the first handful of complaints came in they wanted the guy to take a little break and get some help, but as the complaints (not just a couple) came in they decided he was too much of a liability and he no longer works there.

There's not really anything else they can do - the work they did for me was warranty work, I paid for nothing...They also fired the guy, but I'm still upset - not at them but at the situation.

I'll update if there's anything else. I'm not satisfied, but what can I do?

Edit: Sorry, I unlocked the other entry.

Edit 2: I thought I got this across - I apologize if I didn't. I /know/ they did all they could, the situation just left a bad taste in my mouth...That's all. They reacted pretty quickly and they did more then I thought they would. I believe I'm allowed to still be a little upset/frustrated about the situation - it happened barely a week ago.

Long time lurker, first time poster, blah blah blah

My other half and I are in the market for a new house. We're looking to rent, as we're unsure how long we wish to remain in this area. Should be simple enough really, hm?

Last Friday, we drove down a side street, and saw a lovely place with a recently planted "For Rent" sign. We parked, got out of the car, and proceeded to peek into windows. Gorgeous. Brand new kitchen, hardwood floors which gleamed in the afternoon light, a lovely tiled fireplace, flanked by built in shelves.

We took down the number, and came right home, calling the rental management place immediately.  A rather friendly gentleman answered, and said he'd be happy to show us the property on Saturday, at 1pm. Meet him at the office. No problem, as the office is maybe 10 blocks from where we are currently residing.

Flash forward to Saturday, 12:55pm. We arrive outside the office, and notice with some confusion, there are no lights on, the building is locked tight, and their sign has no hours posted on it for weekends. Huh. Okay. We wait til about a ten past one, and wonder if maybe he wanted to meet us at the property, instead of the office. We hightailed it across town, and waited another ten minutes there, no one ever appearing. We drive back to the office, and I scrawled a quick note explaining the situation thus far on a piece of paper, and stuck it in the overnight slot on the door. Go back home, and call, leaving an urgent voice mail, containing all the information in the note. Chalk it up to a busy afternoon, and perhaps we just missed the guy.

Monday, we waited til about noon for a call. Nothing, no voice mail, nada. I call back, and leave another voice mail, also marked urgent. Tuesday morning, same thing. Tuesday afternoon, another.

Wednesday morning, I wrote an email detailing this to their director of business management. She wrote back in a few hours, apologizing for the situation, and assuring me someone would be calling in the next hour or so. We waited an hour and a half, then went to the store to grab a few things for dinner (it was already nearly 4pm!). We return home to find a voice mail saying they'll be at the property in half an hour, if we wanted to see it. Leave another voice mail saying we had stepped out and missed their call, and we'd really like to reschedule the appointment to see the home. I explained in this message that Friday we would be out of town for the day.

I've left 2 more messages today, hoping to catch someone there, and wrote another email to the business director, to no avail. We adore this property, but why in the hell should I feel like renting from them after the way we've been treated as prospective clients?!
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I overhead this conversation between a server and a customer last night. The server having the nerve to question a good tip was one thing but the very reason is not the least bit logical.

From what I gather, the server brought back the patrons credit card with the box for the tip left blank. The patron crossed out that field and placed some money in the black holder.

The server picked it up and said thank you and walked away. A couple of minutes later, I saw her approaching the table with the black holder in hand. Being nosy and curious I overhead the conversation which went something like this:

Server: Sir, where you not happy with the service tonight?

Sir: Yes, it was fine thank you. (He looked perplexed)

Server: I am wondering because it is customary to tip 20%.

Sir: I am sorry but you are incorrect, it is customary to tip 15% which I did.

Server: No, with inflation, we servers need a raise and it has been 20% for a while now.

The guy shrugged, his lady looked embarrassed and they just got up and left.

First of all, why the heck would a server walk up to a customer that way and demand more money??!! Maybe I could see it if she was stiffed but he gave a decent tip and was still made to feel like a jerk.

Secondly. What is with this inflation nonsense. Servers get a raise every time the restaurant increases prices. They increase to keep up with inflation and the server benefits by getting a larger tip hence that is their raise.

Let me say I have nothing but respect for the serving profession. It is hard work and I know for a fact that I could not do it. I usually do tip 20% or more, however, this girls attitude was too much.
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Bad Service? You tell me.

With the rash of dental posts here lately I thought I would post this. I think its pretty crappy, but it could just be because I am the one going through it. You tell me.

In November of 2005 I had 3 of my 4 wisdom teeth extracted. They were all impacted, and I was out of it for two+ weeks because they bruised my jaw bones getting those suckers out. Now, I only had 3 removed because I had my back top right molar removed about 5 years ago and my dentist who removed my wisdom teeth told me that the wisdom tooth would come down and replace that tooth. I asked him to remove it anyways, just get them all out and over with and he said "nonono, trust me" ok, I did. 

Well, here it is, a year and a half later and guess what. My remaining wisdom tooth is bony impacted and needs to be removed. I'm a little ticked, needless to say, that I am going to have to go through this crap again. No, it wont be as bad as having them all done at once, but the fact of the matter is, if he had listened to me and removed the damn thing to begin with I wouldnt be in this situation to begin with. So next Tuesday my last one is coming out and I get to look forward to lots of pain-barely dulled by vicodin, and eating soup and mashed potatoes for awhile. 

Granted, the saving grace it that my dentist, otherwise, does fabulous work, and he isnt a nag-you're not flossing enough, you're teeth arent white enough blah blah blah. And at least I know there wont be a "next time", right? *sigh*

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Zac - Lick It Good

Bad "trainer"

So because of some things in my personal life last semester (lost my job, lost my tuition, one of my students @ a daycare was in a bad car accident...) I failed some classes and was put on academic probation. Because of this, I was required to take, in addition to my regular credit load, a one credit hour class called "Academic Fitness". There's 3 professors and 8 TAs called "trainers." We split into 8 groups and really only keep in touch with the trainers, and meet with the trainers.

So our group agreed to meet Tuesday afternoons on the Northeastern side of the bookstore (inside). There's some couches and tables here where students frequently study and we agreed it was a good place to meet. Unbeknownst to me at the time, our trainer sent out an email on Monday saying she was moving the location to the other side of the bookstore where she had access to a more private lounge type area. I didn't get this email so I went to the original location. I got there early and waited. About 10 minutes after our meet time when no one else showed up I called her. And text messaged her. And finally went upstairs to the library to email her. I called her again and again, until I had to go to another class.

After my class I check my voicemail where she goes, "Yeah, you obviously missed class. What was up with that? Call me and I'll try to reschedule you this week." It irked me a little because I detected a hint of an attitude but I shrugged it off. I called her back and left yet another message saying I went to where I was told to go at the time I was supposed to go there (early in fact) and waited maybe 20 minutes before trying to email her. I said that I could meet her anytime except when I had class. She just had to name the day and I'd come in.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday go by with no call or email from her. I call her back and leave another message, and send another email. Saturday morning I email one of the professors in charge of the class. She finally gets ahold of my trainer who emails me saying she'll meet me Tuesday at 2:20 in the 'private' lounge. She also said that she would explain to me when I got there, the paper I needed to have done when I got there. (No no, it didn't make sense to me either). So I had a friend show me where this place was, and arrived at 2pm on Tuesday afternoon. And waited. And waited and waited. At 2:30 I called her. At 2:45 I text messaged her. At 3pm I decided to pack my stuff up and go to the library to email the professor. I wasn't dealing with this every week and I wanted a new "trainer".

So I leave the lounge and who do I see sitting on the floor outside the bookstore? My trainer. And she is peeved, at me, for showing up so late. I tell her I've been in the lounge since 2pm and that's where she told me to meet her. She says I couldn't possibly have been there since 2 because she was there at two and never saw me. Whatever. I hand her my paper (I read through the chapters and only saw one mention of a paper, so I did that one. An autobiography on my college preparation or something). And she flips out. That was the wrong paper apparently. I was supposed to do only one page on my hardest class, why it's hard, and what I'm going to do to pass. I tell her she told me she was going to explain the paper when I got here (but that I was also confused it was due). She insisted I could do both (Turn in a paper before I had an explination about it).

Anyway, the rest of the conversation was her telling me what an idiot I was for not meeting the first week and for doing the wrong paper. If there are any more problems next week I'm contacting the professor again and asking for a new trainer. I don't need this.
Cillian Murphy

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I really hate when I have to post here more then once a year.

Warning: Some oral health stuff and some in depth description. Also angry ranting because the pain pills haven't kicked in.

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