February 14th, 2007

  • pip3r

I made this a comment, and realized it needed it's own posting.

I went to the worst dentist once. It was supposed to be for my x-rays and a referral to my oral surgeon. I already knew the surgeon, and when I called and told him what was going on ( Because he knew about it. ) he said get referral in case my insurance gets mad.

I go to the dentist office and get a 2 hour lecture on my jaw. Yes, and how I need braces, then break my jaw, then more braces. I knew this. I told her this when she first started it. But I don't/didn't have the money for it. All I wanted was my x-rays, the referral, and then an appointment for teeth cleaning.

Eventually I go to check out. I get told I need to go to a different oral surgeon to get my referral for my teeth. Even though the dentist said I needed them. I told them I wanted a referral ( Which they had said they would do. ) to MY oral surgeon. Then they wanted me to pay $80 at this visit and the oral surgeon's visit, which of course they wanted both up front.

My dental insurance stated I didn't pay for anything short of surgery. I had free x-rays once a year, free cleainings twice a year. So I called my insurance. They got upset staing that I didn't have to pay ANYTHING. The dentist office then said "Well, we'll waive our fee ( WTF!?!! ) but you need to pay for the oral surgeon. Then your insurance can reimburse you!" No. I am a college student. No no no no no.

So eventually they say okay. Then my insurance says I don't need a referral if I go to the oral surgeon anyways, my oral surgeon, and he says I need the surgery. And that visit is also free. Heck yes, I thought!

I did make my appt. for my cleaning with this denstist office though. Apparently when they told me the second Wednesday, this was on a Thursday, they meant next week, not two weeks from then. I even had a card with the date they had told me on it, which WAS the second Wednesday. So they called the next week, not even a whole week later, and are all "YOU MISSED YOUR APPT!" To whichI stated that the card THEY wrote on and THEY gave me said the NEXT Wednesday. "Oh. Well, okay. Sorry!"

Then when we rescheduled I got a HORRIBLE cold. It turned into bronchitis! So I called on a Monday, new appt was also on a Wednesday, stating I wouldn't be able to make it. I was sick, the doctor at the ER had TOLD ME to reschedule that appt as well. They said "Okay, just call us back when you're well enough to come in!" Super nice about it too.

Until four days later when I get a letter stating they would no longer do business with me due to "Repeated cancelations of appts." Uhm what? I had PROOF they were in the wrong on the first appt., and then with the second one I called three days before it was due to cancel.

So apparently if they mess up, and you're responsible enough to reschedule several days early, and not be all super gross and have a dentist staring down your throat, you become a BAD PATIENT.

old job suck

I recently went to my previous place of employment to purchase something. My mom works there as well. All employees get 10% off purchases and dose the imediate family of said employee. However when i scanned my mothers card not only did i not get the discount but was pretty much told "theres not much we can do now, come back later." So i said simply "fine then cancel this. Since my mothers discount dosen't apply i'll buy this elsewhere" now i know you don't always get discounts but i was entitled to it by their policy and didn't get it. What annoyed the most was that they didn't even seem at all sympathetic nor did they try to apolagize. I'll only go there if i have too.

(no subject)

I love when I get notices from my former health insurance informing me that my doctor is trying to bill me for visits that never existed. My favorite moment was when I called, and the lady in the billing office pulled up my file and agreed with me -- that it's been over a year since I've set foot in that office -- but then said:

"Oh, this happens all the time. We must've billed you for someone else's visit!"

Ooookay. I could see how that could happen, except:

1) Not only did they bill me, but they even applied a payment that I supposedly made two weeks after said visit.

2) My name is not fairly common here. Either first nor last. The only people that have my last name are my mom, my dad, my stepmom, and one of my siblings. They all go to another doctor.

3) It took her 2 seconds to see that I hadn't been there since February, and said visit/payment was in October. She didn't see this before because...?

4) They know me. I've been going there since I was a newborn. All the receptionists, the two doctors, even the billing lady that I was speaking to. Last time I checked, I didn't have a twin.

Not terrible service, just kind of scary that they're going around billing people and the people who should be getting billed for it are getting free health care..

Semi Bad Service at Jack In The Box

First time posting.

This isn't a complete suck but it was very irritating.  

My friend and I went to Jack In The Box (JitB) for dinner one evening.  We pulled up to the speaker and after the usual trio offer we were asked for our order.  It wasn't all that complicated, a number 1 and a number 6 (I think the sourdough chicken club thing). anyway we went through our whole order repeating everything twice because whoever was taking it wasn't getting it down correctly and kept messing up, putting down curly fries instead of regular, getting the drinks wrong etc, etc.  We also were having some trouble hearing her.  Anyway we finally get through it and she tells us to pull up to the window without giving us a total.  

We get there and she opens the window and asks us to basically give her the whole order again.  She was acting really sharp with us too like it was somehow our fault she didn't get the order down right.

It was incredibly frustrating.  And the food took so long to come out, it was insane. There was no one behind us no one in the restaurant so what was taking so long?  At least they got it all right.  

So that's my irritating service story.