February 13th, 2007


post office annoyance

This is more annoying that anything else

Some background:
Our mail carrier sucks! My neighbors and I are constantly exchanging our mis-delivered mail. We won’t get our monthly magazine subscriptions for 3 or 4 months at a time, then one day we’ll get all of the issues delivered at once. Once or twice a month we won’t get any mail. Our best guess is our mail carrier goes to work in the morning then takes the rest of the day off

The past year we’ve been receiving letters, packages and even credit card applications for “Baraka African Gifts”. The address is for my house but I live in a residential neighborhood where it’s obvious that we’re not an African gift shop. After 2 months I went to the post office and told them it was a mistake. They said ok took down my name, address and promised it would stop. We’d only receive mail for my family.

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Joe's Neck
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Pizza Update

Well, my complaint worked, believe or not.  The manager was fired from the Dominos I had the issue with and the new manager called to apologize and issue me a $ 50.00 credit to their store.  Apparently, this was not the first issue they'd had, they just needed a big issue to happen to act upon.  Well, they got one. 

I'm not happy about people losing their jobs, but I won't lose any sleep over it either. 

Small reception issue

Hi, long time reader and all that.

This morning, The Mate had an appointment with our general dentist. Now, this appointment was to get preliminary x-rays, and a referral to the oral surgeon, because they are about to yank out all but four of his teeth, and provide him with dentures. However, because he is on such heavy medication, and so on, he will be to go under general sedation in a hospital/surgery center.

So, when we woke up this morning, the weather was turning bad, and it caused The Mate's back to go into spasms, so he was unable to walk. We wouldn't worry too much, and just use his motorized wheelchair (which took over a year to get, but that's another suck), except for the fact that this office is NOT handicapped accessible.

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Willow by 'Lothy'
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Yes, I know it's odd the giant spider was the final straw.

1) Coming to America and starting a dollar store business: Admirable.
Being in business for a year and a half and not improving in English at all in any way? What the heck, people, what the heck? Even five year olds improve in six months. Haven't you picked up anything? Sigh. The place was cool and I expected it to get better as the employees could help me better. This is not to be. In fact, the level of service has DROPPED somehow.

2) Today I learned that some sort of policy somewhere prevents the lovely librarians at my local library from doing anything about a teenager sitting at the computer rambling (for an hour!) in a very creepy, psychotic manner. Sigh.

Yes, I know, i should have said something before but I was foolish enough to think the crazy talk would stop sooner or later. But it just got progressively more gibberishfull (that is so a word) and it was like Spike TV World's Wildest Police Videos. You just had to see where it was going to end up.

3) Dear other flea market comic book vendor: One, don't hit on me, you're forty years older and the wrong gender. And inviting me over to your house to look at more comics makes me flash to Buffalo Bill. I mean, what? Who does that? And the giant spider crawling out the Excalibur comic book box? Okay, that's it. Screw the profit I make selling stuff I get from your booth, I'm not risking getting 'effin BIT. Or my dogs if I bring one home.