February 12th, 2007

hello lion-o

only 2 minor sucks, but sucks nevertheless

I have been on a slight McDonald's kick the last few days, because it's convenient from work, and then the boyfriend wanted a cheeseburger at midnight and they have a 24 hour drive-thru.

And I keep getting reminded of why I don't like going.

I, as well as 4 of my co-workers, went to an extremely busy (literally across the street from Disneyland) McDonald's two nights ago. As we walked up to the customer door nearest the drive-thru, a female employee was handing off a bag of food to the drive-thru customer who had pulled up to wait. She handed the food off, and then looked at the 5 of us walking toward the door by her. We are impossible to miss because it's me, 4 guys (2 of which are big guys) and we are wearing our work uniforms which are blue, red, yellow, and have reflective stripes. Also there was the whole looking right at us thing... because even I will admit it is slightly odd to see 5 people in public wearing the exact same thing. She was literally 2 steps ahead of us, walked through the door, and then made the effort to shut the door on us. It's quite the feat because this is one of those doors that has the air spring thingy so that it closes slowly.

Seriously, what the fuck?

Then last night I had a simple order with the boyfriend. Fruit and yogurt parfait, double cheeseburger, fries, and a snack wrap. 4 items, and I figured we didn't need to check the bag. Silly me for not doing so. Got home and realized out of the 4 items we ordered, my snack wrap was missing. So much for having more then a parfait for dinner. I contemplated going back, but realized it was most likely futile being that she also hadn't bothered to give me a receipt for my order.

I probably won't stop going, but I wanted to bitch a little regardless. :)
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