February 11th, 2007



So back on October 5th I decided to take the plunge and order a ridiculously expensive pair of boots for myself. They are thigh-high, lace up leather boots with stiletto heels. The only place I could find that didn't have the cheesy zipper on the side was a company in England. Lucky they also had a made-to-measure service, to tweak the measurements slightly to accommodate my short, stubby legs.
I was originally quoted a time of 2-5 weeks to make my boots, plus about 5-7 days for shipping.
I let them know that if I could have them ready by Halloween, that would be pretty nifty, but I understood if they weren't able to make them that quickly.
However, four months later, I STILL don't have my boots.
It usually takes me at least 2-3 emails to them before I get a response for an update. I have been EXTREMELY polite and pleasant through this process. Around December they claimed that they were backed up due to all the Christmas orders. Well sure, that is understandable, but I ordered mine back in OCTOBER. It is now over four months since I placed my order. I emailed a week ago, and *surprise* still no response. I hate calling them because it isn't exactly cheap to call London from Vermont, and I already had to call once to give them my CC info.
I am trying to be patient, but boot season is coming to an end, the dollar/pound conversion rate is not in my favor the longer I wait, and I just want my boots!!
It is just incredibly frustrating that I am willing to give them a over half a months rent for these boots, only to wait months and months to receive them, all while having them borderline ignore my polite and reasonable requests for an update.
I am starting to run out of nice.
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