February 10th, 2007


Restaurant service.

I watched my co worker give bad service today, and it was all I could do not to strangle him when I found out. For the records, Im a bartender.

Middle age man and woman come in, they order drinks. I give them their drinks, and a couple of menus. Well, I tell my coworker T, that they are looking over a menu and will be ordering in a few minutes, but that I'm going to go restock some bar mixes.

He is quite capable of doing this, as to be a bartender in my place you have to be in the servers. I work for Friday's btw. On the bar, we are all responsible for taking care of guests. No one table is specifically mine, we split tips on the bar, so we take care of each other. Or so I thought. So I come back up, and I ask them if they ordered. They said they did, that they told T they wanted the spinich dip and seseme jack chicken strips.

We are getting close to shift change so I start talking to them as Im restocking and find out that they are the parents of 4 year old twins, and the twins are with childcare for the day, so they can enjoy time as a couple, and that the last time they went out was about a year ago, and that they had just gotten back from the spa, and were starving.

So after a few minutes of casual chitchat, I have to go do the bar drawer because out of the 2 of us, I am the more senior bartender, I don't know why this is our policy. Now this left T up there with them. It took me about 15 minutes to do the bar drawer for reasons that are not important. And when I come back out of the office, T is no where to be found, and I ask them if they got their food. They said no, that they must have forgotten about them in the kitchen.

So I go try to find T and find out what happened to their food, and I didnt even bother to pull it up in the computer to find out what happened. I find T, out back, smoking a cig, not even bothering to realize that in the 25 minutes since they told him their order, and it hasnt come out.

Come to find out, he didnt ring it in. So I send him back out from the kitchen to tell them that, and to tell them that I am getting it right now, and I go to find a manager to comp off their food, cause this alone was bad service.

T never told them that he forgot to ring in their food, lady gets totally pissed, and he just shrugs and goes, I dont know what happened.

And when I mentioned it later to him, he goes, eh, its not that big of a deal.

My response: You can tell you dont have kids, this was a very big deal. Having an afternoon away from the kids is hard to do, and even if that wasnt a big deal, YOU LIED TO THEM, FORGOT TO RING THEIR FOOD IN, AND IN 25 minutes, it never occured to you to check on it while I was busy.

I was pissed. But I got the food comped and go it for them to go. I felt really bad for them. Oh and for the record, I totally fell that we deserved the "no tip" written on the credit card slip.