February 6th, 2007

Another Bush Furniture/Office Max update

Continued from this story.

Well, I FINALLY got a notice from FedEx saying that they need me to call the local center because they can't find my address. I call, give the tracking number and low 'n' behold... THE ADDRESS is wrong.

Correct address: 1331 W Main St.
Incorrect address. 131 E Main St.

That's the OTHER side of town! It's a good 20+ minute drive to that side of town to boot. Our streets are not wonky. We're a large, spread out town/city. We don't have many weird/wonky streets that curve. You basically can't get lost in this area because all the streets run one of two directions - due North to South and East to West. So they're going to deliver the parts tomorrow but why do I have a feeling that either (a) the pieces will be damaged, (b) the pieces will be wrong and (c) all of the above?

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So, medical woes. Usually when I go to a doctor, I go just to a walk in clinic, because generally they're fast, you don't need to wait to make an appt (which is important to me if I need antibiotics, because I don't want to wait a week to get an appt to see the same doctor). The walk in clinics around here usually aren't too bad anyways, there's anywhere from a half hour to an hour wait, most of the doctors they have on rotation at their clinic are really good, and it's right next to my house, so it's convenient.

There's this one doctor there though, that I try my best to avoid.

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Threadless.com woes

First things first- this website only makes a certain number of t-shirts. When they're out, they're out.

Back in December I ordered a t-shirt during one of their $10 sales. I tried the XL girls since it seemed that it should fit me. I got it and it didn't. So I filled out the form on the back for an exchange to a L guys and sent it back. They sent me back a L girls. The guys and girls shirts are two different colors, which I noted on the exchange sheet. I e-mailed CS about it since stock was low and was assured that a shirt had been set aside for me.

They get the exchange back and it looks all good to go. Then I get an e-mail saying sorry, they're out of that shirt and a refund for the shirt and shipping will be made to me. The refund is for $15 (remember that amount) when I actually paid $15.50. I e-mailed CS again (no number to call) about the shirt set aside for me. Apparently when my exchange came in, the CSR put the shirt she had set aside for out on the floor and it disappeared. You would have thought it would have a note on it, but whatever.

Now I just want my refund. I e-mailed CS numerous times and finally received a response. The refund was supposedly put through on 1/11 and it make take a month to go through. I check my balance today and the refund was actually put through on 2/3 and it's only for $13.90. I have no idea where they got that total from. I already e-mailed them, but I don't expect a response. I guess I'm going to have to suck up the difference and never order from them again.

So be wary if you order from this website. When things go right, they go very well. However when things go wrong, you're screwed.

ETA: I got an e-mail saying that because I got $10 in coupons I shouldn't get all my money back. That's nice. I'm never using those coupons there, especially since it's two $5 ones and you can't use more than one coupon on an order. That's helpful.

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Annoyingly bad service:

I tried to get Alanis' Unplugged album from a store called MVC. I ordered it, and they said it would take a month to arrive and they'd phone me. They didn't, so i went into to check and they had it behind the desk. The first time it had Jagged Little Pill in it. No biggie, i just go back and ask them for a new disk because someone obviously put the wrong one in. The thing is, it costs me £1 each way on the bus to get into town to go to this shop, and i had to do it four times.

1)First time it had Jagged in.
2)Second time it had different Alanis cd in
3) Third time it had the same Alanis cd as before, but the cd-holding spools had broken and it slipped out as soon as i opened it (in the shop this time :D)
4) Unplugged - with broken spools again. At this point i didn't CARE anymore and left.

Another time i attempted to order in Bowie's bassist Gail Ann Dorsey's album from Virgin. They told me it'd be in within a month as the factory only had nine in stock. I double checked whether i'd recieve a phonecall, and they said yes. Month and a half later, no phonecall. So i go in.

Me: Hey i was just wondering whether my order was in yet?
Him; Certainly. *checks under my name* I'm sorry, there's no order placed for you
Me: *waving my order slip at him* Well, i have an order slip.
Him: No, sorry, no order. Would you like me to put it on the system for you now?
Me: -_-; yes please.

A month later:

Me: *lather, rinse, repeat*
Him: I'll just check for you. Hmmm nope, not in the system.

(at this point i just left because i didn't want to start shouting at him or foam at the mouth or anything. I tried to order it from WHSmith & HMV, still avoiding MVC at this point. Unfortunately, neither could find any record of the cd, it being fairly uncommon)

Two months later, i go in the shop with a friend and just happen to ask if they have any in. The assistant says they only have one, but its reserved for someone.

Guess who?

Yeah. My order from four months ago.
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I went to my local Marketbasket with my 16 year old daughter. I was going out of town for the weekend and wanted her to pick out her meals and a few treats for the two days. We loaded up on stuff she wanted and got in line.

The clerk was industriously scanning our groceries when my ever tactful daughter looked at her and said, "Are you ok?" I looked more closely at the clerk's face then and saw that her eyes and the area around her eyes were very red and somewhat swollen, like she had been crying.

*scan, scan, scan* She replied cheerfully, "Oh yes, I'm fine. I just found out this morning that I have conjunctivitis." *scan, scan, scan*

My daughter turned to me and said, "Mom, what's conjunctivitis?"

"Pinkeye" *eye twitch*

Daughter goes O_O look at me. I don't blame her. I didn't say a word to the clerk, or her managers, but my god, she has her hands on every single thing I am buying, and pinkeye is pretty damn contagious!

This was last Thursday. We didn't get it, but still, yuck!
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Cingular. Raising the annoyance level.

Ok, so this annoyed me a little..

me & my mother are on the same Cingular plan. we both had the same shitty phones (Motorola V180). We've had them for almost a year and lately I've been so frustrated with them. More than half the time, I can't get through to her phone. I call her, and the line automatically drops or just doesn't ring at all. I kept getting text messages 3 or 4 days late. I had just had enough.

to make a long story short - finally, after 3 or 4 calls, after telling them REPEATEDLY that we had already reset the phone/took out the card/did EVERYTHING we could do to fix the problems to no avail, they agreed to send us replacement phones. only thing is, the guy couldn't verify that my phone was infact a V180 for some strange reason. he said that my serial # wasn't registered correctly or whatever, and that we have to go to a Cingular store so that a clerk can call them & basically verify that yes, we have crap ass V180 phones.

Mom & I get up early this past weekend, find the nearest Cingular store, and attempt to settle this. the clerk in the store wasn't helpful what-so-ever. he made us use the store phone to call Cingular (fine, whatever) and he said "holler at me when they want to talk to me". he walks off, and when the phone rep wanted to speak to him, he was nowhere to be found!

the lady on the phone was so rude. SO friggin' rude. she had this condescending tone. at first she said she needed to speak to the store rep, but then no - all of a sudden! our phones are magically in their system, and will be mailed out in 2-3 days. great. we went to the Cingular store for absolutely NO reason. it didn't help that I was uber cranky due to a bad toothache and little sleep the night before because of it.

We got our phones, (that came with no back, mind you) guess which phone we got? V180'S, AGAIN. I knew it'd happen, and I'm grateful that they sent us the "new" (pssh, refurbished) phones so fast, but it was more of a headache than anything else.