February 5th, 2007

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hi, this is my first time posting here. my friend suggested that i write my story here for everyone to know, and i think i should set myself up here as a sign of warning.

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This happened before christmas, I was out shopping for the boyfriend.  Ended up at JC Penny's, where i saw a bunch of nice monogramed men's hankies.  I knew my boyfriend loves his hankies, so I picked out a nice set of "R"s and went up to the register.

Now, to add some background here.  I'm 19, but depending on what I'm wearing or if my hair is up or not, I can look about 15. 

As I handed over the hankies, the woman at the cash register looked directly at my mom, and asked her "So, is that everything?"  Now, my mom and I don't really look all that much alike. Nor was she standing right by me, but rather off a bit looking at some of those gadgets they had laying around for christmas.

I replied that no, that was it.  As she rang it up though...

"Do you need a gift recipt?"
"Nope!  I should be good, thanks."
"Are you sure?"
"...Nope, I should be okay."
*she glances over at my mom* "Are you SURE you don't need one?  Maybe in case you forgot the right letter?  You might have to return it then, you know!"    This was said in a tone that... frankly, one uses with either five year olds or the mentally disabled.

I paid with a check, (Which she started to tell me how to fill out before I *glared* like hell.) and left, PISSED.  That hadn't been the first time a cashier had lectured me about my purchases in Penny's (like the woman who lectured me for 5-7 minutes about why I should get a credit card), or in other stores.

Honestly, what makes someone think they can lecture me?  I'm 19; even if I looked 15, I'm pretty sure most fifteen yearolds know the difference between the letter R and an M.

"Hold please...."

This is probably a classic, but no less annoying for it.

I remembered that I needed to make an appointment six minutes before the office closes at 4:00pm, so I hurry up and call them. The receptionist says she has to place me on hold 'for just a minute'. Endless muzak and repeated message recordings follow. After literally more than 10 minutes on hold I have no choice but to hang up because I have limited free minutes on my cellphone. I immediately call back and of course get a recorded message that the department is closed for today, since it is now after 4:00pm.

The real kicker? This was a hospital department that I called; for a medical appointment. This is how their staff treat patients; leave them on hold forever so that by the time they realize they've been (deliberately) forgotten they can't call back again because the office is now closed.
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Joann Fabrics...

I was at Joann Fabrics... my mecca... my therapy...

I was standing at the cutting counter... no employee in sight... I was approached by a teen.. she said excuse me and asked if she could ask me a question. I told her I didn't work here... she replied that's ok she still had a question. I assumed she had a questions about my opinion on something... this often happens. So I said go ahead...

She proceeds to tell me that she's seeking donations for her church group.... so she can go to a leadership conference...

I stared at her... dumbfounded...

this wasn't the parking lot... this wasn't outside the store... this was IN the store... harrassing me at the cutting counter...

I considered making a snarky remark... but just said I wasn't interested.
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More Amusing than Bad...

This isn't life-threateningly bad or anything, but at this point it's kinda funny. I cannot, for the life of me, try the crispy honey mustard snack wrap that they have now at McDonald's. The past four times I've run through the drive-thru I've either gotten a honey-mustard grilled snack wrap, or a ranch crispy one. I like all the variations, I just thought I'd try the crispy honey-mustard, and now it's turned into the bloody holy grail of food or something.

If it honestly bothered me that much I'd go back and get it exchanged, but I like the other variations and there's no price difference. It's just amusing bad service from three different locations.


I'm getting fairly irritated at one of the theaters I go to. It's a rinky-dink mom'n'pop $1.50 theater so I don't expect much at all out of it, but it sure would be nice if they kept regular business hours or something. It's about a 35-minute drive out there (which usually negates the cheapness in gas) but they often have the movies we missed the first time-around for about $8 cheaper than the regular theater. I went out there a couple weeks ago, all geared up to see a movie ... only to find a hand-written sign on the door that said "closed all day today. Come back tomorrow."

*facepalm* One of these days I'll get their number and call ahead, but part of the fun is driving out every week to see what movies they've got and pick a random one to go to. Apparently this theater likes to play this "we're just not opened today, go away" card fairly often. Probably can't afford to hire more help and the employees didn't show up or something. Ah, well. Wish there was another cheapie theater I knew of closer.