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not really bad service, just rather irritating.

i have nextel as my service provider. i have been pleased with my service from them so far. aside from a few incidents where i lost my job and had issues with unemployment, i've been good with getting the bill paid on time.

i have online billing, as well as paper billing, and the online lets me see various stats, such as minute usage, etc. i happened to notice that my anytime minutes were starting to creep up to the limit, due to the fact that i'm working midnights now, and my SO and i are talking more during the day. anytime i've called, they've been able to make the changes right there over the phone to my plan/features. i researched some plans to upgrade to and decided to stick with my current plan bracket, just up my anytime minutes to 500, which should be plenty. i also wanted to get my number changed for personal (my ex kept phoning me just to randomly scream at me about pointless things) and practical (when i got my cell phone, i chose the number local to a city about 20 minutes north of me, when i spent most of my time in the city 20 minutes SOUTH, and i kept having to dial area codes for local numbers, which sorta sucked).

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Employee suck? or self-inflicted suck?

Ok so not a huge suck, just something that irked me today.

My boyfriend and I decided to go to the mall after lunch, because really we had very little to do, and wanted to maybe walk off some of the Quiznos we'd wolfed down.  Well I go into Lane Bryant, which I have to say, I don't know why I go there, every one I have access to either in my hometown or my college town has always had the WORST and RUDEST people working there.  But I digress, anyway, so I drag the boyfriend into Lane Bryant with me, and I'm already irritated because he's gotten really uptight since we walked in, and I can't seem to get him to loosen up, so making him wait while I dig for my size on a rack just adds to that stress.  Well I find a few things, fight a few less than savory people hovering about (first weekend of the month...time to spend that welfare check! it brings the dregs of society out of the woodwork.) and finally find a few things to try on.  Well I fight my way to the dressing room, where about 3 people are standing there...just...standing...waiting.  I stand there for a second, thinking, with the sudden influx of people to the registers, that they are waiting for someone to grab a key for the dressing rooms and they're just busy.  well after about a few minutes I look around and no one's coming.  So finally, I do the smart thing, and just nicely ask a random employee who was folding clothes (as slowly as I've ever seen anyone, I'm telling you. She was none too happy that I called her out believe me..) me just smiling and saying 'thank you so much!' all the way to the dressing area, trying to be nice and apologetic after I interrupted her.  Well she opens the door for me..and the other 4 people who continued to stand there...(I guess they figured if they bobbed their heads over the racks long enough and looked lost and helpless, some employee would come rushing to their aid....they'd still probably be standing there if I hadn't gone and asked someone.)  So I try my three shirts on really quick, and I'm out in like 3 or 4 minutes.  When I walk out, with clothes in hand, the girl is standing in front of the door, and looking at me expectantly.  So I smile at her, and due to prior experience, walk up to her and say "Oh, these didn't work out, but thanks for your help!" and hold my hangers out.  In turn, she gave me the nastiest look, raised an eyebrow and said "Eeeexcuse me?

In my defense, most places I go to, when you come out, they take your clothes either that or tell you they'll handle it, and leave them in the dressing room.  Either that, or people leave their clothes in the dressing room in piles, not hung up or folded or anything.  In my mind I was being nice and making it a little easier on her by hanging everything back up neatly.  I've seen dressing rooms trashed beyond recognition by customers at LB.  So why did I get attitude?  Last time I was there, I had my clothes in hand, and the girl told me to just leave everything in there, she'll pick them up.  Am I at fault over this, for assuming that this girl was going to do the same thing?  I very rarely have people just be downright rude like this...and the look and tone she used just bothered me, like I'd just shat on her shoes or something, despite the fact that she was STANDING there right outside my door and made eye contact with me.  If I'm at fault then thats fine, next time I'll just take the 3 freaking shirts and rehang them myself.  So tell me if this is a suck or not...(all that other BS about the day was really to set the scene for why this is bothering me...i was a little uptight and irked already..and i tend to overreact to situations when I'm like that)

Is it just me?

Does anyone else really hate it when a cashier comments on your purchases? Depending on what I'm buying I find it embarrasing.

For example, last week I was at the local grocery store and they were having a sale on Smart Ones frozen meals and Weight Watchers yogurt. I follow the Weight Watchers plan and eat the yogurt nearly daily, and I like to have the Smart Ones or other "diet" frozen food around in a pinch, so I took the opportunity to stock up.

My cashier told me he was also trying Weight Watchers, and started recommending different less expensive yogurts. I buy the Weight Watchers yogurt because any of the others that equate to "1 point" (the lowest value food can be assigned, basically) taste terrible to me. He also asked me several personal questions relating to weight loss, how much I had lost so far, how long I've been following the plan, etc. He also told me I didn't look like I needed to be on a diet at all.

Now, he was not trying to be rude, but I just found the whole thing uncomfortable. I'm proud of my weight loss and not shy about sharing information with people who are interested in doing the same. However, it's simply not something I want to discuss with a stranger in a grocery store - especially when that stranger is critiquing my food choices.

On a similar note, no cashier should EVER insult someone's purchase. I went to Target yesterday to buy my boyfriend these mini salt & pepper grinders that are magnents for Valentine's Day. A coworker bought them for her husband to use while grilling, and I thought it was a cute idea for my boy who cooks soley by grilling. The cashier inquired about them, saying she thought it would be odd to hang salt & pepper griders on the fridge to which I explained I wanted to give them to my boyfriend for easy access while grilling since they could be stuck to the grill. Her response?

Well that's a weird gift.

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Yesterday I did something I have never done before... asked to speak to a manager.

I have several interviews coming up, so I decided to head to Sears and get some business clothes. I planned on buying several things, and I was unsure about the sizes, so I ended up trying on about 15 things (definitely no more than 20). I took 3 trips to the dressing room. I ended up buying 5 things, that were regularly $150 but marked down to $100. I had wanted to spend more, but a lot of their sizes were out because of the sales.

After my first trip in the dressing room, I was browsing jeans when I saw one of the employees take out the dressing room rack, yelling to the other girl about how “they filled it up so fast! Why is everyone using this dressing room!” I waited until she walked away (cos it made me uncomfortable), then went in to try on some more things. A few were successful, a few were not, so I left maybe 6 things in the dressing room & went back for a few more.

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Cineplex Odion..

I'm still a bit embarassed and upset by this, I know I shouldn't be.. but I really feel as if I was treated horribly.
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Now before anyone asks, had I have known it was subtitled, we would have came sooner so that I could find a seat that I could see in, I can't see things that are close, nor far away, it sort of has to be in between. We had planned to come back the next weekend and see if we could get in early so I could find a seat that everything would be good, cuz I really wanted to see this f-ing movie.

So yea. Thats my long story. Im still extremely embarassed that I basically had to be made to cry before he realized I was serious.

happened a long time ago but it totally stuck with me

A couple of years ago my best friend's mom went into Victoria Secret to buy my best friend some stuff for Christmas presents. Her mom is a little more heavy set but not seriously overweight by any means. My best friend told me that one of the sales ladies came up to her and instead of asking if she needed help finding anything she said, "Ma'am I think you might have a hard time finding anything here that fits you. Might you want to try another store?" Best friend's mom stares this girl down and says, "Excuse me? I am in here buying a Christmas present for my daughter. How dare you say something like that to me?" yada yada yada...

True, maybe my best friend's mom wouldn't find anything in her size at the store but what a bitch of a salesperson to ASSUME that every person walking in there is buying for themselves. And what right did she have to tell her she couldn't purchase their product for herself anyway?(If that had been the case) Do they go up to all the men and point out that it is a LADY store? No. Ugh, like I said, this happened a good..two years ago but it BLEW my mind.