February 1st, 2007


Nintendo Europe suck.

I love Nintendo. I love my Wii. I haven't broken my TV yet and I think Zelda is a bishy. But dear lord does Nintendo's customer service suck or what?

My brother purchased some Wii points and gave them to me for Christmas. They can be used to buy games to download on Wii's virtual console. I purchased R-Type, Sonic and Super Mario Brothers with no problems, and before I downloaded I checked the icons to see that I had the right controllers to play them. Apparently, I did, which was great because the Classic Controllers are really hard to get hold of, and they hurt my hands to hold.

Recently, I saw that Streetfighter had been released. I do like a bit of a scrap with my brother and it's a classic game, so I decided to download it. Again, I checked the screen before downloading, and it showed me I could use a Gamecube controller or a Classic controller. That's fine. I have lots of Gamecube controllers. I happily downloaded it and loaded it up, only to be told that I can only play it with the Classic. Not a Gamecube, not a Wiimote, nada. Classic controller only.

Well, that's rubbish. I went out to the shops to see if I could find any classic controllers (and I work in a store that sells them so if I've had to go hunting you know they're rare) and can't find them at all. Most places are saying that they don't know when the next lot are coming in.

So I email Nintendo letting them know of the situation, and give them an opportunity to decide how they're going to fix it. "How do you intend to rectify this issue?" I ask them. Its clear that I want a result but I want them to know I'm not some angry mad crazy mother or something; I don't want to demand things they cannot deliver, such as a new points card presented on a velvet cushion by Luigi wearing nothing but a smile.

Well, that email was sent on January 20th. You'd think that they would at least have an autoreply. But I didn't even recieve that. I'm still waiting for them to tell me how they're going to help. All I want are some points; it's a measly £7 but it's still an item they claimed I would be able to use with the equipment I had; now I have to pay £30 ($60) to get already hard-to-find controllers so my brother and I can play.

It doesn't help that their customer service department appears to be run by a third party called "Codestorm" rather than Nintendo themselves. It would be nice if someone who actually cared about the business worked for them.