January 30th, 2007

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This could be bad service or it could just be me....
My bad service is from my therapist. My boyfriend and I go to the same therapist (not at the same time though). Anyway... he had been the building before and we have both been trying to get meds for depression (anxiety, whatever) and she told me in Novermber that I would be able to see the psychiatrist in about month to get pills. Well she has told this to me since november that it will be a month. Always from the time I see her, it will be a month. Well my boyfriend went in the beginning of January, they tell him within a month and 3 weeks later they call him to tell him to come in so he can get prescribed something.
I do not think that is good to keep getting told later and then another one of her patients gets in so much sooner than me.
And so people do not question the bad service. The bad service is she keeps telling me LATER for something I need with no results.

Its late, I am sorry for rambling.
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