January 26th, 2007

Bad Pet Service

I have two stories about the store in question, Superpetz...

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The problem is that TN has more stray animals then I've ever seen and a lot of unrulely wildlife. Would the ASPCA even do anything if I called them to check this place out? And if not them, then who could I call or write to, to handle this situation?
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Co-workers Giving Bad Service

Since many of you are working, do you ever have any co-workers who gave bad service to customers?

Well, I have a former co-worker who did just that. Another co-worker told me this story after I read a service recovery report in a binder. (I am working at an A&W as a supervisor, but I am quitting soon.)

This former co-worker of mine, who was working in the graveyard shift, was dealing with this customer who wanted Chubby Chicken. Because there was no chicken cooked and ready to serve at the time, he told him that it will be 15 minutes. Well, that doesn't seem to sit well with said customer.

I don't know what happened next, but said co-worker did the unthinkable. He hollered, "You want chicken? FUCK OFF ASSHOLE!!"

The next day, the customer phoned the A&W to complain about the service. He told my manager how he was being treated at the drive-thru and that the co-worker actually called him an Asshole. For all that, he demanded the manager to give him a free bucket of chicken.

Yep, the guy was being rude and swore at the customer, which are HUGE no-nos. The guy eventually did get his free chicken and the manager fired said co-worker after a few more shifts. (I was glad though because I don't like him.)

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Bad Patient Care..

Ok,here's the backround story here..

My mom recently had to have her ovaries out due to pre-cancerous cells.. that's fine, my mom is in her 50's done with kids and has had alot of problems in that department,now she just had surgery on wenesday. Her doctor told her before the surgery she would have to stay overnight at least, that was fine with my mom since she has a hard time after surgerys anyway and would prefer to stay the night

So me and my step-dad go and wait in the surgical waiting room and were told the doctor will be down to speak with us once her surgery is done to let us know how everything went, great. So we just sit and wait,we were told it should take about an hour unless there were any complcations.

so she goes in at around 9am..we are thinking ok so about 10:30 or so someone should come talk to us.. we sit and wait and wait.

Then at around 11:30 we are starting to get worried, no doctor has come down to tell us anything and it has been almost 2 hours.. we have seen doctors come in and out all morning informing people of their loved ones surgerys.. about 11:45 my moms doctor calls my step dad to tell him of my moms surgery.. she could not spare 5 minutes to walk down to the next floor to tell us in person..she called.that alone got my step dad a little ticked off. but he is a very patient man so he just talked to her and did not mention anything about it.

The doctor then said she can go home today. He said umm no, she prefers to stay the night and you told us she would have to..so after my stepdad makes her admit my mom he gets off the line with her.. Now,she did not want to admit my mom not because she did not need to stay but because they did not want to pay for the overnight stay.

When my mom was finally put in a room (on the materrnity floor) we went to see her and there was no way she could have gone home that day, she was completely out of it and in pain! the nurse had to give her iv pain meds all night how could we have done that at home? I mean that is not minor surgery! The Nurse said she was sorry for the doctors actions, The nursing staff at mercy hospital however was wonderful!

So the next day rolls around and at 10am the doctor walks in looks at my moms stomache (where they made the cut) ripped off the bandage..my mom said quite hard too. and just said "oh your going to buise" you can go home now!

O_O what? No concern,no,how is your pain today? no nothing! The funny thing is when the nurse was admitting her for surgery in the morning they asked her what level of pain that she thought she could go home with. The Doctor did not ask her at all how her pain level was. As the nurse was getting the paperwork ready for her to leave, she even commented you should not be going home yet,you just got here you should at least be here until tommrow.

None the less, my mom is now home. She's ok but very sore.. She told me as soon as she's back on her feet she is looking for a new doctor..!

Oh and to add to that. she said while she was waiting for the surgery to begin before she went under, the doctor was late and talking on her cell phone outside the operating room..the anstheologist (*spelled way wrong sorry*) said now dr.T** you have to turn that off near the operating room it messes with the machines..her response..No, It does nothing to these machines! I just think it was very crappy patient care,,she could have cared less what my mom was feeling just to get her out of the hospital and out of her way!..Bad Patient Care esp. for a Doctor!

Edit*** I tried to break it up a little so it was not all running together..hopefully this makes it easier to read. Sorry I'm not quite sure how to put it under a tag/cut,whatever its called.. yet..Thanks!!****
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Dear Avenue...

This isn't really a bad service complaint, as I've had nothing but good service from the fine, talented, more-than-competent and helpful women who work at Avenue.

But damn, why can't that store keep petite pants in stock?

I'm 5'2" and "average" length pants hang off me. The last time I bought "average" length pants I had 6 inches (that's half a foot) trimmed off them BEFORE they were even hemmed.

I can't go to a "petite" store to buy pants, either, because petite stores/departments assume that you're not just short, you're thin as well. Meanwhile, it seems that fat stores assume that you're not just fat, you are also at least six feet tall.

I was browsing Avenue's selection of pants (please, no sweat pants or leggings, for the love of GOD) and it was all average, average, tall, tall, tall, tall, average, tall, tall, tall, average... no petite pants! I found NO petite pants AT ALL in the entire store.

I asked one of the sales ladies and she said that they sell out of petite pants immediatly, and they get a lot of complaints from short women who can't find pants to buy.

Well. Obviously there's a market for these sized pants that is not being served. Meanwhile, the sales racks are crowded with tall sized pants. CROWDED.


I'm tired of looking like I'm wearing a sack.

Even if I buy normal-sized pants and hem them, the proportions are still off.

PLEASE, Avenue, keep petite pants in stock. PLEASE. I'd just order them online, but frankly, Avenue's sizing is off. Sometimes I'm a size 22. Sometimes that's strainingly tight on me. Sometimes it's far too large. This seems to vary seasonally, with winter pants being larger than summer pants for whatever reason. Anyway, I NEED to try pants on before purchasing them, which I can't do online.

"We get complaints almost every day that there's no petite pants."

Gee. Maybe you should do something about stopping those complaints then?


I wound up buying two pair of capri pants. Short pants touch my feet, ok?

Bad Restaurant Service

Earlier this week some friends and I were on a road trip and on Saturday night, we ended up in Albury, on the NSW/Victoria border of Australia. It's a country town, but it's quite large and has some nightlife/eating late facilities.

We got in quite late and after we'd organised our hotel and hauled our luggage up to our room we went out to see if we could eat somewhere. The time was 9:45pm.

We went to a Chinese Restaurant. The sign said "OPEN" and the closure time on the door said 11pm. So we go in.

"I'm sorry, we're closed."

"... Okay... sorry to bother you, but your door says you're open, your sign says you don't close 'til eleven tonight..."

"... Yeah, we're closed though. Sorry."

One wonders why they're clearly open when they say they're shut. But oh well.

So we go to a Thai restaurant. The door says "OPEN", the opening hours proclaim they don't shut on a Saturday night until 11:30 pm. We go in.

"Oh, I'm sorry, we're closed!"

... what the hell? Is it too much to ask that a place be open when they say they are? If these places want to close whenever they feel like it, they should specify "'til late" or whatnot, not a specific closure time and then close up to nearly two hours early. Honestly.
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http://community.livejournal.com/bad_service/1098201.html?nc=14 - related to this post.

The rental agency just called me. It's 4:30pm. I've been waiting in all day for the maintainence man to come around.

The agency called and said "He can't make it today, would it be alright if he came around at some point tomorrow?" - and they still will not give me a goddamned time. I eventually got "morning" out of them, so one can only hope.