January 24th, 2007

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The worst I was expecting was a paper cut.

Now being a retail worker myself, I know what kind of crap another CSR has to deal with throughout the day. So if I'm the customer, I tend to give some leeway to them. Sometimes a shitty customer can throw you off before you can recoup. It's sucks, but eventually you have to suck it up and get back to work.

Then there's CSR who are genuine asses, taking it out on customers for who-knows-what reason. Some CSRs who heap hate and bile onto customers like some customers do to CSRs. And I don't like people like that, because I might get their second-hand crap down the road sometime.

So gather 'round kids, and try and not make a joker out of Mr. Carpenter. For I bring you the first ever bad_service edition, and the first for 007... Tales. Collapse )

- RJ, who's more like Maggie Mui, personality-wise.

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Oh https://www.personalcreations.com/

Oh, oh oh oh.

H'ok.  I was attempting to ship ... something... to my lovely boyfriend in South Australia, AUS.

Now, this website did not let me choose south australia as a state.  So, I called their CS line.

Oh god. 

This woman actually ARGUED with me, telling me that australia doen't HAVE states.  And that South Australia is in no way a real state.


Office Max & Bush Furniture

Ugh. I hate cheap ass furniture. Ok, to refresh your memories, I posted this back in December. And it's a private entry meaning you need to be part of this community and logged in to read it. That said....

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I will NEVER but another Bush Furniture product again and I'll NEVER buy cheap ass furniture from Office Max. I'll stick to real wood desks made by professional Master Carpenters or Craftsmen.

Really, I never thought I would post here

So, after paying upwards of $90us a month for satellite service, I switched to Charter for cable and internet service. I did so exactly a week ago. All went smoothly, we had the hyper calble guy from the land of sugar, but otherwise it went well. At one point the phone number was wrong, but he called in and corrected it. This is important.

This morning, I wake up to kids watching a dvd, sit down and check my email for any info from my publisher, and write a bit. As I am trying to send a finished article off I realize that we have absolutely no internet service. Odd, I think. We have had this a week, so it can't be that we haven't paid, and the cable is working- evidenced by my children watching Sponge Bob(shudder) and laughing at whatever he and Patrick are doing. So I call the 800 number for Charter.

When you get through, you have to enter your home number. I do so, and am told there will be an eight minute wait. OK, fine. Get a real person and start rattling off our information. I give our address, phone number and the date of my first born, and promise to hand him over should we not pay. Then I am informed that we have no account with them, but they would be happy to set it up, and is our house a duplex, because they set ups ervice there last week to a different family. OK then. So I explain that we are that family, and that apparently the phone number is wrong in the system, even though it was changed twice. Once when I called in to get the appointment, and once when hyper installation guy called the office because he could set nothing up because the phone number was wrong- and he had to repeat it to the person he was talking to at least 4 times to get it right. So I get a tech who tells me our service was cut off because our phone number was wrong. What????? Why? Well, wait, there was a short interruption of service this morning, and then it was shut off because our phone number was wrong. A tech had come out and clipped a wire because the number was wrong.

And this is where I ask the simple question- if the tech was here, why could he not see what was going on by knocking on our door and getting the number? Mind you, this is the same tech that was in my yard when I took my dog out to do his thing. Could he not have asked me then? Apparently they are not allowed to.


The phone tech finally agrees to reset our modem after much convincing that it really was me. And then hands me over to the billing office. Where it says in plain english anywhere you could read, that the phone number was incorrect and needed to be changed, but apparently had not been entered into the system. Great. I guess somewhere along the line the number never got corrected, so someone had to come out and clip a wire, the modem had to be reset, and then the same someone had to come back and attach said wire, but this time confirmed the phone number and who I was. I am still baffled by all of this, and while it is fixed, is leaving me with seriious thoughts of not keeping the service, even if the connection is wicked fast. Not bad service so much as odd service I guess, but hell- how hard is it to change a phne number the first time? I hate to think of all the cost of all of this.