January 22nd, 2007


I had the worst restaurant service of my life at Swiss Chalet and I'd like to warn everyone not to go to that particular location at Yonge/Dundas in Toronto, Ontario. (Canada)

First, the toilets were really dirty and smelly, and the doors had no locks and no toilet paper. (I found ONE stall which had toilet paper, but no lock, alas!)

Second, we were a large group but we didn't get much service. I guess we were avoided because waiters are scared of large groups. (we were 10 of us, and yes we did make reservations)

Third, when I asked for my food to be boxed (we needed to leave), the waitress just put a box and a bag in front of me and stared at me. That was not that bad, just kind of WTF?.

And last, but not least, everyone's bill was computerised but they had the "tip" added on to it, and it was 20%. Now we should have at least been told there was an extra charge for the large group, because most of us wouldn't have minded. Instead, they chose to write down the tip for themselves on our bills.

It was the first time in my life I didn't tip. I still feel bad. I kept the bill though, really. I think I should write to their Corporate Offices about this, Yes/No?
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Wow, but this sucked.

This is a minor thing, but it about made me cry. Well okay, not really, but still. Allow me to lead you on a little journey...

I returned my netflix. My new movie was to be shipped Tuesday. The second season of Dr. Who came out on DVD Tuesday. I was thrilled and excited. I was going to get the very first copy! I moved it to the top of my queue, and waited with bated breath for my DVDs.

I watch the first episode. Hurrah! It is great. Adventure. Sexiness. Aliens.

I start the second episode. More sexiness. More adventure. Plague ridden zombies. The plot thickens...

...when suddenly my DVD becomes "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Beginning (Uncut)" for the whole rest of the disc.


Apparently I am not the only one who has this problem How does this happen?? It seems like somewhere in the production process there would be a step where you would check that the DVD you are making actually contains the right movie?

Anyway, it made me sad, and now I have to wait for a replacement disc to see how Rose and The Doctor get away from the zombies. *pitiful sigh*

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ETA: I know there isn't anything Netflix could have done about this situation. I feel the bad service was on the part of the manufacturers of the DVD, who let a whole lot of DVDs go out to the public with such a huge glich on them. I wouldn't have minded so much if it had just been any old error, but the fact that it switched to scenes of extreme, brutal, and graphic torture sort of pushed it over the edge for me.
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Saturday night, my husband, myself and our two children (12 & 2.5) went to our local Applebee's for dinner. We waited about 15 minutes for a table and then were finally seated. On the way to the table, I noticed that the restaurant seemed in disarray...the floors in desperate need of a vaccuum.

We ordered our appetizer while we decided on an entree, our server Tyler came back and took our order about 10 minutes later. 30 minutes from ordering our appetizer, we finally flagged him down and asked him what was up. He apologized and said they were extremely short staffed and that they had two managers in the kitchen cooking. This is information that would have been nice to have upfront, I told him. We might have made a different decision. However, another 5 minutes and our appetizer (spinach artichoke dip) came. COLD. *sigh*

The only thing was, TYLER was no where to be found...and children were hungry, so we took it. Again, 15 minutes later, I flagged down Tyler again and he said he didn't know WHEN our food would come up. It was a mess. I told him, at the VERY least, we needed the toddler's hot dog. That shouldn't be too hard?

While we waited and waited, we noticed other wait staff was very attentive, bringing complimentary salads etc out and making sure everyone was full on drinks. Our waiter, was GONE! Finally, again, I asked the waitress of another table to get our server. Tyler came out again, seemingly annoyed. I asked for a manager and asked again for the hot dog. (this is an hour and 10 minutes into our wait). The manager came out, apologized and said he would get our daughter's hot dog...which to his credit he did...but we informed him that it would have been nice if we were informed up front so that we could have made a decision!

Finally Dana's hot dog comes, mildly warm, and she scarff's it down. Another 45 minutes go by and tables seated AFTER us were getting their food. This was TOTALLY unacceptable and my husband went on a hunt for Tyler. Finally, we got him to come over to the table where we voiced our displeasure with his constantly disappearing, glasses have been empty for half an hour, other tables are getting salads etc, and now their food! We were very upset with the way this was going. At this point we'd been there two hours. I told him I wanted our food within 5 minutes or we were leaving.

Magically, our food appears. COLD! I am ready to go apeshit. The manager comes over, seeing me upset and asks what's wrong. I said...feel my dinner plate...it's cold. He said he could remake our dinners, but it would be awhile. I asked for boxes, told him we would take the meals home and microwave them, but I was NOT going to pay for them. The waitress from another table came with some boxes, Tyler NEVER reappeared...and we walked out...we didn't pay for a thing. 2 hours and 20 minutes from the time we were seated until we left.


Sucky Police Service

This is my first post to this community, so I thought it was worth mentioning.

Background: I'm joining a component of the Canadian Reserves, and as such am required to complete a HUGE pile of paperwork. Included in these documents, is a required police check (aka screening.) According to the DND (Department of National Defense), I am obligated to complete this screening at my local detachment. During the school year, I live in Toronto, which is approx. 12 hours away from my hometown (this is important!) In my case, my town is so small that it only has an OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) detachment. This is where our story gets complicated.

Collapse )

In summary, this was bad service because: A) She was rude and condescending to me over the telephone, B) She gave no helpful advice or suggestions on what to do, and C) She gave me wrong information.

Not enjoyable.
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Suggestions for USPS problem?

While this situation does suck, I'm still hoping to find a solution, at which point, I'll be content...

My dad got me a really nice cast iron pot for Christmas, which was obviously much too big for me to put in my luggage back to Chicago, so he shipped it first class via USPS. Accidentally, he used my old address (from a little less than 6 months ago, and I had set up for my mail to be forwarded, and was told by USPS that it would be good for a year), which is about a half hour drive from my address now. My old apartment manager, being the very nice woman that she is, called me on Jan. 3 to tell me that I had a package that was delivered there for me, and what did I want her to do with it. The office there isn't open on the weekends and closes at 6, so there's no way I'd be able to pick it up unless I took a half day off work, so I told her to write my forwarding address on it (which the post office should have done in the first place) and put it back in the mail. I wait.

And I wait (in the meantime, I received another package from my dad that I had to pick up at the post office to pay some extra postage, and it had a gaping hole punched in the box...nice). Last week, I'm starting to think this is kind of ridiculous, so I give my old landlady a call to find out what happened. It took her a few days to get back to me, but she said she wrote my new address on it, and the postman said he took it back to the post office to be forwarded. At this point, it's taken longer for the package to travel 25 miles than to travel from New York to Chicago. I called the number for my local post office, and the woman I spoke with (being surprisingly nice, for as annoyed as I was), said it could take up to 3 weeks for the package to be delivered because they're still dealing with the Christmas rush, and to give it another week, and to check with the sender to see if it was returned to him (it wasn't).

This weekend, I went down to my local post office to talk to someone face-to-face. The woman there says she doesn't have any packages waiting there for me (I thought maybe they just forgot to give me the card saying I owed some postage), and that unless my dad had bought insurance or used deliver confirmation (gee, good to know now, thanks), she couldn't really do anything, and had absolutely no helpful suggestions whatsoever. So this morning I called the post office by my old apartment. The guy I spoke with was pretty friendly, if also pretty unhelpful. He said to call back tomorrow morning, and he would check with the postman who delivers to my building to see if he remembers what happened to my package (yeah, because I think he's going to remember a box from 3 weeks ago, it's not like he delivers mail every day or something...). He also said that forwarded mail gets sent to a processing plant, and told me to try calling there. So I do.

This woman...I've done retail and customer service and all that, and my boyfriend used to work at the post office (he also thinks this whole thing is stupid), but I'm getting fed up. I tell her my story, and she also asks why my dad didn't buy delivery confirmation or insurance. How about because we didn't count on the incompetencies of the post office to move a package 25 miles down a straight stretch of highway? She tells me she can't help me at all, and doesn't even know why I called, because she can't track one package for me. And when I ask her for any kind of suggestion or help, "Well, why don't you try the complaints department?" Because I'm just trying to get this resolved with the least amount of hassle possible! (And for all my searching I see no "Customer Complaint" or "Customer Service" number on the USPS website. other than the main 800 number, which I can't call right now from work)

So, any suggestions? (And yes, my co-workers have gotten a kick out of telling me "That's what you get for trying to ship pot through the mail!" Har har har ;-))

CVS Pharmacy

This morning I called my doctor for a refill request. I later called CVS pharmacy to confirm that it was called in and to find out when I could come pick it up. I ask the pharmacist when I can expect it to be ready "We'll do it as soon as we can, ma'am." I was kind of taken aback by that because they pretty much always either ask when I'll be in to get it or tell me "It'll be ready in an hour" or something to that effect. Okay...since I'm kind of on a timeline here I ask her if she can give me a ballpark, "Will it be closer to an hour? a half hour?" And so begins the snark, she repeats the same thing that if I'm coming in now they'll do it "as soon as they can" I then explain that the reason I'm asking is because I'm going to try to get this done on my lunch break (which I only get an hour for) and if it's going to be more than an hour than I might as well leave it for after work. The pharmacist replies in a very bitchy tone "Well come take care of it on your lunch break then and if it's not ready you'll have to wait!" OH OKAY THEN. I'll just do that because you said so. "Look, can you just tell me if you think it's going to be more than an hour?" She says "If you're coming in now we'll take care of it as soon as we can" I ask her if it's going to be expedited if I come in now and she says "I don't understand what you're saying but if you come in now we'll take care of it as soon as we can." lol What the fuck? If they're basically going to take however long they want then I'm not going to waste my lunchbreak waiting for some medicine that they'll decide to have ready whenever they see fit. I don't have a problem so much with waiting but I do have a problem with the attitude I got from this chick and the fact that she couldn't give me a straight answer, the entire time she just seemed so bothered to have to answer my questions.

To be honest, I'm pretty sick of this pharmacy. Their customer service leaves something to be desired. Anytime I go there to pick up or drop off a lot of times a pharmacist will already be at the register checking something on the computer. I walk up and set my keys down and it's not set up to where they can't see or hear you, I'm literally standing right in front of them and we will both sit there in silence for like 3 minutes or however long it takes for them to finish doing whatever they're doing. Now I understand they have other shit to do and they don't have to drop everything the second I walk in but it really irks me how they won't acknowledge me at all. I'm tempted to clear my throat really loud or obnoxiously say "HELLO??" but I don't want to end up on customers_suck. But really, would it fucking kill them to say "I'll be right with you." I miss Eckerd's. :(
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an apology

Since I can't apologize to this woman in person, I thought I may as well just offer it up to the universe in hopes that good karma will find her...or something like that.

I am now the assistant manager of a Domino's in my fair home town.  Last week our total prick DM came in to "train me" which consisted of him screaming at people on his phone in the store office and then berating myself, my staff and anyone else he felt like berating.  It sucked.  He then ditched us right before the lunch rush to go buy a new office chair since he broke the one we had been using (he is a big ole guy). 

Here's where the bad service part and the apology come in.  A woman had made an order for six pizzas to be delivered at 11:45 for her son's birthday at his school.  Totally cool mom thing to do, right?  And since it's only six pizzas and not 100 or whatever it should have been easy right?  And since we had three drivers who also double as insiders (people who work inside the store taking orders and making pizzas and such) plus the asshat DM this should have been no problem, right?


Her order was forty five minutes late because he ditched us, one driver called in "sick" and he entire city ordered multiple pizzas to be delivered within half an hour or so of this woman's order.  Had we had the staff inside the store and the drivers necessary this could have gone smoothly but alas that was not the case.  When she called to complain, he was very angry but remarkably restrained and reasonable.  So because I was the only insider as the DM had DITCHES US, and the other driver did not show up, plus all the berating and brow beating crap we were all getting when he was here you could say I was quite stressed out.  She started telling me about how her son's birthday had been in part spoiled due to the lateness of our delivery and I kept thinking about this kid and his friends and how they all had to have lunch late etcetera.  I srrsly almost started crying.  Then the asshat DM took the phone from me and basically blew her off.  He took 50% off her price but was in no way empathetic, did not try to apologize or even acknowledge her complaint at all.  He made excuses (EVERYONE in the CITY ordered pizzas lady blah blah blah) and was a real jerk.  So nice mom lady who tried to do something really cool for her son and to the birthday boy and all his friends I apologize on behalf of Domino's in my fair city.  That totally sucks and I hope that there was something to make you son's birthday OK in spite of our screw up.  And I apologize for my asshat DM because....well he's an asshat and everyone hates him.
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